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Go Packers?

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When was the last time Bears Nation was united in cheering for its arch rivals? If the Packers beat the Eagles today, the Bears will host the Seahawks in a divisional playoff game at Soldier Field on Sunday.

Given how many breaks the Bears have received this season, is there any doubt who will end up on top?

The Seahawks beat the Bears earlier in the season, of course. Still, the prospect of playing the only 7-9 team in history to make the playoffs --- even if they did knock off the Saints --- is preferable to hosting Michael Vick and the Eagles.

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ahhh.... of coarse GO PACKERS!!!! is waht i hav been sayin all thisd time! sense teh beginnign i have ben coming here i alsways loved my precius packers :) taht aron rodgers is SOOOOOO DREAMY!!! :) ans you now waht else loosers??? teh bears SUCK! ahahahaha!!! i now taht bigtime bears fans BRANDO loves teh bears but we will see wont we brando you cheery happy go lucky LOOSER!

but you guys now me old crap-yton just trying to be posative...

ps foreget my pink pa ties....i mna wear ing my rodgers jersey ans my green and yellw panties today!! tee hee. :)

hah! you would rather play a seahawks team that came into your house and bent you over a chair than an eagles team that you already beat? really? I think all of the 12th man would love to come cream the bear cubs again.

I don't think there really is a favorable matchup, both the Eagles and Seahawks bring some type of challenge. Chicago lost to Seattle this year, but that was before they turned things around offensively and became more balanced, this is a different offense in Chicago now with an improved rushing attack. As far as the Eagles, for whatever reason, Lovie Smith has a pretty good record vs Vick, I don't think the Bears have ever lost to Vick. Not saying Vick won't be a problem, but Chicago has proved they can beat Vick. The Bears should be able to beat either Seattle or Philly.

The team that most worries me is the Falcons, the Bears have had problems with the Falcons the last couple seasons. Chicago has lost to Atlanta the last 2 times they have faced them. Not by a lot, Chicago lost to Atlanta 14-21 in 2009, and 20-22 in 2008. But for whatever reason, Matt Ryan seems to have his way picking apart Chicago's defense. The key, and hopefully the equalizer, will be Julius Peppers, a player Chicago didn't have when they faced and lost to the Falcons the last two times they have faced them. Julius Peppers needs to come to play vs Atlanta, he will be the key to Chicago getting to the big game. Again, Peppers and the Bears front needs to show up these next couple weeks, especially if Chicago has to go to Atlanta. That will be the key for Chicago to be able to beat Matt Ryan and the dirty birds GO BEARS!!

I don't know if u shall the seahawks play but they area a very capable team we need to play our A game against. Everyone i believe we can beat everyone including the packers if we execute we need to keep jay protected and wideouts need to get open and our secondary needs to cover and we win the bowl. GO Bears

Oh Neil how could you? The Packers really? Do you feel dirty now Neil? How does it feel to stab your team in the back? Sorry Channeling Brando for a second.

AnywayI already wrote I would rather have the Aints then the Seahawks, they suck in Chicago. But I don't think it really matters, I don't think Cutler was ready to play that game after being concused. I also don't think the Seahawks will get much pressure off the edge on this field in this weather. They're going to be slower and the Bears had a bye, you don't usually lose off a bye. They will try and push the pace on offense, and run that zone dog and delayed blitz they used last time.

If they can run the ball again they will win, if they can't they will lose. 7-9 what a joke although I am glad they got rid of the Saints, can;t stand the way the media sucks up to that team. It's the team of Destiny, they are doing this for the victims of Katrina (but only the ones from New Orleans) and they did just five years after it happened, just a little late. Yeah the Pats would like you to know they won their first Super Bowl for the victims of the War of Independence.

Hey is it me, or is the new Crap-ton kinda flirty? I mean he was always flirty but now it's like a flirty dirty cry for attention. Talking about Panties and love and sucking and guys being dreamy. I think someone has a crush.

Creighton | September 10, 2010 7:52 PM | Reply
By Anonymous on September 10, 2010 4:37 PM
I would say 7-9 but the Bears will beat GB at GB after they clinch the Div and only play their starters for a half. Lovie will claim they are close and he will retain his job. Angelo will retire after the draft and Ruskell will become the new GM. It will be an up and down season. Knox and Hester will both get injured late in the season at home on that garbage surface. Olsen will have 30-35 receptions for 350 yards and 4TD's.

* Offensive MVP, Devin Aromashodu, Cutler will struggle behind the line and the other recievers will continue to have problems with the hard cuts on a sloppy surface. DA will be his go to reciever.

* Defensive MVP, Peppers, his numbers won't be amazing but only because teams will be chipping him often. He will still be the best player on defense.

* Breakout player, Devin Aromashodu, Wright if they play him at SS.

* Pro Bowl players, Gould and Peppers

* Top assistant coach, Dave Toub

Lovie will be back for another season, Angelo will retire after the draft and Ruskell will take over for him. The Bears will claim they are close.

Ooops, forgot to post my name.

Creighton | September 18, 2010 10:11 PM | Reply
I have been doing these youtube vids on CHicago sports teams sense last season and thought now would be a good time to showe all of you.

Check me out. This i s me on MArtz joining the bears. Its an old video but I think everything Isaid has been right so far no joke.

See I was right about Martz. On did that on Feb. 2, 2010. So hahaha who doesnt listen to me. I am the king, I am The Duke, I am Creighton.

As it turns out, if the Bears beat Seattle, they will play either Atlanta in Atlanta or Green Bay in Chicago.I have mixed emotions about which one to hope for. The Bears have not done all that great at home, and Atlanta's field would be great for the Bears' speed. Neat as it might be for the NFC champ to be determined at Soldier Field between to North Division rival, I think I like the Atlanta match-up better.

Forte, Cutler,Hester, and defense will take us to the Super Bowl!

Really that's my stuff? well I usually remember when I make vids since I never make vids and post as Anonymous cause I really hate using my screen name. So I guess those are me. Yikes I need to go on a diet I am starting to look like Brando, both of them Marlon and Timmer. I wonder if I jiggle when I jump?

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