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Jay Cutler raffling off two "premium" tickets to NFC title game

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The Bears won't be putting a limited number of tickets on sale until Tuesday.

But Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is raffling off a pair of premium seats to Sunday's NFC championship game at Soldier Field against the Green Bay Packers.

Tickets are $2 apiece, with a minimum of five.

According to the following website (, the winner and a guest will get:

* Two pre-game field passes
* Winner and guest will enjoy two-night hotel accommodations in Chicago
* Winner will receive a $1,000 travel allowance
* Winner will receive a $500 allowance for meals and other expenses
* Winner will receive an autographed Jay Cutler Chicago Bears Mini Helmet

There are some other terms, but you can read it for yourself.

Proceeds benefit the Jay Cutler Foundation.

The drawing will take place Thursday.

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I think i should recieve these tickets because i love the bears and i love u jay. Please just think about giving the tickets to me!!! I love u Jay and i will always support you!


"Join Jay Cutler and The Jay Cutler Foundation in their efforts to improve the quality of life of underprivileged children and those suffering from diabetes and you could be enjoying this ultimate Bears NFC Championship experience"

I got my 20 tickets. Don't really care who wins as long as it is not a Packer fan, or Brando, same thing. Anybody else giving it a shot? It's only 10 bucks or would you rather kids suffer? Just saying, Kevin, Mike, Joe, Dahli, Paul, Bumstead, and everyone else.

I am totally in for this. Got my 20 tickets as well. Great cause, and yet another example of how "the most hated man in the NFL" is not what he seems. It is so sad how people like Pam Oliver and Rick Reilly can behave so irresponsibly as a general rule and create such ire for players who are decent people, but because they don't want to feed the ego machine of the media, they are slammed in articles as jerks, miscreants, and mopes. But I bet Pam Oliver is doing whatever she can to get to talk to Lance Briggs this week, because that's where the story is. I hope they freeze her out and don't talk to her. Same for Reilly.

This is a really cool idea, especially given the how insane ticket prices are getting for this contest. They even give you the offset for the taxes you would have to owe for winning the prize. Very strong prize package overall. It would be one heck of a prize to win, and after sitting outside at Lambeau on January 2nd, January 23rd in Chicago should be a cakewalk...

Anyone but a Packers fan!

Already got mine and had my kids get their's too. Wonderful concept by Jay's foundation. And one last thing. Bear's fans, don't sell your tickets to Packer fans. if you are outside Sodier Field, especially down by the underground walkway, and someone comes up to you wearing anything Packers, tell them to get lost. {Not sure why you would sell the ticket anyway.}

Now if Kevin and Brando could get their parents to get them some tickets we would have something going.

Mike??? Mike..... I don't see your name Mike.

Good to see you back Joe, have not seen you on the boards much.

Gearhead if I win, which I won't I am probably giving them away. I already have tickets that I promised to my brother. I can't go to the game, although I am working on Super Bowl tickets already cause I can go to that one.

At first I wasn't interested in the Bears anymore. They either cut or allowed WAY too many great players to get away: Joe Clermond, Marcus Buggs, Glenn Earl, Kyle. But then I found out today that they signed Matt Gutierrez. Matt Gutierrez!! This is HUGE!! Total beast!! So now I'm in.


I already promised my sons {22 & 21} that if I win, they can go. I would come up to see them, but let them go enjoy themselves.

As far as SB tickets go. My best friend, who I grew up with in Des Plaines, is the great nephew of Bob and Harriett Irsay and of course is a cousin to Jim. I wasn't able to go back in 06 because his family members inundated the family for tickets. But since the Colts are not part of the equasion, it might be my year. We will see.

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