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Bears want to make Packers one-dimensional

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The Bears held the Packers to 63 rushing yards in a 20-17 win on Sept. 27. When they lost to the Bears 10-3 earlier this month, Green Bay had 60 rushing yards on 23 carries.

Everyone agrees that establishing some semblance of a running game against the Bears No. 2 rushing defense could be a key for the Packers.

"One thing we've been able to do throughout the year is make teams one-dimensional," linebacker Lance Briggs said. "They've been running the ball a lot trying to become more balanced and control the clock a lot more, especially in this postseason. [James] Starks has something like 48 carries. That's the one thing they are probably going to try to do. They are going to try to run the ball, or establish the run. It's up to us to stop that and make them one-dimensional and that way put us in situations that we can capitalize on."

If the Bears can stop the run like they did against the Packers in the first two games it should make it easier to defend quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
"It has everything to do with it," Bears coach Lovie Smith said. "At least you go into every game trying to do that. Aaron Rodgers is a great player also, and they have a lot of weapons on the offensive side but [James] Starks has really given them a boost with their running game. It's tough on a defense when you're thinking about the run as much as you're thinking about the pass. Lately they're harder to defend because of that, seems like the last couple playoff games they've really gotten that running game going, but for us it would help us a lot if we can force them to go to one of those more so than having to defend both."

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No question making the Packers one dimensional would help the Bears to win the game Sunday.

The Packers seem to have some challenges dealing with this particular Tampa/cover 2 style defense for whatever reason. If the pass rush for the Bears can get any pressure at all on Rodgers this weekend could be quite positive for Chicago. T Harris has come on and Indonije has done well but what is really needed is for Peppers to have one of those games where he takes control of the game and is totally dominant.

Every once in awhile there are players that can completely dominate and Peppers in his prime was one of those players. I have seen glimpses of his past dominance and yes he is a pro bowl player but I still think he has another gear that is truly needed this weekend and in the Super Bowl.

Special Teams must have a great game, the offense and Cutler must not make mistakes but play good smart football, no turnovers in either red zone through interception or fumble.

The defense, is a veteran unit with great players who can truly dominate if they are in sync. Urlacher, Briggs, Peppers, Tillman, Indonije, Harris. The D has to hold the Packers to less than 17 points and the defense has to keep the intensity for the full 60 minutes not let up in the fourth quarter like last weekends game against Seattle.


I hate to sound old school -- well, actually I don't -- but if either team runs and stops the run, it should win. I think the Bears have a better chance of doing both than Green Bay, considering that the Bears have a top run defense that Green Bay hasn't been able to run on and Green Bay hasn't run well on any good run defense, and the Bears have been running well lately and ran for a high yds/carry average the last time these two played. Rodgers can still beat you without a running game, but the Bears have held Green Bay to 27 points over the last two games and seem to know how to deal with him.

So, GO BEARS, it doesn't get any better than this game!

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