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Angelo says Bears intend to extend Lovie's contract

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Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said the Bears plan on giving Lovie Smith a contract extension after the Bears went 11-5 this season and reached the NFC Championship Game, where they lost to the Packers 21-14 on Sunday at Soldier Field.

We very much want to extend Lovie and the job he has done and his staff,'' Angelo said. ''Our intent is to extend Lovie. We wanted to wait until the season is over. The season is officially over for us. That will be part of the business at hand in these next several weeks.''

Smith has one year remaining on the four-year, $22-million extension he signed after the Bears reached the Super Bowl after the 2006 season. He is 63-49 in seven seasons with the Bears.

He has won three NFC North division titles (2005, 2006, 2010) and one NFC Championship (2006). He is 3-3 in the playoffs, including two losses at home (to Carolina in 2005, to the Packers on Sunday).

Angelo provided no other details when asked if the length of the extension for Smith might be an issue.

We're fine,'' Angelo said. ''[A day after losing the NFC Championship Game] that was not on my mind. We have a number of things on the agenda. We'll talk about that and when there's something to announce we'll announce it. it's that simple.''

Smith revealed even less regarding the contract situation, saying only that he wants to be the coach of the Bears for a long time.

''I love being the head football coach of the Chicago Bears every day I've been here and hope to be there for many years to come,'' Smith said when asked if he would like to sign a contract extension.

Pressed on the matter, he didn't budge.

''I think I answered you're question right before. I love being the head coach here every day I've been here. I look forward to many years to come.''

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Don't do it!!!!!

Lovie is a master motivator. His teams play hard to the last whistle. I'll even given him credit for managing all the egos amongst his coaching staff this year. But, in terms of x's and o's, game management and decisions, identifying talent, and developing talent he's a moron. Make him finish his contract and prove that this year wasn't all due to lucky bounces.

@BigBear -

I couldn't agree with you more. Lovie has many fine traits. But he has not identified or developed young talent well. He has a tendency to keep aging, or comfortable veterans around over younger players with more upside.

See the Todd Collins / Dan LeFevour and Rashied Davis Davis / Joaquin Iglesias decisions.

Have people already forgotten how Hanie was the 3rd QB behind Collins, even though Hanie was already a Bear for 2 years? Not to mention some of his clock management and game day decisions.

I like Lovie. He is a class act, and he always seems to be just on the edge of really being a super coach. I think some of those decisions might improve with accunulated experience. But give him another year to see which way he is developing.

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