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Collins likely finished after failing to complete a pass

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Todd Collins is likely finished as a backup quarterback with the Bears after he was ineffective on two third-quarter series and pulled in favor of Caleb Hanie, who finished with a higher quarterback rating than Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

"It's tough but that's part of the job," Collins said of being thrust into a big game with little warning. "The two series I was in we didn't get anything going."

The Bears signed Collins during training camp so they wouldn't have to rely on the inexperienced Hanie if Cutler got hurt. Collins threw four interceptions in his only start against the Panthers and failed to complete a pass in four attempts Sunday.

"There's not like there was a big difference," Smith said when asked why Collins was the backup and Hanie No. 3. "That's why we went to Caleb fairly quick. But Todd was our two. We went with our two. We didn't like that and felt we needed to go a different direction and we did."

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"There's not like there was a big difference"? What?!!!

Lovie Smith is a loser and an idiot. There was such a big difference between Hanie and Collins that they're at opposite ends of the spectrum. Longtime readers know that I've been a Hanie supporter since he was a rookie, but one of the major failings of this lousy organization is that it is incapable of developing players. Another one is that it obviously can't recognize talent.

This season was the worst of all worlds, with the Bears making the playoffs thereby saving the jobs of the incompetent Ted Phillips, Jerry Angelo, and Lovie Smith, but not winning the Super Bowl or even the NFC. If there's a 2011 season, the Bears surely won't make the playoffs and cheapskate/selfish/greedy ownership will come up with more excuses to keep these incompetent losers so they don't have to pay real football people.

I thought Cutler was headed towards elite status amongst NFL quarterbacks? This Hanie guy should start for the Bears next year.

brando | January 23, 2011 11:49 PM | Reply
"I thought Cutler was headed towards elite status amongst NFL quarterbacks? This Hanie guy should start for the Bears next year."

This Hanie guy??? Like you don't know who he is? We can call him the pick 6 kid, with all his brilliant play.

I spell my name with a capital B

oh, to see mike martz meltdown in crunchtime...just like the good old days again.

You know what Brando I take it back if you didn't say it.

Come on Creighton. Hanie threw two TD passes, was under just as much pressure as Cutler, and was stuck with the same lousy receivers. I'm not saying Hanie is the answer to anything, but without developing him and giving him a chance, we'll never know. Guys like him aren't sexy enough for most coaches: they don't have strong arms, so they can't make certain throws like Cutler can. But from the little I've seen of Hanie, he plays much better under pressure than Cutler does and seems to make much better decisions. He also seems to be more accurate, though that's hard to tell with such little to go by.

So Hanie threw two INTs? He has virtually no experience, so he didn't see Raji drop back on the first one. The second one was a desperation throw at the end of the game. I know we can make excuses for any INT, but complaining about Hanie's is as bad as complaining about Cutler's problems that are mostly because of a bad line and bad receivers.

Sorry Wrigley but re-watch the game Aikman even states it, they are only rushing 3 on Hanie and he is dropping his DB's in to coverage. He actually states that so how are you going to tell me they were blitzing him non stop like they did wit hCutler?

So Hanie gets credit for TD's but not interceptions as your state "So Hanie threw two INTs?"

Stop making excuses, I didn't make an excuse for Cutler playing bad, I said he played a terrible game. But Hanie throws two game losing Picks and it's ok.

Watch the game Hanie never goes through reads, he picks one reciever locks on to them and throws. The pick to Raji is one of the worst plays I have ever seen.

Hanie locks on to Forte, that's who he wanted to throw the ball too. But Forte Cuts and makes a slant, Hester flashes across the middle But Hanie ignores him or doesn't see him even though he is wide open, he then throws to the only person standing in the area all by himself, a 340 pound fat guy in a big white shirt on. No other Bears around and under no pressure, he throws to that guy? Excuse me?Maybe if their was a lot of traffic but he throws to the only guy in the area.

Even Hanie said he played bad. He got to play in a hurry up against a prevent. Name a QB who doesn't have some success with that.

Fact is he threw a pick 6, and he did not throw two TD passes, where are you getting that? He threw two int's including one that gave the Packers the winning score and including the one that sealed the packers victory. He threw one TD pass to Bennett thats it. Not two. Like I said watch the game, and listen to it.

Hey I said he added a nice spark of energy, and I thought he did pretty good given the situation, but I am not really impressed with his play. He didn't really look that good, he was all over the place. And the Packers where sitting back waiting for him to throw picks which he did. Why do think Raji was in coverage? They where dropping everyone back, not blitzing. Yeah he saw a couple of blitzers but for the most part the pack sat back in confidence and let their defense handle it. What do you think would happen if teams actually preped for Hanie and had game film on him?

Hey I hope he starts every game next year. Then the Bears will have maybe 1 or 2 wins and I can watch another year of Bears fans screaming for another QB. Fans do it every year, a guy makes a good play or two and that makes him great. Well it doesn't make him great. Sorry that's the way I see it. Hey you like him and that's all that counts. You know go ahead and cheer for him and like him. I don't care. He is Bear, and I have no problem with him, but I was just not that impressed. That's my right, I tend to look with a stern eye you know that. You know it doesn't mean I don't think Hanie has talent, but he can't even make a blitz read and he has been in the league for a few years now.


I think Hanie will be brought back unless someone offers him a large sum of $$$ from his brief but quality performance in the championship game. I still think its Cutler's team, but how he attacks his rehab will be something all of
Chicago will be watching, will he work out with teammates ?, will he be at the facility when they can be before the lock out and things like that will go a long way to rehabing his image with the fans.

This team can be better but we do have some areas to fill, our offense is young even the o-line if you take out kreutz and Garza are under 30 and Tice is a solid coach and will make this unit better. On defense that side of the ball needs an infusion of youth before it gets too old, a playmaker on this side of the ball can help ensure another playoff apperance, in a tough NFC next season.

Chi Omiyale will be 29 this season as well and judging fro mthe last game Chris Williams can't play guard. Webb started his career at RT as the lowest rated tackle in the league, he finished as the lowest rated tackle in the league, he got killed in the Pckers game. So how good do you think Omiyale, Webb and Williams are going to get.

Omiyale is enter his 7th season are you expecting him to make a huge jump from one of the worst to one of the best?

Webb first year player improved in run blocking but was the worst pass protector in the nfl and that's on the right side where you don't usually face the best.

Williams enters his 4th season, Tice has questioned his desire, and bumped him from the LT position after he stank it up under Tices teachings, the year before he was the lowest rated linemen on the Bears and one of the worst RT's in football. As guard he regularly got mauled by DT's.

So how good do you expect them to get. Sure they look better when they don;t play teams with defensive lines but against good lines and pass rushers they get abused.

Complication the problem even more, the Bears must face Raji, Mathews, Kevin Williams and Sue two times a year. Just looking at that would suggest they need an upgrade at Center, Right Guard and Right tackle in order to deal with these very talented players who have been ripping the Bears line. Do you think Webb will be equally as good as those elite players?

Creighton, all that you wrote proves that we need Dan LeFevour back. Cheers!

!Para Ser El Bumstead, Tienes Que Vencer Al Bumstead! ("In order to beat the Bumstead, you must BE the Bumstead!")

I would not be bothered in the least if we use all 6 draft picks on the offensive line, as there is no one on the line currently who I believe deserves their starting job in 2011. What I can't figure out is why we keep Asiata, Marten, Levi Horn, and guys like them around every year. Herman Johnson is one of the slowest-footed linemen I have ever seen, but we signed him to the 53 man roster this season? Chris Williams, Edwin Williams, Webb, Louis, and Omiyale are probably your starting 5 next year, unless we get some major help this offseason. Maybe a guy like Mankins could be signed for what we save by cutting Tommie Harris and Garza, and not re-signing Kreutz. But we need at least 3 new starters on the line, preferably 5 new starters, unless Webb can take a big leap from year 1 to year 2.

But we still need a couple of WRs. Johnny Knox is not a wide receiver. he is Renaldo Nehemiah, a speedy track guy with no guts or toughness. He is also a body catcher, which you cannot be if you want to be a premier receiver. He won't come back to the ball, and he never goes up for it in traffic.

Devin Hester can't turn his head and look for the ball and continue on a corner route, as we saw in the opening drive. Cutler was throwing his hands up because Devin had the route nailed, and would have been open for a TD or been taken down inside the 10, but he turned his head, and flattened out his route instead of carrying to the pylon, like he was supposed to. He is getting a little better at coming back to the ball, but he is not a traffic catcher either.

Bennett and Davis are the two best receiving options we have in this offense...How scary is that?

I think Hanie is ok as a third QB, but he is a little too sketchy as a backup. Bottom line is that we don't have jack behind Cutler, so if he were to be out for any length of time, we would be screwed. Heck, as bad as our skill position guys are on the outside, we're pretty well screwed regardless.

I also think we have an issue with Manumaleuna and Taylor. We either are not using them correctly, which is very likely, or they aren't worth the money we paid them. I would like to see a change of pace back behind Forte, not the same player (only smaller) Manu was not a great blocker in the passing game, and was passable in the run game. I would rather give Kellen Davis a shot to be the blocking TE than continue paying Manu the money we are giving him. If we really want a 6'2", 300 lb TE, why not give Lance Louis the job? He was a TE in college, and has the same size. You don't even need to make him a TE. Just make him an eligible lineman when he comes in.

For making it to the NFC title game, the Bears sure have a lot of work to do. If I were Ruskell, I would be scouring the UFL for camp bodies, and see how many guys I could replace of the pending free agents, like Garrett Wolfe, McCown rather than Collins, etc. We sure aren't going to be able to fill the roster with draft picks and UDFA...

Joe, we can't afford to use all the picks on the line we have too many other needs that have to be addressed. As for keeping those guys around Asista, Horn and such are bodies for Tice to try and develop. O-line is not always about where you were drafted, but the scheme you are in and how well you jell as a unit. This was what Tice showed us this season and that is how you build a line. For once we have a coach that knows what he is doing, and who he wants to develop, I say lets stick by him in this area and we will see improvement. Let Tice pick his additional starter for next season with one of the first two picks.

I saw improvement from these guys during the season, Omiyale was solid and needs to stay there for now, I agree we need to get bigger on the interior, but don't see why you are so down on Webb, a lot of scouts said this kid's improvment over the year was remarkable, I see him getting nothing but better as a Bear. I think we need to stay the course and add to what was started this year on the line.

Joe, I'm also not as down on Knox as you are, he is what he is a speed guy who can stretch the fiield, but a possession guy who can beat jams off the line is a must for Cutler's health and well being. Teams will continue to blitz the BEARS until the line improves and we get a possession receiver to give Jay two hot options he can rely on along with Olsen in the passing game.

Joe have you heard the latest. Mully talking about it this morning on 670. The owners want to move the Salary cap back a year or two. He said if this happens the Bears will be right at the cap and won't have much for FA. So everything I said about big names even though Guard is the best bang for your buck position in the nfl including FA, none of that matters though. Cause the union is falling apart and the owners are going to get their way. Angelo without FA equals epic faliure.

Wrigley let me say one thing about Hanie. I think he should be brought back and that he has talent. However I don't think he had a great game. That's all I am saying. Buy the way if a team does like him, the Bears probably will not have a ton of cash and let me point this out as well. The reason Hanie was the number 3 QB is not because he has less talent than Collins. It's because Martz does not want to waist his time working with him. He has a history of doing this with young QB's. He likes Vets and prefers to focus everything on the starting QB.

Right now I think the Bears should bring in Bates to be Cutlers QB coach. Cutler likes him and had his best year with him.

Knox is a 1 trick pony, but that isn't good enough to play WR in the NFL. Even Desean Jackson, who is maybe 175 lbs with rocks in his pockets, will run a slant and flash in front of the defender to catch the ball. Knox refuses time and time again to run a slant. He runs a shallow post behind the corner, or he stops instead of fighting across the defender's face, which is what every receiver is taught to do. That is not good enough to be counted on to back Cutler up in the game.

And I agree we have way too many needs to spend the entire draft on OL, but if we can get someone like Hankerson early, and spend 2 or 3 picks on the OL during the draft, we will come a long way to solidifying the holes on the team. If Carimi or Castanzo fall to 29, we should take them, but if they are gone, I would consider Baldwin at 29, or a trade back and taking Hankerson and a Center/Guard in 2.

In my opinion, if we only have 6 draft choices, I would go for the following positions (in no order other than how they popped into my head):
If we get other picks in Jerry's annual "stockpile the special teamers" fire sale, we should look at QB, LB, DE, and perhaps another blocking TE like Stocker or Lee Smith, so we can drop Manu's bloated salary.


I think we agree a lot more than we disagree on this. My basic point was that the sports writers for this paper said that there was no difference between the way the QBs played in this game, and I say BS to that. Hanie way outplayed the other two, plain and simple.

On the long pass to Knox to set up the 1st TD -- and I stand corrected, Hanie threw for one, but the pass to Knox set the Bears up at about the one yd line -- Hanie was not under pressure. But it was a good throw nevertheless. On the INT by Raji, Raji started to rush, but dropped back in coverage once he saw Forte go out for a pass. This is not only what I saw, it was confirmed by Raji after the game. He said he does this several times/game. Raji stepped in front of Forte for the pick. You are correct that Hester was wide open, Forte was trailing him. But as I said, this kind of thing happens to inexperienced QBs, and the Bears have never developed Hanie or even given him a chance to play. And it was not the worst play you've ever seen, as a Bear fan you've seen far and many worse. If Raji's not there, it's not only a complete pass, it's a long gainer. On the TD to Bennett, Hanie's leg was it just as he threw, so he was under some pressure. It doesn't matter that Green Bay went into prevent and only rushed three, though they rushed 4-6 on some plays against Hanie. The problem for the Bears is that even with only three rushing and six or seven blocking, Green Bay got pressure anyway.

My point about Hanie is that he's always shown a lot of potential. He really impressed some of us in his first preseason game as a rookie. (I'm not particularly impressed by strong arms, I'd rather have a QB who makes good decisions and is accurate if I had to choose between them.) Hanie seems to be able to do whatever it takes to get the team into the end zone. I don't care whether he's playing with & against 3d-10th stringers in preseason who won't make their teams, or in the championship game. This is clearly a guy who should be developed so the Bears can see what they've got in him. If they'd have done this when he was a rookie, the Bears might not have had to waste a bunch of high draft picks getting Cutler. Then they could have had a bunch of Jerry Angelo busts, er, I mean top players to go along with a good QB. Hey, I can dream if I want to.

On a happier note, the Bulls are looking really good. They're playing in Oakland Feb 5 and I'm going to the game. Can't wait till they get Noah back, I'm disappointed he won't play when I see them.


I tried to post a reply but it didn't show up. I don't have time to redo the entire post, so here's a nutshell:

First, I stand corrected that Hanie only threw one TD. But the first one was set up by a pass, with a very short run for the TD.

We agree more than we disagree. What upset me was these idiot writers and Lovie Smith saying that it didn't matter who played QB, they all played the same. That's simply not true. Cutler's play stunk and Collins has as much business being on an NFL team as Seattle had being in the playoffs. Hanie at least gave the Bears a chance, and I'm willing to forgive his INTs until he gets some experience.

Two specific plays:

On Raji's INT, he started to rush Hanie, then dropped into coverage once he saw Forte going out. This is not only what I saw, Raji confirmed it after the game and said he does this several times/game. And this is not one of the worst plays you've seen, you've seen far and many worse as a Bear fan. It's true that Forte was trailing Hester who was wide open, so I'll give you that one. But Raji stepped in front of Forte, it's not like it was a totally errant throw that would have hit the ground if Raji didn't pick it. Hanie needs more experience before you start dissing him for mistakes like this.

On the Bennett TD, Hanie had to throw quickly and was hit in the legs as he threw, so it's not correct to say he wasn't under pressure.

On the last drive, Hanie completed two or three passes under a lot of pressure. You are correct that on some plays he had time and that Green Bay only rushed three on a lot of plays. But the Bear line is so bad at pass protection that even with only three rushing, Hanie was often under pressure anyway. On the last INT there was no pressure and Hanie tried to force the pass into double coverage, so that was clearly his fault. But maybe if the Bears had developed him and he'd gotten some experience he doesn't make that throw? The point is, Hanie was under pressure too, and he looked a lot better than Cutler under it.

None of this is to say that Hanie should replace Cutler, though I'm not saying that he shouldn't. What I AM saying is that Hanie has a lot of potential -- he shows all the intangibles and knows how to get his offenses into the end zone, whether it's people trying to make the team in a preseason game or this championship game -- and the Bears have totally wasted it. I've seen this potential from his first preseason game as a rookie, and coaches and management should have seen it also, since they're being PAID to do this. Hanie's arm is not as strong as Cutler's, but you'll win more games with a QB who's better under pressure, reads defenses better, makes better decisions, and is more accurate than one who has a stronger arm. And to say that it made no difference who played QB in that game is absolutely ridiculous considering how much better Hanie played than Cutler or Collins.

I was elated when the Bears got Cutler, as any knowledgeable Bear fan was, and I still think he's a very good QB. He has to operate with an incompetent offensive line and incompetent receivers (with the exception of Bennett and sometimes Olsen), so I refuse to pass judgment on his play until and unless the Bears correct those deficiencies. But Cutler played a really lousy game and cost the Bears a chance to win. He missed Devin Hester who was wide open inside the Packer 10 yd line, and missed Johnny Knox who'd gotten behind the defensive back in the end zone, and he was under no pressure on either of those plays. If I'd have known before the game started how Cutler would play and how Hanie would play in this game, I would have started Hanie, no doubt about it.

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