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Cutler out with knee injury

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Todd Collins has taken over as Bears' quarterback midway through the third quarter.

Cutler's return is questionable.

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The game's been over for 30 minutes. I can only hope Collins has already been cut.

Thanks for a fun season Bears.

You mean:


THAT's what the headline should be.

Can't wait to watch him pout at the press conf.

Hanie has far more heart than Cutler. I cannot believe that Cutler pulled himself out of the biggest game in Bears history against the Packers. Favre certainly would have been in the game to the end as would many other greats weather they played QB or not.

Cutler has shown his true colors and they are not what is needed in a Chicago Bear uniform. Yes Cutler will give you many thousands of yards of passes each year and many interceptions each year but he will never give the Chicago Bears a Superbowl win. No way, no how as it takes true heart and a championship courage to lead a team which I do not believe he has in him.


For the 1st time in along time QB is not our #1 concern, Cutler and Hanie are fine. I heard so called fans are burning Cutlers jersey in the parking lot. These must be the same fans who say JA and lovie should get extensions. I'm sure many of the blogs will now be how bad JA is and lovie can't coach which is something that a few of us have been saying all year,myself included. For all you martz lovers who called him a genius, really, on 3rd and 3 with a qb who hasn't played that much you don't call a wr end around. "real genius there", knox once again doesn't even fight for the ball and just watches the defender go get it. Hester reverted back to last year with his returns and for all the people who like any of the o-linemen what have you been watching all year long. Hampton even said not 1 player from our OFF could start on th packers, HMM that sounds alot like JA's failure. Not happy bears lost, my father-in-law just passed away and jets are his favorite team and the bears are #2, so I was rooting for a jets-bears SB. Hope the bears dump JA and lovie but knowing them they will make us suffer through another terrible year. Look forward to discuss free agency, draft and any trades made during the off season.

Brian Urlacher on Cutler: "I don't question his toughness. He's tough as hell. He's one of the toughest players on our... team."

Shut up Brian, Celeb Hanie was wonderful, OMG did you see him save the day, he threw a TD, for both teams. He is that good, he only threw two picks. H e should be the starter, Trade JAY CUTLER!!!! A TD and two picks including a pick six now thats a real QB.

It was all Jays fault, the defense and offense started that game ready to play and were not flat at all. Play calling on offense was brilliant and the offensive line was unstoppable.

All I gotta say is Webb, Melton, Wooton, LeFavor, DJ Moore, Manning, Bowman, Hass, Balough, Big Chris Williams, Devin Hester(you are number 1 in my heart), Knox, Big game Greg Olsen. Thank you Jerry Angelo and thank you Lovie Smith for knowing nothing about offense and the great coverage defense you use. I hate attacking defenses, I want the permanent prevent.

Let's not be stupid here. It was pretty obvious that whatever was wrong with Cutler was affecting his throwing. If he can't play, he can't play.

I don't question Jay's toughness, but for darn sure I am challenging Johnny Knox's toughness. Once again not only did he fail to run a quick slant, but he also let a deep ball get picked without even trying to go up and get it. This kid has no business being on the field with professionals if he is going to wimp out every time contact is a possibility. But he was far from the only problem.

The Bears got punched in the mouth early with the opening drive TD, and had to play catchup all day. Marinelli knew the Pack liked the quick slants, and were capable of chewing up time and yards by attacking us where we leave them openings, yet we still played our corners 10 yards off most of the game. Garza, Kreutz, and Williams were abused by the Packers D Line and OLBs, and in most cases a 3 or 4 man rush was getting to the QB before our downfield routes had a chance to develop.

This team was not prepared for anything the Packers were doing, and seemed completely incapable of figuring it out. Hanie had a decent run because they went to the hurry-up and didn't give the defense enough time to call in exotic blitzes. They still almost got to Hanie on every play without blitzing.

Special teams was not very good, and poock kicks seemed to catch them completely off guard. I can see one being a surprise, but when they do it all game long, someone needs to catch on. Tommie Harris reverted to his old self, getting knocked on the ground and missing tackles. Chris Harris actually played pretty well considering he was down a leg, but our tackling and coverage were horrible early on.

Jennings was targeted a lot, and he did not have a good game, but has been solid most of the year for us.

Let's put it this way: It's not too often that a team that loses in the NFC title game has this much work to do for next season, just to be respectable in the division. But we have an awful lot of work to do, and we will be doing it under the direction of Angelo and Lovie yet again.

Congrats to the Pack, who put a game plan together and took it to us early, and never really let us back in. That is how you scheme a Championship game. Maybe Martz and Marinelli should learn something by watching the tape of what got done to them.

You know I get if guys want to be mad at Cutler for his play, but this BS that he quit and pulled himself from the game is nothing but fan garbage. He got pulled by the medical staff because of what maybe a MCL tear. He tried to go after he was hurt and couldn't plant.

But blaming this game on Cutler is garbage.

First off the offense and defense came out flat, period, they were not prepared.

The Offensive line was horrible again.

The D-Line did not play well and the defense got killed on first down.

Collins is a perfect example of why I don't like Lovie. He had no buisness being the backup QB but because they like him in practice he is the backup. He does this with players all the time.

You saw Lovie's lack of offensive knowledge again cause a problem. Last series of the game. 3rd and 3 and they call an end around????? No head coach in the world lets that go except for Lovie. Then following play he doesn't take a timeout and what do you get a game ending pick on 4th down. Also he hates kicking field goals.

Where was Hester? Did he have a great game.

The martz play calling was crap.

I thought Urlacher had a good game and Forte had a good game.

All this Hanie love must be a joke. 1 td and two picks, including a pick 6 and people thought he played great. Even Hanie thought he played bad and was surprised anyone would think otherwise. I thought he brought good energy but he couldn't read the blitz and delt mostly with a three man rush.

Field position was not good for the Bears.

No QB had a good day today on either team.

I also agree with Holmes when he says the Bears hung Cutler out to dry, Lovie covering his ###. All the Bears have to do is say what is wrong with Cutler and why he is pulled, be cause he is getting killed by the media right now. If they would just answer the question about why he was pulled none of this would be happnening. But gotta be super secretive.

Let me tell you not many players on the Bears should be holding their heads up right now, they didn't play a complete game and most players screwed up. I think that its a joke that anyone would question how tough he is after the beating he has taken on the field, by fans and by the media. You all loved him last week you wagon jumping homers.

Final thought, of the 4 final teams 3 of those teams are 3-4 zone blitzing attacking defenses. One is a coverage defense. The final two teams are both 3-4 defenses, with a zone blitzing scheme.

People are right Jay wasn't hurt, but he was injured. You can play hurt try playing with an ACL tear. Thanks Lo.

Hey the Bears did better than most of thought they would, I was glad to watch a meaningful playoff game for a change even if they did lose. Time to talk draft, cause I could give a #### about a stinking Packers/Steelers Super Bowl, if the rapist wasn;t on the team I would watch, but it's ok to rape women if you go to the Super Bowl. Stupid a## ESPN sell their sould for a ratings boost.

Kevin looks like I'm not the only one who noticed knox isn't that good when it comes to fighting for the ball. I know he is one of your bright spots of the future along with webb, moore, and melton.

>Maybe Martz and Marinelli should learn something by watching the tape of what got >done to them.

LOL! Yeah, right Joe. The two are incapable of learning anything. What do you bet that early next season Martz will be right back to calling 7-step drop passes every play?

Good post Joe, I forgot to mention Knox in mine yeah he has done that so many times this year and as PFF points out he has been the reciever on more picks this year than any other. Not a good thing. I would actually take Earl Bennett to start over him, he's like a poor mans Jennings.

If you didn't here Angelo say it, he said this year that this is not a very talented team. Well no kidding who built it again?

Oh and forgot this too, could Lovie Smith please stop defering and please start kicking some Field Goals.

Joe you know why Harris reverted? Because when he plays good guards like Sitton, he gets killed.

I don't think anyone can point out how poorly prepared the Bears were for this game. So damn flat early. I think blame goes to just about everyone on the team.

For the love of god please bring in some O-Line help those chumps couldn't stop a nose bleed. Logan Mankins come on down and Mike Martz get on out. I think Gaither is a FA to but has injury issues.

"Just filed my stories. But here's what sticks in my mind: G Chris Williams crying alone at his locker, and sitting there for 20 minutes..."

Why do you think he was crying? Was it because they lost, his play, his QB getting hurt, or did he read one of my posts? I know he is a nicce kid but unless he starts working his @ss off he is going to be doing a lot of crying. And don;t get on me for kicking him while he was down, I am just basically repeating what Tice said about him. He can be as good as he wants to be, well I don't think he wants to be very good.

Cutler has gotten beat up all season, sacked more than any other QB in the league. If he were a wimp he'd have quit long ago. I can't imagine that he'd have taken himself out of the game if he thought he could've played.

Save your anger for Cutler for how badly he played while he was in. Save your general anger for the lousy organization that is the Bears, with upper management that is incapable of providing even an average offensive line or average receivers for Cutler to work with, and for coaches so clueless that they think that Tod Collins is better than Caleb Hanie (!).

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