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Hanie refutes critics who say Cutler didn't help him

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Bears quarterback Caleb Hanie defended teammate Jay Cutler on Monday, saying not only that Cutler would have finished the NFC Championship Game against the Packers if he could have and adding that Cutler helped him and encouraged him during the second half.

It just frustrates you to hear that stuff from anybody, let alone other players and well-known respected media guys on TV,'' Hanie said. ''I'll just tell you this: The one thing I know about Jay Cutler is that he's tough. Another thing I know about him is that he's going to stand up for his teammates. And he didn't want to let his teammates down. So if he could have been on the field and been productive at all for the team, he would have done it.''

Hanie said Cutler talked to him several times during the second half, but was frustrated that it seems like only the times Cutler is standing by himself doing nothing get shown on television.

''He talked to me. He was very encouraging,'' Hanie said. ''You only get five-second clips on him during the game. For some reason they didn't get the clips of him talking to me standing up when I come off the field, which would have been nice for everybody to see that.

''But he encouraged me before I went in, when I came off the field, between every drive. A few of the things he said was, 'Hey, just play within yourself, trust the offensive line, those guys are doing a good job protecting. Just use your legs if you need to and just go make plays and have fun.' He said that to me numerous times, calmed me down, did a great job of that.

''To hear that criticism of him, he doesn't care about the game when he's out of the game is very aggravating when you know ... I can tell you first-hand that he was very encouraging to me and helped me out tremendously during the game.''

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Now tell this to the ESPN Around the horn crap fest.........

1st of all those who call themselves Bears fans that said Cutler was a quitter should be ashamed of themselves. Their probably last minutes fans that did really watch the games anyhow. if you watched Cutler, he is not a quiiter. Maybe he could have cheered the Team on instead of frowning on the sideline, but he was hurt. As far as the players that felt he should have stayed in well even before the printed in the paper it was obvious to me that the Coaching staff took him out. Also those player at home watching the game have the nerve to talk as they were just doing that, sitting at home while Cutler and the Bears were in the NFC Title Game. He was not helping the Team with his injury so what would the purpose be to keep in the game. So you so called Bears Fans stop the wining and be grateful how far the Bears did go.

This is what most meatheads don't understand while they sit on their fat a$$ at home. The TV producers/directors want to add to the drama by showing a sullen, non-involved Cutler - it adds to the national storyline. We get it...he's not a pleasant person to strangers. It seems everyone wants a Peyton, Brady, type personality. Are you that type at your job? Let's all take a moment to breathe and be thankful that we were one of the final four cities to root for their team. Be disappointed, be pissed that the bears lost - but stop trying to be an orthopedic surgeon or understand what it takes for an athlete to be effective in a game. Be a fan. Support your QB.

Hanie, you have allot of class. Those so called people that criticized Cutler they were just looking for someone to blame and are not Bears fans or even fans of the game. The Bears were not expected to even go this far and to be one game from the Superbowl, not bad at all. Also even player, yes who were not good enough to be in the post season, had their own comments also.

I just hope we see a lot more of Caleb Hanie next year. That kid came in with about as much pressure as you can put on a player, and he owned it. After Raji's interception/touchdown, most other players in that position would crumble. Hanie got a touchdown in a hard-nosed four play drive. We may not have won, but we saw a pretty impressive display of athleticism and heart. Isn't that what we love about this game?

Sure would like to introduce Lil Ron to that girlfriend of Cutler's. She is one hot mama.

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