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It's a Miracle: Jay Cutler is walking, and TMZ has video!

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That's sheer sarcasm, since you can't see my face.

And I don't read and follow TMZ enough to know whether they are being sarcastic, either.

But they actually have a headline on their website that says, "Jay Cutler -- WALKING Around Los Angeles!!!" Cutler was with his girlfriend, Kristin Cavallari, at a shopping center.

Here's the link, which includes a video.

As noted the other day, with a Grade II MCL tear, a patient can still walk normally. He doesn't need a cane, crutches or even a brace.

"[People say], 'The guy can walk. Well, why can't he play?' It's hard to be mobile with that injury," said Dr. Neal ElAttrache, an orthopedic surgeon at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles and team doctor for Los Angeles Dodgers.

Dr. ElAttrache, who performed Tom Brady's reconstructive knee surgery a couple of years ago, added that there was nothing the Bears could do for Cutler, after he stopped playing in the NFC title game against the Green Bay Packers.

"Whether he's in the locker room with ice, or standing on the sideline, there's nothing else that can be done in that situation," ElAttrache said. "That's a pretty straightforward diagnosis."

The season is over, so it's a moot point. But a Grade II MCL tear usually heals from three to six weeks.

The key is to limit swelling and keep a range of motion.

In other words? Much ado about nothing.

Cutler's season is over, and there's no reason he can't eat at restaurants, climb stairs or -- gasp! -- walk and shop.

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Sean, thank you for a dose of reality with this over bloated story.

Geez, the season is over for the Bears. Let it go and grow up!!!

Sean Korvin Jensen. What do you mean he ate in restaurants he is supposed to be on life support in the hospital, wait he should be in a grave. Have you not read any of the other players twitters. All of them would have been dead before coming off that field, dead. You would have had to shoot them, in the head, like 20 times, with a 44 magnium, with hydro shock rounds, cause their so tough that is what it would take to stop any other football player.

Kristin Cavallari is friggin hot.

Any chance this Cutler stuff dies? It has gotten so old, so fast. Thank god for TMZ I am not sure who is more reliable TMZ or Deion Sanders, read Whitlocks latest, the whoel thing has driven him crazy. He writes about his twitter account, says he never questioned Cutler being tough, but questions his mentality. I think Whitlock backed off as soon as he read thet he and Zack Follet were on the same pagge,

I am telling you people it's Roger Maris all over again. Everyone wants Mantle/Elway and Cutler is more like Maris. So time to lynch the man.

You should put up the Mark Schlereth quote about Cutler today. He stated about the Doctors report and MRI "I don't care about the truth." That's nice Mark.

And the sportscasters wonder why they get no respect!! Such nonsense deserves only contempt.

When will you local sports guys quit spouting the Bears' PR lines on this? I'm a professional woman, a longtime NFL fan, and I know what I saw at the game. I saw a player who had given up, who had quit on his team, who obviously didn't have much of an injury - he's walking, he's standing, he's riding a bike, and no one but no one is caring for him for an entire half. I've seen many many injured players and not one of them, not one of them, behaved like Jay Cutler behaved at the NFC Championship game. And now he's out shopping with his girlfriend while all you sports guys carry his water for him. Not only does that tell me that he's not in pain, it tells me he doesn't give a damn about the fans or the Bears or his own career. This city needs to get rid of him, just like Denver did.

People need to get off his jock strap. This guy quit emotionally and mentally on his teammates. Just because he supposedly told Hanie to not do too much and focus on making the play you need to make and letting the offensive line do what they do doesn't mean he was there for his teammates. That's one line in 1.5 hours of football. The guy was walking on the sidelines or sitting on the bench like a bum not cheering on his teammates. If he was in such pain and his knee was so unstable he couldn't perform then he should still be resting three days after this game took place but he's not. I could care less that he's "shopping with his girlfriend" because that's not the point. The point is he's up and walking around not resting or taking care of his knee THREE days after the game. There's a reason he quit denver, there's a reason elway wasn't impressed with him after a conversation in denver, there's a reason john lynch had to slap cutler's cell phone out of his hand while discussing defense scheme's...cutler just doesn't care. His actions speak much louder than the voice of the media and his teammates

hey idiots, he was cheering on his teammates go rewatch the game!!!!! right after chester taylor scored he was high fiving teammates and coaches, so what game were u watching. idiot bear fans!!!!!!

dmcsherlock, are you serious?

1) "I saw a player who had given up, who had quit on his team, who obviously didn't have much of an injury"

Jay Cutler suffered a grade II MCL sprain during the 2nd quarter. He continued to play through the injury, which is a partial tear of the medial collateral ligament. Doctors advised him not to go back into the game, and Jay insisted on returning, which he did before the TEAM decided to remove him. I'm not sure how ignoring the advice of doctors and risking further significant damage to his knee constitutes quitting, but I guess in your world it does.

2) "no one but no one is caring for him for an entire half"
I'm not quite sure what you mean by this, but I'm assuming you are talking about not seeing doctors/trainers work on Jay during the 2nd half. This would probably have been because they worked on him during halftime. Doctors gave him the valgus test in the locker room during halftime, at which time they advised him not to go back in. Advice that Jay ignored.

3) "Not only does that [shopping with his girlfriend] tell me that he's not in pain, it tells me he doesn't give a damn about the fans or the Bears or his own career."
How is Jay's shopping with his girlfriend in any way an indication of how much pain he is in or how much he cares about the fans or the Bears?

If what you wrote is what you truly believe, you should probably keep it to yourself, because you appear embarrassingly ignorant of the facts.

It is truly amazing to see and read some of the utter stupidity that can come from some people. "dmcsherlock" & "leaguefan" must be a husband and wife combo that decided to double team us with their wealth of "common sense". {Since they have absolutely no medical or football knowledge.} You two have to be two of the most ignorant people I have ever had the displeasure of reading. What a waste of 45 seconds.

I haven't really posted on this topic this week. Mainly due to actually being in Chicago for business a couple of days. And being up there on Wed. night, Thursday and Friday, the calls that were coming into the radio stations 4 days AFTER all the facts came out were something to behold. People who wouldn't know an MRI from a bag of peanuts wanted to see the MRI. And it's funny. The two posts from these idiots were AFTER the doctor that did Brady's surgery said that normal activity would not be affected.

I don't know if the question has been asked on here and I heard it sort of jokingly by Boers the other day, but I have asked friends, family, and business colleagues over the past 6 days this question. And I pose it to the two "rockit sientistz" above.
"What has Jay Cutler done in 2 years as Bear's QB to make anyone question his toughness?" You can call him aloof, distant, even peculiar, but a quitter or not tough is NOT one of them. In two years as Bears QB, he has been bloodied, concussed, beaten up, sacked, and thrown around. And when he runs into the end zone he doesn't take the easy way. He has been "helicoptered" into the end zone similar to the famous clip if Nat Moore of the Dolphins years ago. And do you know WHY his teammates defend him? Because he never throws them under the bus. Whenever you hear Cutler talking about his OL he's always giving them praise and saying how well they blocked.

And another thing for the "husband & wife" combo. This isn't the NFL of the past. {before 1990}. These are multi-million dollar athletes {or investments} for these teams. The guys on the sidelines who are called "team doctors", are DOCTORS!! They aren't the "camel smoking" guys called trainers 40+ years ago who could barely ace bandage a knee. These guys are orthopedists, cardiologists, neurologists, and surgeons. When they evaluate someone, they're pretty good about it.

And did I see one of these two idiots talk about Elway??...LOL. "Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." You mean the same Elway that QUIT on Baltimore 27 years ago? And just because someone played a sport at a high level doesn't mean they are any good at player evaluation. I believe that both Michael Jordan and Elgin Baylor played their respective sports better than Elway did his and neither one of them could find a pro basketball player at the NBA All star game. For the first decade or so of the NBA Draft Lottery, some people thought it was the "Elgin Baylor Show." There he was every year with that stupid smile on his face and for my generation and after who never had the pleasure of watching him play, he's not remembered as the guy who was a great basketball player, but the goof who ran the Clippers.

What this situation has done is actually over shadow the real culprit here. Jerry Angelo. Unless there are wholesale changes on that OL next year and more weapons for Cutler, another injury is in the future.

look he is our qb like it or not and if u dont support him go cheer for another team ur not loyal fans and u all need to be run out of town urlacher and the whole team know how tough he is who are u to question look we had a good season and the future is bright jay will
bounxe back better tham ever we just need a couple pf wideouts and lineman and we will row in 2011

Jay Cutler is a bum

I am a huge Bear's fan, but they do not rule my world. My business or happiness level does not change with Bears wins and losses. I have more important things to do. Like being a good doctor to people. Like going to work out. Enjoying all the fruits of life.

Some of these Bears fans need something more than the Bears in their life. It is obvious someone like dmcsherlock simply is so mad that he/she has to answer to other people out there why the team got beat. They want an excuse. They want to blame it all on Cutler.

Here's a message. GET A LIFE! Don't let football rule your world. You will never play football professionally. No NFL player will ever pay your rent/bills/ food etc. Why care that much where it ruins your mood? Stop letting something fun like football destroy your life.

And look at the game/season objectively. The Bears went 11-5, and made the NFC Championship game. That is damn good. Jay Cutler is quite possibly the 2nd best QB in Bear history, and well on his way to being the best ever. Lovie Smith averages 9 wins per year as 7 years of being coach. Not bad.

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