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Buffone: Cornelison perfect start to Bears-Packers tilt

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Does it matter whether or not Jim Cornelison belts out the national anthem at the Bears-Packers game Sunday at Soldier Field? To former Bears linebacker Doug Buffone, it does.

Buffone, who played in more Bears-Packers games than any player in team history (37, including nine preseason games), said Sunday's game was so big it deserved Cornelison's booming rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

''I played in some exciting games, but never like this,'' said Buffone, who does a popular Bears post-game show on WSCR-AM with former teammate Ed O'Bradovich. ''I just wish that guy was singing the national anthem that sang it [before the Bears-Seahawks game].

The Bears announced Wednesday that Cornelison indeed would sing the anthem again and Lee DeWyze, who was originally scheduled to sing the anthem on Sunday, would instead perform at halftime.

''When this guy sings it, you feel it,'' Buffone said. ''When O'B and I were watching the game and I heard that, I started looking for my helmet. ''That guy was great. For a second there I was having flashbacks -- get my helmet, tape my ankles, get my shoes, put the eye-black on. I was ready to get out there again.''

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