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Angelo says extension in offing for Smith

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Here's Bears' general manager Jerry Angelo on whether coach Lovie Smith deserves a contract extension: "We very much want to extend Lovie ... our focus and intent is to extend Lovie."

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Lovie's worst mistake was winning the coin toss and deferring. He thought it was smart to kickoff to the hottest team in the league and hope his D could hold them so his offense could at least have the ball one time IN THE WHOLE GAME when they were not trailing. STUPID!

But to make it worse, his defensive game plan was to lay back in the cover 2 (cover nobody is a better name) and let the Packers complete three 20 yard plus pass plays and march down and take control of the game, the crowd and the trophy.
We lost this game becaus of a terrible defensive game plan, deferring the toss, and giving up 250 yards in THE FIRST HALF.

Pathetic coaching coupled with inferior players (Angelo) means no chance to beat a better team or win a championship.

And a pee football team evaluator knows that Todd Collins does not deserve to be on a NFL roster, much less your number 2, in an NFC Championship game.

It is offensive to me that Lovie is a Top 5 paid head coach in the NFL. And the idiots in Halas Hall are probably drafting the contract extension as we speak.

That game was winnable and I am fuming.


Can someone explain the "sprint-sweep" call that some no-mind made with speedster Earl Bennett after the north-south run game had been so effective?

After a time-out no-less? Wow. Sheer brilliance.

As usual,Bear management has its head up its Bear Butt. Lovie has been parading up and down the side lines with the same vin and vigor of a Bo Jangles doing his soft shoe tap. His teams sledom achieve the greatness of a real championship team, and its doubtful Lovie ever will with his coaching style. I certainly could not agree more with the comments of former Super Bowl Coach Jimmy Johnson when he chastized Cutler for his lack of leadership. The Bears will NEVER make the Super Bowl with that excuse for a LEADER. The Offense still STINKS and the Defense is not as good as it use to be.....and everyone knows it EXCEPT LOVIE and the Bears MANAGEMENT!! Get use to Bear Mediocrity, there is more coming! Papa Halas has to be turing over in his grave. To bad we lost Irv kupcinet a great Bear fan who would be all over Bear Management for its continued incompetence and sheer supidity.

At the end of the day, Lovie Smith had this prepared to be competitive. Even though the team was behind, it was in a position to tie the game on that last drive. If the second string qb could have played with the same poise as the 3rd stringer, the Bears would have really had a chance to come back in this one.

I don't like the extension one bit. Show me he can win two years in a row and then I can support it. However, what is completely unacceptable is another year with Angelo as the GM. HE MUST BE FIRED. We cannot afford one more year of him drafting and evaluating the team. This is the guy that said our o-line was fine after camp and again after the first few weeks. Terrible.

Well Bill it was an end around to the short side of the field and it came after a time out. And yes they used Bennett.

What was wrong with the play you ask?

Well they used a time out to call an end around. That is mistake number 1, not much to draw up there, Number 2 they used their slowest reciever to execute the play. Number 3 they ran at the short side of the field. Number 4 they did not get out of bounds. 5. Well it's a simple case of out thinking yourself or Martz out thinking himself. Well you have to give it to Martz on that play, it was different and totally unexpected and cost the Bears a few yards and some time. Honestly on a scale of 1-10 that play may actually score in the negative.

out played, definitely out coached, out schemed, out prepared, out hustled, out thought, the Bears were just plain outted, the Bears are the team we all thought they were!

Chicago Henry. You hit the nail on the head. All season long when Lovie deferred, it infuriated me at how stupid this is. Deferring?? Then when the other team scores after that first possession, you are PLAYING FROM BEHIND! Furthermore, why would you want your defense on the field one more time than necessary?---STUPID is an understatement!

Is it any surprise cutler got injured playing behind this offensive line? The miracle is it took until this long in the season for it to happen. Look how many times Cutler was hit, or hurried this season, it is a wonder he can stll stand up at all.l

The Bears college of coaches really failed again on the national stage. Funny it took until this season for the owners of the Bears to hire a coach with head coaching experience, only problem is they didn't hire him to be the head coach, they hired three of them to prop up their little loviedovie. Nice try didn't work.

Oh, that head shot by Peppers on Rogers was a kill shot and Peppers should be fined in not suspended by the league for it. How many qb knock out hits by the bears big free agent this season? Don't you think the rest of the league noticed this? Peppers will find out next season how teams view that sort of player. Besides teams already have figured out how to block Peppers to neuteralize him, watch the tapes, all the teams the bears faced at the end of the season were doing it. Really very simple to do since peppers is a one trick pony.

Bears best players are all old now, Kreatz is done Urlacher and briggs are a year or two from done. When they are gone the massive hole from Angelo's no draft picks are going to suck the bears to the bottom of the woeful NFC north. The bears will make Detroit look like a super franchise, get ready chicago it is coming.

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