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Compared to Forte, Cutler makes it look easy

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The strangest play of the game occurred early in the fourth quarter when Matt Forte took a direct snap from center and had his pass intended for Devin Hester intercepted by linebacker Aaron Curry.

The play was supposed to start with a ball fake to Chester Taylor but that didn't work out, either.

"I was supposed to make a ball fake and Chester didn't come across," Forte said. "He was protecting the front side. There are two reads. There's a deep read and a crossing read. I didn't see the guy in the flat."

Before the next play, Forte said he heard quarterback Jay Cutler's voice in the huddle.

"He said, 'it's not as easy as it looks back there, huh?'" Forte said. "I said, 'no, it's not.'"

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I think we've seen the last of Forte's passing for awhile. Throwing is one thing, what must really hurt for Forte is that Cutler made the running look easy.

If you take out the interception, it looked like a pretty good throw. He lead the receiver and the ball only had a little wobble. Still, it was picked and seeing it once was funny but I hope not to see it again.

OK, I know the Bears were up big at the time and Martz just wanted to let the guys have some fun, but that play was ridiculous. As soon as I saw Forte cock his arm to throw, I yelled, "Oh no, disaster!" If the Bears would have been up 28-0 with two minutes left, then whatever. But Martz almost let Seattle back into the game with that idiotic move. Lovie Smith has to realize that Mad Mike still exists and Smith needs to keep a tight leash on him.

The tried the Wildcat in Pre-season, not good and they tried it again. Why? They don't have the personel to run it and are not fooling anyone. Now watch Hester throw a TD pass to Cutler out Wildcat this week.

SSSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! You just let the cat out of the bag on Martz's secret weapon on Sunday.

Seriously, Martz is good for at least one gadget play per playoff game, thinking that most teams will not expect Lovie to risk a crazy play because of the downside. I was thinking that a pass TO Cutler would be the play this week, so I will be curious to see whether he does it or not. Depends on how much we are moving the ball in our regular offense. I like the idea of Hester as the Wildcat QB, but we have done it with Bennett, Forte, Taylor, and probably are setting up a formation to let Manumaleuna take the snap. Enough with the "confusion" strategy already. Just line up and take them on!

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