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A closer look at the Bears and Packers offensive lines

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Northbrook-based STATS has some interesting insight based on the New York Life Protection Index.

The Bears were far more effective in the season finale, in terms of pressuring quarterback Aaron Rodgers, than in the Week 3 match up.

The Packers index rating dropped 20 points. While Rodgers was only sacked twice, both in the finale, the Bears hurried him four times and knocked him down five times. In addition, the Packers committed six false starts and five holding penalties.

The Bears, meanwhile, struggled in both games against the Packers. Quarterback Jay Cutler was sacked nine times, hurried eight times and knocked down 13 times.

The index ratings were 32.0 and 29.7, respectively.

That's right around their season average of 33.1, which was dead last in the NFL.

The Jets are 11th (67.8), the Packers are 14th (65.3) and the Steelers are 26th (51.1).

In the last four years, of the eight teams that played in the Super Bowl, only Pittsburgh in 2008 finished outside the top 12 in the New York Life Protection Index.

There is some hope, Bears' fans.

The Bears didn't play well against the Seattle Seahawks during the regular season with a rating of 32.9. But, on Sunday in the NFC Divisional Playoffs, the Bears earned a 57.6.

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In support of our hometown Chicago Bears, let us declare this Sunday, A Day Without Cheese. Just as I don't wear red when the Cubs play the Cardinals, so too should cheese - the globally recognized symbol of the Packers and their fans - be shunned on this day. Bear fans, eat whatever you like on Sunday, but skip the cheese. Just as we do not support their team, so too shall we not support their industry for this one day. Bear down, my friends.

Another great article. I wish people would see how bad the protection has been and that the Bears are lucky they have Cutler.

Can you imagine Cutler with just average protection?

Someone should go back game after game and check?


Sean well sure we have had some small minor protection issues but who hasn't Manning was sacked 15 times this year. 15 and 56 are not all that different, heck just flip the one and the five and they are almost the same. And Jay has always said he locks to run out of the pocket, well we have answered his wish and given him a reason to run.

As much as I woul like to upgade the O-line this year, you don;t want to go puting all your eggs in one windmill. The eggs might get scrabled and without toast that would not be any good.

I real feel that Webb is a future all pro, perhaps you don't know this but he is tall. Then of course Chris Williams has been steller, when we got him we never thought he could be a star at three positions, but look at him RT, LT, LG, Chris Williams is the kinda special player that every strives to find but only I could locate. Then you have our Vets, Frank the Tank Omiyale, Olin, and Garza. I tell you Frank has been a revelation, would you believe me if I told Miami offered to trade us Jake long for him. Ha, Jake Long is nice player be we luck what we have in Frank, just like Chris Williams he has experiece at three positions and that's rare. Olin is better than ever and I fully believe that Garza has become more of steller player.

Now that said we do have a couple of Older guys but we also have some really good young talent and tons of depth. I really like Lance Louis and feel he will be productive for years to come.

I would also like to point out the Poppy Cock talk about replacing the turf. Has it not occured to Bears fans that the golden sod as I like to call it is the only thing keeping the Bears line from completely colapsing. So not only are they great, but the surface which slows down pass rushes when it gets all mushy in December and January, allows the line to look better, I mean be force. You will notice how every year the Bears line looks much better at home in december and January and then fans get all excited but the next year they don't look so good again

I really feel that Cutler would not have been sacked once, not say the offensive scheme has been bad we are in the top 30 and that's saying something. I really think they just need a couple more years to gel together.

Look it's not like I come out here every year and say I really feel the line improved at the end of the year and really came together. IAnd then watch as the same unit goes on to get worse and worse every year. The struggled last year and we made some big changes.

Omiyale Starter
Williams Starter
Garza Starter
Kruetz Starter
Pace Benched
Beekman Cut

35 Sacks, Total Rushing Yards 1492, 4965 offensive yards, 36 TD's Tjird down 81/217.

Omiyale Starter
Williams Starter
Garza Starter
Kruetz Starter
Webb Starter

2010 Now let me show you the big changes
Sacks 56, Total Rushing Yards 1616, 4631 Total offensive yards, 37 Td's, Third Down Conversion 64/195.

And Just cause Hester had 3 returns does not mean the actuall offense has scored less than last years. It has but it doesn't have to mean it. Sometimes a Turkey says gobble, but what he means is this offense is toally different, wiht a totally different O-Line to last year, which has been a major improvment.

I was going to eat a deep dish pizza. Surely that has nothing to do with the Packers, right?

I'm trying to get a message board for this coming game.

Please check it out.

The Bears biggest problem this year has been inconsistency--offensive line not protecting Jay and then he throws interceptions.
The Bears special teams unit is better than the Packers.
So maybe Robbie Gould will kick the winning field goal like he did in meeting number one, stay tuned.
Prolific Packers Beat Bears 21 - 20.

The Bears will not be able to protect Jay Cutler against the Green Bay rush unless they run the ball well and often. The passing game has to just complement the running game and the Bears should use mostly play action passes. Cutler was sacked three times v. Seattle and he hardly threw the ball. What do you think this is going to look like against the Packers?

Unfortunately, the Packers stack up much better on both sides of the ball in the passing game, so the Bears have to win the running game on both sides in order to have a chance. Winning the running games combined with winning on special teams will give them a very good chance to win. The good news is, the Bears should be able to do this and they've held Green Bay to just 17 points in two games. They ran very well against Green Bay the last game, they just chose not to run often. (The coaches had other priorities above winning the game, which is why they passed so often.) Defensively, the Packers have not run on anyone with a decent run defense, and the Bears are 2d in the league v. the run. Special teams should be a done deal, the Bears are much better. Finally, Aaron Rodgers hasn't been able to generate a lot of points v. the Bears this season and there's no reason to believe he'll do so in this game.

My point is that this column's inference -- that how well the Bears protect Cutler will determine who wins -- is dead wrong. Who wins will instead be determined by who wins the running games AND, if the Bears do, whether they can stop Rodgers enough to win. And, of course, special teams.

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