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Cutler joins ranks of Bears all-time playoff QBs

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The last time a quarterback was as good as Jay Cutler was Sunday, the Bears went to the Super Bowl.

Cutler's 111.3 passer rating Sunday (15-of-28, 274 yards, two touchdowns, no interceptions) was the best for a Bears quarterback in the postseason since Jim McMahon had a 120.3 rating in the Bears 21-0 victory over the Giants in the NFC divisional playoffs at Soldie Field in 1986. McMahon was 11-of-21 for 216 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

The only other quarterback over 100 since then was Steve Walsh, who had a 107.3 rating when Dave Wannstedt's Bears beat the Vikings 35-18 at the Metrodome in a first-round game on Jan. 1, 1995. Walsh was 15-of-23 for 221 yards, two touchdowns (nine yards to Keith Jennings; 21 yards to Jeff Graham) and one interception.

That's still the Bears' only road playoff victory since beating the Redskins 23-19 under Mike Ditka in 1984.

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duhhh the bears just got lucky today that is all. seattle was the better team by far. duhhhhh. the pack will destroy them next week and everyone will see. im not being begative im just being a realist duhhhhhh. and i have been right all season.



Jay Cutler is coming on as an NFL quarterback, he's been pretty sharp since the bye week going 150 of 251 for a 60.0% comp percentage with 16 tds and 11 ints. Cutler is worlds better than either Jimmy Mack or the legendary Steve Walsh. His performance today was exactly why Bears GM Jerry Angelo traded for him, we're now seeing great results from that trade, kudos to Jerry Angelo. Another thing you gotta like about Cutler is the way he's being safe with the ball. Part of that is due to the way Matt Forte and the Bears offensive line has been coming on. If Chicago can run next sunday the way they did today, their going to the Super Bowl. If Cutler can win the big game, he'll have to be considered one of the leagues best QB's. I wonder if Bradshaw will put him on his best qb's under 30 list now, 2 more wins, and you'd have to be a fool not to.

The Jerry Angelo built Chicago Bears are two wins away from being the best football team in pro football.....period. GO BEARS!!

Hi Chicago, the trade Culter for Ortman will go down as the worst trade in Bronco history.

Hopefully that game will shut up some of the nonsense about Cutler. If he plays that well against the Pack it would be really sweet. If the line can give him that kind of time...?

Go eat some cheese.

Where are the Bear's famous haters when you need them? The more they win the harder it is to find the mis-spelling sour grape motivated haters from the past.. It's easy to kick people when they are down but difficult to uplift them when they are going through hard times. These are the same HATERS that hate it when true Bear fans say, GO BEARS!!!

Great game ,lots of fun to watch. The only negatives are that the defense let down at the end and the on-side kick fiasco. Green Bay is not Seattle, and letting down at any time against Rodgers is likely to cost the Bears more than they can afford. Let's hope they sustain the defensive effort and are able to dominate on offense.

Seem like chicago will be the underdog at home analyst won't give them a chance and say cutler isn't good enough even after last week keep doubting us and we keep kicking ass cutler player awesome it wash a great team effort great job line and tillman did an outstanding job along with the defense great coverage we can beat green bay one game at a time its us against the world just keep doing what where doing no-one have the jets a chance to beat the pats and who won I'm just saying let them play before you move ur mouth packs may be watching the superbowl from the couch if we use the same keys protect jay recievers get open and our championship defense knots you need to step up they got the best of our wideouts last time its time to show them aren't we tired of everyone saying they have better recievers and an overall team make them eat their words

That's funny Kevin cause you never wanted the Bears to trade for Cutler, we wanted them to keep Orton. And all last year you kept talking about Orton.

It's an intresting year in the playoff's outside of the rapist, it's been the year of the young guns. Ryan, Sanchez, Rodgers, Flacco, Cutler. Looks like the guard is starting to change.

Thats funny Creighton, now that the Bears are winning, two games away from a Super Bowl title, your post seem to be getting shorter and shorter. =-)

And Creighton, stop making things up, I never said I didn't want Cutler. If anything I didn't think Jerry Angelo was gonna make the you. But I never said I didn't want Cutler. Stop making things up, you need to live with the fact Jerry Angelo has done a heck of a job in building the Chicago Bears, there 2 games away from their second Super Bowl in 5 seasons. Not many other teams can say that, and you know it. And yes I still think Orton is a good QB, check out his stats this season, or last.

I think you making up that I never wanted Cutler is just the pathetic, last attempts of a fan who has to live with the fact that he was WRONG about an organization that he has spent the better part of 3 seasons running down....wrong Creighton. And this one is just for you buddy, GO BEARS!!

Just want to take the time to thank mcdaniels for trading cutler now we have a franschise qb and ur an ass in st Louie haha couldn't be happier it was the perfect match now let's finish it off with a superbowl win go bears

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