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Updated: Harris says he won't play if he's hurting defense

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Chris Harris said he will play Sunday despite suffering a hip pointer against the Seahawks unless "something drastic happens when I leave Halas Hall."

The veteran safety said he won't remain in the game if he feels as if he's hurting the defense, however. He's officially listed as questionable.

"If gutting it out means I can't get over the top of Donald Driver on a deep route, no," he said when asked if he would play no matter what. "You've got to be smart about it. If it happens to bother me to a significant extent I definitely will come out of the game. I wouldn't try to play tough guy for my own gratification of saying I played in the NFC Championship game."

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That's great to know, but my question is at what point would he realize he's hurting the Defense, and I hope it's not after getting beat deep or missing a key tackle on a Jennings catch and run scenario. Harris has played the positon well for us this season, I would rather have him on the field, but we need everyone doing their jobs to get this WIN.....I still say keeping Rodgers in the pocket is critical, the d-line when they stunt must be on the same page, and keep this guy inside, he's most dangerous out of the pocket, where he is equally efficient running or passing the ball.

I saw the post where they say Woodson's hurt....yeah sure he is, he's probably getting rest because I expect them to bring him every down he's near the line of scrimmage until we prove we can protect against this scheme and hurt the slackers down the field. I'm reading where no one, and I repeat NO ONE thinks we have a shot to WIN ths game....That's puts us in a familiar position of being the underdogs with something to prove, what better way to get this team focused...They can do it! I believe in them, and I look forward to a slobberknocker of a ball game on Sunday.....Go BEARS...Win and we go to the Super Bowl...who would have thunk it when the season started !

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