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Bears-Packers just another NFC title game to Peppers

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Bears players and coaches have been ridiculed for not paying enough respect to the Bears-Packers rivalry. But Julius Peppers is probably good enough to get away with it.

''Do you know how big this is going to be?'' Peppers was asked in the Bears locker room after the game.

''No. I don't know,'' he responded, to laughter from reporters. ''I'm serious. I don't know. I don't know if anybody in here knows. It's been a long time [since the Bears played the Packers in a playoff game]. Seventy years? It's going to be big on the outside. There's going to be a lot of hoopla surrounding this game. But at the end of the day, it's going to be about who executes the best and who plays football.''

Other Bears players, including safety Chris Harris, said they were looking forward to playing the Packers in the NFC Championship Game after losing to them at Lambeau Field in Week 17. But not Peppers.

''I didn't really care who we played against,'' Peppers said. ''My thing is to get wins -- to beat whoever. I wasn't rooting to play against them. It is what it is. Next Sunday or Saturday, whenever it is, we're happy to go out there and do it.''

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This is huge, for the teams for the fan and for NFL. Good ol' Black and Blue rivalry. I'm not a Bears Hater, just a Packers Lover. I am so proud of what Aaron Rogers and the whole Packers organization have done in the post Favre era. The train has left the station, let's hope all the way to Dallas. Go Pack Go!!

Nice for Julius Peppers. Me? I probably won't sleep for a week. I'm so geeked already I hope I don't run head first into a brick wall at full speed.

As a football fan, especially a Bears fan, this game doesn't get any better. If you'd have said last summer the Bears would be playing the Packers for the NFC title game, would have been ran off this blog. Break out the brauts, fire up the grill, and get yourself a cold glass of bud, its Bears Packers time. And this game means everything. To me, it doesn't get any more football than Bears vs the Packers on a sunday afternoon, the fact its for the big dance is just icing on the cake.

As far as Peppers, he's right, at the end of the day, the winner will be the team that executes better. The Julius Peppers signing is probably the biggest reason the Bears are where they are. He's a beast, and he has sat this defense over the top. Peppers is making everyone around him look better, if you can't see that, you don't know football. But, it takes a team to win in the NFL. Theres a couple guys named Urlacher and Briggs that make this defense spin also. Improved play from the secondary has really helped out this season also. I like the play Chicago got from both corners Charles Tillman and Jennings this season. And I see ol #91 wants to play here of late to, If they can keep it up, its gonna be a thing of beauty GO BEARS!!


Guess the haters who said Tommy Harris was done were right again? Somebody should pay them for their player assessment skills because these guys really knew what they were talking about. GO BEARS!!!

Obviously this game against the Packers is huge. I would have preferred the Bears to have eliminated them from the playoffs, but now they have a chance to redeem that loss. Let's hope Martz can pull some rabbits out of his hat that allows the Bears to score more than they did the last game,because clearly the Bear defense is going to be tested severley by Rodgers and the Green Bay offense.After they beat the Pack, I'll have to figure out whether I want them to play the Steelers or the team they already beat once this year, the Jets. New England did not fare well against the Jets this time around after beating them soundly and easily the first game.

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