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Bears counting on 'Martz Effect' vs. Seahawks

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The Seahawks had an extra week to prepare for the Bears when they beat them 23-20 at Soldier Field in October. This time it's the Bears with an extra week to prepare for their divisional playoff game against the Seahawks on Sunday, though they didn't know it would be the Seahawks until last Sunday.

Either way, Jay Cutler and Olin Kreutz are among those who expect that offensive coordinator Mike Martz will make the difference.

''Coach Martz is one of the best in the world at what he does,'' center Olin Kreutz said. ''So if you give him an extra week to prepare for somebody, it's going to show.''

Cutler said that with an extra week of preparation, he'd take Martz over anyone.

''He gets a better feel for what they're going to do in certain situations, which gives him an advantage in calling plays on third down, in the red zone, on second and long,'' Cutler said. ''He can see things. He can dial things up that he might be hesitant to call if he doesn't see enough film on them, or if they're doing a lot of different stuff.'

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It's my guess it took Martz all of Monday and part of Tuesday to get all of the Saints preparation stuff out of his office so he could start preparing for the Seahawks!

Extra week,,,, I guarantee he spent the whole time looking at the Saints, and Monday morning he was at work with a worried look on his face demanding his assistants to "GET THAT DANGED SEAHAWK FOOTAGE FROM WEEK 6 IN HERE NOW!!!!!!!!.

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