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Angelo says he's not going anywhere

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There have been persistent rumors that general manager Jerry Angelo might step down at the end of the season, especially if things didn't go well for the Bears.

"That's not going to happen," he said Thursday. "I'm very fortunate to be here and as long as I'm blessed with health, I'll continue to do what I love and that's being part of football."

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Not going anywhere?!?!
If the Bears don't fire him, they are hopeless and are NOT committed to winning.
If the Bears don't fire him, burn all your Bears gear.

Thanks, my day couldn't get any better...

I'll help you pack !!!

In my own opinion I broke down the O-Line and the WR and TE's. Im would like to share my opinion on the running backs and the QB.
The Bears yet again didnt have anyone on the offense go to the Pro Bowl. Popular vote yes did the Bears have one player on offense that was tops in the NFC no.

Matt Forte: 1,069 yards rushing. 6 TD's. Looking at that, looks like a James Allen year. But waite Forte isnt a one trick poney. 4.5 ypc, 51 rec, 547 yards, 3 TD's, 10.7 yards per reception. Like I said the Pro Bowl is a popular vote. Im going to put up Adrian Peterson's numbers and Matt Forte's numbers.

Adrian Peterson Rushing att.: 283----- Matt Forte rushing att.: 237.
Adrian Peterson rushing yards:1,298----- Matt Forte rushing yards 1,069
Adrian Peterson YPC:4.6-----Matt Forte YPC: 4.5
Adrian Peterson rushing TD's:12----- Matt Forte rushing TD's 6
Adrian Petterson REC:36------Matt Forte REC:51
Adrian Peterson REC Yards: 341-----Matt Forte REC Yards: 547
Adrian Peterson YPR: 9.5---Matt Forte YPR: 10.7
Adrian Peterson REC TD: 1-----Matt Forte REC TD's: 3
Adrian Peterson total yars from scrimage:1,639---- Matt Forte yards from scrimage:1,616
Adrian Petterson total TD's:13----Matt Forte total TD's: 9

But waite there is more AP vs. Forte.

20+ yard plays Rushing: Adrian Peterson-9/Matt Forte-9
40+ yard plays Rushing: Adrian Peterson-2/Matt Forte-2
20+ yard plays Recieving:Adrian Peterson-5/Matt Forte-7
40+ yard plays Recieving:Adrian Peterson-0/Matt Forte-1\

More AP vs Matt Forte.

Longest rush att: Adrian Peterson-80TD/ Matt Forte-68TD
Longest catch:Adrian Peterson-34 no TD/ Matt Forte-89TD

The reason why I compare Adrian Peterson's 2010 season to Matt Forte's 2010 season cause Peterson is the best in the NFC. I hope someone or anyone wont twist my words AP is a franchise player Matt Forte is a multi back that racks up yards both ways. The numbers as a whole looks simular between them both. I would have to say though Matt Forte had a bigger impact to the Bears then Adrian Petterson had an impact for the Vikings.
Side note: Matt Forte has started in 48 games 3 years, he has also played in 48 games 3 years!

Chester Taylor didnt play anything like he did when he was with the Vikings. I blame the O-Line. He did give Matt Forte good rest to keep him fresh. Some comming into the season thought Taylor would start and Forte would split the load. I knew better. People werent listing to the coaches before pre-season. They clearly said it was an open compition that Taylor would need to show them he is better then Forte. In another words Forte was the one to beat. I dont know his contract inside and out but the Bears might be stuck with him or they lose money and cut him. Lets see what Taylor has in the play-offs to see if he was worth his money.
Running backs get a B- as a whole but I put Matt Forte with a horrable line as a B+.

Jay Cutler I see once calmed down in the same system for multiple years could prove that he is a top flight QB in the NFL. Otherwise he was a middle of the pack QB that has the most up side then any QB in the NFL. This year he had to deal with a bad O-line and WR that are only avg. The running game for him was on and off. What I seen this year was how he can just take over a game and be out of this world. It is his first winning season and what he did in the last 16 games should only be a memory. What he does now in the playoffs will show how value he is really worth.

QB play with a bad line and an above avg. running game and only and average WR's I give Jay Cutler a B with an A+ toughness. He is a gritty, grindy old school tough QB. Otherwise a tough S.O.B.

Matt Forte gets my Bears offensive MVP. When he is on and Martz includes him in the game play he can be as dangerous as any NFC running back. Matt Forte also gets my vote for the Most Improved NFC offensive player of the year.

Gosh this would upset me but we all knew he was staying. Not to mention as Brando the Bear pointed out, he is better than Millen. Yes the Bears are better than the Lions, not just any Lions the Millen Lions, thank you Jerry Angelo and thank you Brando for such a keen observation.

Awwww, I just LOVE Jerry. He's the bestest and the wonderfulest GM that ever graced a ball club. Love and kisses, Jer. Smooch, smooch, smooch.

Bada bing, bada boom, bada Bumstead! Kevin Bumstead!

Like all other GMs in the NFL, Angelo has hit & missed. Overall he has done a very admirable job. Evaluating talent cannot be an easy thing to do or more people would be doing it successfully. The Bears could do a lot worse than Angelo. People are never satisfied so why try to please them? This season has proved many fair weather fans & tunnel visioned media heads wrong.

I read some of these comments and I don't know whether to throw up in my own mouth, or shake my head. But people like me predicted it would happen.
"Overall he's done an admirable job."?..WTF?...are you kidding me? And to tie that in with Brando, who i do respect on here, I have to respectfully disagree. Angelo makes Millen look like a rocket scientist. Jerry Angelo is BY FAR the worst GM or player personnel boss in the NFL. Look at Millen's first draft. Backus, Raiola. and S. Rogers. Backus was a steady player, Raiola a very good player and Rogers a pretty good player.

Now, taking 3 WR's in 3 straight 1st rounds is probably not the brightest idea in the world, but Roy Williams actually gained value as a member of the Lions. He was drafted with the 7th pick, but returned a 20th, 82nd, and a 192nd in the trade. The "point" value per the NFL draft value chart doesn't =, but to get 3 players for him was a steal. He also drafted Calvin Johnson and Cliff Avril as well. And like I said before, drafting 3 WR's in the first round 3 years in a row is not a bright idea, but he drafted his players pretty much where they were projected to go. Unlike Angelo who year after year takes guys 2-3 rounds before any other GM would take them. {See Mark Bradley, Garrett Wolfe, Dan Bazuin, Michael Okwo, and even Tank Johnson and Chris Williams.} In the Williams case, there were several GM's who wouldn't touch him because of his KNOWN injury and the fact they thought he was too passive.

Let's not even go to the fact that when Angelo trades, he gets taken like a tourist on old Maxwell St. And with regard to FA signings, let's not fool ourselves, Peppers was above average and that's about it. When you sign a guy for what they signed him for and he doesn't reach double digit sacks, and has a 5 game stretch where he didn't come close to the QB, you can't call it a blockbuster move, nor a dominating season. Yeah, yeah, I know, he picked up the pon pons, led the "Honey Bears" in a rousing rendition of "Bear Down Chicago Bears", and brought the intagible brothers to town with him. But as for on the field production and statistics, he under performed his contract. And this isn't a 2009 or 10 first round pick doing it, but a seasoned vet. And ask yourselves this one. {I have asked it several times on the blogs} How often does Belichick delve into free agency? The answer is none. Angelo has done it twice. Why? Because he has failed so miserably at the draft.

As for the Raiders, going back to 2000, the picks are, as someone said, "hit or miss", although there is more "hits" than Angelo. The problem in Oakland is probably the same as was with the Blackhawks. Until the old man croaks, the team's not going to get much better. Al Davis is a shell {no pun intended} of what he was 25 years ago with regard to team management savy and until there is a coach there who can operate without Davis' interference, you may never know how good the talent is.

What this season proved, "bearshaters" is that the Bears can go 6-0 against 2nd and mostly 3rd string QB's, a winless team in early November, and a team that had quit on it's coach. Against the other 10 teams, the Bears were 5-5 {3-3 against playoff teams.} But, narrow minded, "checkers playing", ignorant fans such as yourself, got what you wanted and JA will get an extension. And the guy who can't evaluate talent, get's hosed in trades, ignores the OL, and drafts guys before their time, is going to surround the franchise QB with the tools to help him win a SB. Good luck. That's not hatred, but cold hard facts.

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