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Bears work out receiver who starred in CFL

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Receiver Andy Fantuz has made the rounds in the NFL of late, and he worked out for the Bears on Wednesday, according to a league source.

Fantuz, who has also worked out for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots, has been a star for the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders. Last season, he caught 87 passes for 1,380 yards with six touchdowns.

Fantuz is 6 foot 4, 221 pounds.

The Canadian is quite popular. He's got his own cereal, "Fantuz Flakes."

The Bears also had defensive end Nick Reed in for a visit. A former All-American at Oregon, Reed was injured and released in early September by the Seahawks. He also had recent visits with the Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles.

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Andy Fantuz has nice size at 6-4, and the Bears need some size to add to their receiving core, but I'd stay away from Fantuz because he has major durability problems. He's never really been able to put together a full season till this year, and thats in the CFL. He's worth a look, but the Bears would be better off going into the draft and getting a receiver with some size. Just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Sidney Rice would look real nice in Navy Blue and Burnt Orange...

Hey Kevin I understand when someone say's "Go Bears!!" when you you make like pre game pick for the Bears to win. Or if a person is at a game or watching a game. But you post it with everything. Like this, the Bears look at a CFL player and your all "GO BEARS!!" like it means something in the given situation. Let's say you got a box of Wheaties and Urlacher was on the cover, would you just look at the picture of Urlacher the whole time saying "GO BEARS" because he is on the cover. I could get it if it was like a historic commercial or something ackowledging a legendary player but not a box. What if Angelo was going to the bathroom would you be screaming "GO BEARS" beacause he is using the bathroom and he works for the Bears, everytime someone in the organization does something you don't need to say "Go Bears" to show your spirit for the team. We all get it, you like the Bears.

It really is a big game this week Kevin you may want to save some of those "GO BEARS" up. It's like the dagger call you just can't throw out "Dagger" all willy nilly, it's got be the shot that puts the other team away, the death blow.

Time and a place for everything Kevin. Which reminds me. Since I mentioned Wheaties and I love me some Wheaties. How you like the way I worked this clip in? Dat's right, now you can say go Bears Kevin. Second clip is just cause it's Mary Lou.
"Lot's of hussle that's are Sweets"
"That's why he's eating what the big boys eat"
"Loved his Wheaties since he small"
"Now dig in big boy and have a ball"
"Lot's of fans they call him Sweet"
"Pure and simple he can't be beat"
"Dive right in to your wheaties treat"
"and go tell your momma.... what the big boys eat"

Relax Creighton, really dude, chill...


Are you ever going to MAN UP for your bet that Angelo would never trade for Cutler.

Creighton don't da sea chickens need another neon green fan?

More garbage from Mr. Cretin.

If Kevin wants to cheer for the Bears he has every right to, Cretin. I don't know why that would upset anyone unless they are not fans of the Bears.

Please, Creighton. Punctuation. Spelling. Grammar. Your posts are tiresome. Apparently they didn't teach you these core concepts when you earned your doctorate in football management and strategy (insert sarcasm).

It's never too late to go back to school, brother.

In the words of Kevin, Go Bears.

Oh look it's the tard patrol. What do you guys call yourselves, The Special Friends?

Play On | January 14, 2011 9:49 AM | Reply
"Please, Creighton. Punctuation. Spelling. Grammar."

Hey Play by yourself(I can't believe you picked that name). You open one sentence with a contraction; that is bad form old man. But thanks for telling me about writing. Next time you write this "Please, Creighton. Punctuation. Spelling. Grammar." It should actually be, "Please Creighton, work on your: punctuation, spelling and, grammer." You should probably not use a period after every word. Sounds crazy I know, but thanks for your tips on punctuation. Also you want to begin any: A, B, C, style list with a colon. Thank you for all your wonderful writing insight; you Play are clearly an expert... One thing you did not have to do but should of, is followed "tiresome" with an ellipsis, it would have added effect to your tiresome post. See how I worked that back at you? I hope you realize that blogging is informal writing and not held to any: style, form, or grading system. So I will write as sloppy and lazy as I like. You blog your way and I will blog my way. Oh wait if I blog like it would look like this. "Hi. I. Like. The. Bears."

So I post a Wheaties Jinggle and people think I need to chill? Oh wait people who never post here.

I see Kevin MD is still living in fantasy land.

Richard Fagler, hahahahah is that your real name? I am so sorry. Your right I am not a fan of the Bears, I am secret spy for the Hawks. Did anyone every tell you not to interup people in the middle of a conversation? I am the longest standing member of this blog. But I am not a fan. I have more posts on this board than any three people combined. But as you say "I am not a fan." I happen to bust Kevins chops on regular basis about "Go Bears". But that's only been going on for like 4 years, thanks for correcting me on things you know nothing about.

Creighton just because you post all the time here on Inside the Bears, does not mean we should hold you to a higher standard.
"I am the longest standing member of this blog. But I am not a fan. I have more posts on this board than any three people combined. But as you say "I am not a fan." I happen to bust Kevins chops on regular basis about "Go Bears". But that's only been going on for like 4 years, thanks for correcting me on things you know nothing about."
You sound so much like a attention starved child saying Look, Look at me, Hey guys, look look.
You were wrong on this season and wrong about players on this team. You were wrong about the coaches and you are just wrong in general.
That Cowboys game you said the Bears were goona be crushed. The Bears had no chance to win. Basically what you were trying to say is what the media fed you all week leading up to that game but wait your a self proclaimed expert???
Thats why your credibility is shot. You are not an expert and All the time you bring up media names and personalitys and say look at what they said... Look at what they think.
Try once for your life just once to have an origanal thought that isnt a negitive one, then maybe people will listen to you insted of making fun of you!

First and last post here.

God, you guys are all idiots! Read the posts and look at them objectively. The aggregate IQ here is much lower than my dog's. There is about 2% discussion of anything substantive and 98% bashing others.

Seriously, the is the worst board I've ever seen. Zero chance I'll ever come here again. I don't want to feel sullied.

Wow once again Brando does not undertstand a simple post. Alow me to explain, this is not about saying I am better than anyone.

"I am the longest standing member of this blog. But I am not a fan. I have more posts on this board than any three people combined. But as you say "I am not a fan." I happen to bust Kevins chops on regular basis about "Go Bears". But that's only been going on for like 4 years, thanks for correcting me on things you know nothing about."

That is a reply to some fool who claimed I was not a fan, and it's a mistake it should be "I am one of". I point out time and number of posts. Why you might ask yourself? Because why would anyone waist that much damn time on anything if they were not a fan? Do you get it now? I don't need to scream bear down or go bears on a blog, my actions speak for me, unlike you who wishes to tell everyone who is and is not a fan or how to be a fan. I never said Kevin shouldn't do anything, I asked him a question. And he understood the question and took it the right way and posted his reply under perdictions. Which reminds me why do you always care what me and other people talk about on this board? Kevin can take care of hiimself, we are all big boys, well almost allof us. No sense of humor, no character, a desire to be noticed, a desire for constant attention, a strange desire to be better than me. I talk football with everyone on this board, even guys who don't like what I say still ask my opinion. You ever wonder why nobody talks to you or cares what you have to say? Because nobody likes you, and nobody cares what you think. You add nothing to the conversation.

You have been trying to beat me in your own mind in some strange rivalry you think exists between us. You are obbsessed with things that don't exist. Get over yourself, I wouldn;t even talk to you if people didn;t find it funny or you had not mad yourself in to a blog joke.

I didn't say anything to anyone but Kevin, and that was a message that only Kevin would understand, yet here you are among a few people I have never seen trying to play hero again. Get it in your head, it will never happen. Your not a hero here to defend Beardom, this is not your fantasy, you will never compete with me. There is not competition. You will never be this percieved blog hero that you want to be, you will never be this blog leader that you see yourself as. You live in a wierd world and are a wierd guy. Do yourself a favor and just let it go. Do you actually think one day I am going to be like gosh Brando you are so great we should all hope to be like you let us all follow Brando. You don't even know what a good conversation or a good debate is.

Why do you post here? You don't have any fun, you pick fights, you don't add to the conversation, your opinions are all based on something sombody else already said and are usually cut and pasted. The only reason you seem to show up here for is because you want to fight with me. Hell you don't even like Sean and have insulted the guy multiple times, like asking him about Purple panties and saying he was a vikings fan.

You don't like me and that's fine, but take a look at every article I post under. Agree or disagree with me, but I get the conversation flowing and I am damn good at. Even if I am wrong about something, it doesn't matter because I am not always trying to be right. It's about the discussion, the insight, the counter, the fun, and learning something weather or not I teach it or learn it. I don't come here for the same reasons you do, so stop trying to understand me since you just don't get me.

Why don't you worry about you, instead of always worrying about me. You to MD.

Thought without action is meaningless, action without thought is irrelevant.

Think before you speak Brando.

I apologize. I like to troll about the Bears and I admit that. I haven't been posting here as long as I say either but it got your attention.

Does anyone know any hot single guys looking for a good time? Creighton refuses to give me the time of day and I guess he likes girls. Yuck!! Don't be sorry Creighton, you are right and I am total nut job. And yes I am still only focused on you, I think the Bears are playing today but I could care less Creighton, Creighton, Creighton.

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