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Do Bears know something we don't?

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Maybe it's me, but I've sensed a I-know-something-you-don't attitude from the Bears all week. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but check out how Jay Cutler responded to a question about how the Bears are going to handle the Packers wide array of blitzes.

"We're going to handle it," Cutler said --- confidently, I might add. "Our offensive line has a good feel about what they're going to do. They might not necessarily bring the house every time. I'm not for sure. They might play a little more zone to throw us off. I'm sure there is going to be some new wrinkles so we're just going to have to feel it out as the game goes by."

One advantage to playing the Packers tough in the preseason finale is they got to see a lot of the different blitzes Packers' defensive coordinator Dom Capers uses. You can bet offensive line coach Mike Tice has had the Bears practicing picking up those and others in preparation for Sunday's game.

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Well, Dez Clark will be active, so maybe we have a few wrinkles too. GB Sucks against the run, but of course the national media says nothing about that. In the finale, if the Bears stuck to the run, yes, they were running all over them, they would have won a game that meant nothing to them, on the road too. I love the national media and there love children. NY Giants, Philly, then GB. Nobody mentions that last game. To me thats why I think the Bears romp in this one. Easy money.


What they know that most others don't is that the coaches didn't play the last Green Bay game to win, especially on offense. They played vanilla and told the players to concentrate on fundamentals and technique. The idea was to get the Bears ready for the playoffs, not to beat the Packers.

Now the coaches will actually be trying to win the game. No more vanilla offense, no more passing every play. And the Bears ran very well against Green Bay in the last game, Forte had 91 yards in only 15 carries. If that happens again and the Bears shut down Green Bay's running game -- which is very likely -- the Bears will ahve an excellent chance of winning. the mid-third quarter, Soldiers Field will be empty as all the Bears are out in the woods taking a crap!

Say Wayno, ain't no such place as "Soldiers Field"! Bears win 24-10.. It will happen at Soldier Field!!

What has been the most consistent offensive/defensive stat affecting playoff success over the history of the NFL? The old and true adage, "The team that runs the ball and stops the run best will win the game." That means Bears win. Dez Clark is playing cause the Bears will run a lot of 2 and 3 TE sets and pound the ball, until the Pack take out some DBs, then they we will pass to Olsen, Clark, and Davis. The Bears will control the ball, where out their defense, score TDs, reduce Rodger's possessions, stop their run, make them one dimensional, force FGs in the red zone, then get a turnover or two. Bears win 24-20.

Wayne, it's Soldier Field. Go Bears!

Wayne, don't show up at Wrigley Field or you will miss the game. When you are sitting in Wrigley for a few hours and no one is there except the mice you might realize that indeed you have chosen the wrong stadium to watch the game.

But then again you are a Packer fan and so showing up at Wrigley instead of Soldier Field does not surprise me at all.

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