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Where the Bears stand in the NFC

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At 10-4, the Bears are the No. 2 seed in the NFC, since they have the head-to-head over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Unfortunately, since the Atlanta Falcons are 12-2, the Bears cannot get the No. 1 seed. Even if the Falcons lose their final two games and the Bears win their final two, the Falcons would have the advantage because they would have a superior conference record (they are presently 9-1).

But, the good news for the Bears is that they can do no worse than the No. 3 seed in the NFC, which means they would host a wildcard game.

The bad news? Right now, the No. 6 seed is the New York Giants. They aren't the same team now, given an assortment of injuries, but the Giants handed the Bears their second-worst whipping of the season.

The Bears final two games are at home against the New York Jets then on the road at the Green Bay Packers.

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UMMM..........REDO your math. If Atl loses its last 2 games, its cof rec would be 9-3. If the Bears win their final 2 games, their conf rec would be 9-3. So what is the tie breaker then.

Not to be a jerk, but I'm not sure that your appraisal of where the Bears stand in the NFC is correct.

If the Falcons lost out, which is highly unlikely, and the Bears win out, they would have identical Conference Records at 9-3.

I believe the next tiebreaker would be record against common opponents. In this circumstance they have each played GB, CAR, PHI, and SEA. The Bears record (if they win out) would be 4-1 against these teams, while the Falcons would carry a 3-2 record (if they lose out).

Wouldn't this very unlikely scenario give the conference title to the bears, or have I misinterpreted the tie-breakers?

Jeff the Bears play the Jets next who are in the AFC not the NFC.

Two Clubs

1-Head-to-head, if applicable.
2-Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.
3-Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games, minimum of four.
4-Strength of victory.
5-Strength of schedule.
6-Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed.
7-Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.
8-Best net points in conference games.
9-Best net points in all games.
10-Best net touchdowns in all games.
11-Coin toss.

The Jets are an AFC team.

So the Chicago Bears are the #2 seed in the playoffs (as of right now) and are the NFC north champs (I still gotta get me my t-shirt and hat). I had a guy (a fan I think?) tell me on here last summer "Kevin the glass is not half full." He was right, it isn't, right about now its 3/4 full. And oh yeah, that kool-aid still taste pretty good!

All kidding aside, some of you guys need to chill out on here and simply enjoy the fact Chicago is headed to the playoffs again. Yeah, this is Lovies Smiths 3rd NFC north title as a head coach of the Bears, not to shabby. And no, by no means are the Bears a perfect team, but they're winning games, and as I have said before, in the end, thats all that really counts. I read on here about how the Bears are lucky, and that they have played a lot of backup QB's. I say lucky? 10 times? Really? You can bash Chicago all you want and say their opponents weren't up to par, but the thing you fail to realize is Chicago has been better than most of the teams they have faced, 10 times. I mean 1 time is lucky, 2 maybe 3, but not 10 times. You have to face the fact the Jerry Angelo built Chicago Bears are a good it or not

As far as all the backup QB's Chicago has faced, hey, when it was Chicago playing their backup QB no one cut them any slack, especially here in the fan base. They blamed it on Angelo for not giving the team a legit NFL QB. Well, he has in Jay Cutler via the 2009 blockbuster Jay Cutler trade that gave the Bears a QB, and Johnny Knox a pretty good receiver. So the way I see it, all them backup QB's Chicago faced this season, cry me a river for them, maybe THEY need to do a better job of bringing in a legit QB much like Chicago did back when they were playing with bad QB's. In the end Angelo did a better job of giving his team a QB vs the other teams.....10 times now GO BEARS!!

Without doubt the Bears have two tough games left and will have a hard time hanging on to the Number 2 seed position.Philadelphia could lose a game but have it easier than the Bears. The Jets are tough, but I think the home field advantage should help the Bears prevail. Green Bay at Green Bay is tough even if Rodgers is out for the Bear game, which I do not think will be the case.Still, the Bears could win against the injury-laden Packer defense, and then what the Eagles do will not matter. I hope the teams play their best players, although I could see giving Cutler a rest if he is being bushwhacked on pass rushes.

Say it with me NFC NORTH CHAMPS!
Before the season started I slated the Bears for a 11-5 season. I thought Greenbay would be there with the Bears but injurys hampered their season. Kevin yes there was a few nay sayers this year at the start of the season.I can remember a couple of regulars saying that the Bears are a 4-6 win team. They also bashed Mike Tice, Mike Martz, Rod Maraneli and Lovie Smith. Now those couple of people (Creighton & Mike) are no longer posting anymore....hmmmmm. Im thinking they are to embarassed to show their name and admit that they were wrong. As it looks now that same coaching staff that brought Jay Cutler his first ever winning season and won the NFC North are comming back.
This is a great day to be a Bears fan and Im lovin' it!
See you two(Creighton & Mike) next year around the draft so I can read you post that all of Angelo draft picks are gonna be bust and the Bears are going to be a 6 win team. Cheers Bears Fan.

Kevin, I am glad the Bears are winning but Lovie has only won 3 titles in 7 seasons? Not good enough, as a long time Bear fan I want Belichick like wins. I've posted before the Bears don't have to win the super bowl every year but they need to go deep in the playoffs every year. Remove your lips from JA's back side please, what has JA really done? 1 good trade, 1 good free agent signing. His picks are TERRIBLE, Knox is only good as long as there isn't a defender near him who he has to look at to see if he is going to get hit. Hester as a #1 receiver really!! The bears best receiver is Bennett, yes 1 of the few JA hits. I pray the Bears go far in the playoffs, but until proven wrong I can't give Lovie or JA any credit.

Hey up rooted 2 TX, don't come on here and talk smack to me just because I have different views about the Bears (namely Lovie Smith & Jerry Angelo), and yes, 3 NFC north titles in 7 seasons is good. Just because I choose to support Bears GM Jerry Angelo doesn't mean you gotta make some teenage girl comment like " remove your lips from JA's backside." You don't think 3 NFC north titles and a Super Bowl apperance in 7 seasons is good? Really? Well put down that controller to your Madden video game and tell teams like the Bills, Texans, Lions, Vikings, Packers, Browns, Bengals, Panthers, Buccaneers, Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Dolphins, Jaguars, Titans, Broncos, Chiefs, and the Raiders, thats 18 teams, over half of the NFL, that the Bears have been better than or just as good as over the last 7 seasons. You tell them teams that 3 conference titles and a Super Bowls apperance isn't good. I'd actually pay to see that.

As far as the Bears not going deep into the playoffs the last couple seasons, you ever sat down and thought to yourself, geese, the Bears have stayed healthy this year unlike the last couple seasons. You ever thought to yourself that had Urlacher and some other key members stayed healthy the last couple seasons, maybe the Bears would have had a better record??

And what has Angelo done you ask? Lets see.
1) A franchise QB, something the Bears haven't had since TV was in black & white.
2) Lance Briggs, 6-time pro bowler.
3) Devin Hester, the best return player in NFL history.
4) Like you already said, Bennett (I like him too).
5) I disagree with you about Knox, he's a playmaker, You can't get enough of them on you team. And if you think he's the only receiver in the league that doesn't like to take a hit, again, put down your Madden controller.
6) Forte, probably one of the leagues best all purpose backs that could start on a lot of other teams.
7) Charles Tillman, a very good corner that could probably start on a bunch of other teams around the league.
8) Julius Peppers signing.
9) John Tait, Roberto Garza, Ruben Brown, and Thomas Jones signing's, all 4 were key cogs for the Bears on offense for their Super Bowl run.
10) 3 NFC north titles inside of 7 seasons, I don't know what planet you watch football on, but thats good.
11) A Super Bowl apperance.
12) Hired a head coach, Lovie Smith, who won 3 NFC north titles and hit 50 wins faster than Bill Parcells, Bill Walsh, Chuck Knoll, Tom Landry, and your boy Bill Belichick. Is Smith better than these guys, no, but he isn't a bad coach either.
13)Henery Melton and Corey Wootton could turn out to be 4th round steals up front for the Bears.
14) Greg Olsen, yeah he's got his faults but you don't hear anyone cry about the Bears tight ends since he got to Chicago, and yes, he could start on some other teams. Oh yeah, your boy Bill Belichick wanted him if you remember the trade rumors last spring.
15) The jurys still out on DJ Moore and Major Wright, down the road both these guys will be key contributors, Moore already is as a nickle. And if you don't think the nickle position is important...again, see Madden.
16) Hunter Hillenmeyer, not a pro bowler but has added great depth and could have also started on other teams.
17) Isareal Idonije, also not a pro bolwer, but a couple seasons back the Bills wanted to sign him as a starter, so yes, another player that could start for other teams.
18) The Anthony Adams signing, solid player that could also start elsewhere.
19) Matt Toeaina, up and comer who Angelo stole from the Bengals.
I'll end this with one key fact, remember the Bears before Angelo...yeah, thats what I thought. No this team isn't perfect but what team is, all I'm trying to say is this is a very good team. Look aound the NFC North, The Lions are just now starting to show some potential after how many horrible seasons? And they might have missed at QB again with Stafford, he may be to injury prone for the NFL, and Green Bay and Minny arent getting any better, and what have they really done the last 7 seasons? Minny is heading down. So sue me if I choose to support my team and not expect them to be unstopable like on a video game...lets be realistic here, now GO BEARS!!

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. where do I begin, get comfy this is going to be long. 1st I never questioned Hester as a returner,Toeaina was signed off the practice squad JA did not steal him, how long have the been flipping Idonije. You are right the Olsen rumors were just that because we have NO CLUE who started those rumors. Tillman, only if he can stay on his feet, I would rather have Welker than knox, and the 1 that would have probably won us a couple of more games, Turner over Forte anyday. I will wait for melton, wooten,wright and moore. Now you bragged on Lovie and crapped on Belichick, here goes.
1) Belichick only HC to win 3 SB in 4yrs.
2)won 116 games in 9 yrs, more than any HC innfl history thru first 10yrs.
3)4 conf titles
4)6 division crowns
5) 14 playoff wins
6) form 01-08 pats only team to have 9 or more wins
7)5 STRAIGHT YRS won afc east and advanced each yr which tied 2nd longest streak in nfl history

still more for you Kevin.
8)since 01pats have used an average of 40 different starters, set nfl record for most starters by SB champ, 42 in 03
9) 08 pats went 11-5 placing team record 14 players on IR including Brady who went out in first qt of 1st game.
10)since 03 pats are 32-13 against playoff teams
11) in Belichicks 2nd year he won his 1st SB.
What that tells me is that JA and Lovie suck because you know there is NO WAY the Bears could win if Cutler got hurt. You are right no team is perfect but NE sure is close and that is my point, NE reloads and JA can't. Now I am a bear fan, have been sine 1972 and I know you bleed bear blue and orange like alot of us on here. But the current regime has to go because 3 titles in 7 yrs IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.


You say that it was a "teenage comment", but after reading your "love letter" to JA above, he was right on. I will admit, though, you do have talent to type and kiss at the same time. Especially when you have one lip planted on Angelo and 1 on Smith.

But, I can only expect a post like that from someone who has been "engineered" to think this way. Sorry, I don't accept losing. Not in my personal live, professional one, and not from the football team I love so dearly. Most Bears fans have been beat down by management so much over the years that when some little glimmer of hope comes along they suck it up like the last drop of water in a desert. Instead of holding the coaches and GM accountable for their consistently poor decision making, they think that all of a sudden they have changed as a GM or coach. And your statement about getting to 50 wins faster than the guys you mentioned is nothing short of laughable. Lovie Smith is an average coach at best. Before we "delve" into Lovie, let's look at a couple of other guys. 1 you mentioned.

#1. Bill Cowher. 15 years as HC, 8 division titles, 10 playoff appearances, 6 championship games, and 2 SB's, winning 1 of them.
#2. Bill Belichick. Are you really that backward thinking to mention him and Lovie in the same breath? Really? Do you REMEMBER why he didn't win 50 faster than Lovie? He was in Cleveland and Art Modell wanted to move the team to Baltimore and in essence he was trying to drive the fans away like a true "Major League" movie scenario. And he did go 11-5 in Cleveland.

In 11 seasons in NE, he's had ONE losing season. He's won the division 8 times {if he does it this year}, 2nd place 2X, missed the playoffs with an 11-5 record {and a backup QB 15 1/2 games}, been to 5 AFC championship games, and 4 SB's, winning 3 of them.

Lovie is also the same guy who can't manage a clock, his timeouts, his challenges {which has cost them 1 game this year (WA)}, or make in game adjustments. See, Seattle and NE this year, Houston 2 years ago, and Cincy, & Atlanta last year..just off the top of my head. He's also the same egomaniac who forced Ron Rivera out the door after the SB and only after the DC position was taken from him, did he bring someone else in. He's also the same guy who's had Idonije here for what? 7 YEARS!! He could have been slimmed down and playing DE a long time ago. And that long pass down the sideline in the NE game at the end of the 2nd quarter is not the first time that has happened like that. MN 2 years ago (99 yards to Berrian) and let's not forget the SB. And one last thing which I believe is the most crucial aspect of Lovie Smith and that is outside of the "superstars" on this team, the other players are not held to the same standards as each other. I have pointed this out time and time again. Why isn't the great Johnny "no brain" Knox held to the same standard as Aromashodu? Or why isn't the perenial pro bowl CB Tillman {joke} held to the same standard as Bowman? Oh one last thing. It is because of Smith {and to a small part Angelo} that it has taken Hester this long to break the record. Just because D. Manning and Knox are probably as fast as Hester doesn't make them as good a returner. Sure, Manning has a good average and 1 TD, but Hester is special and he's got that "feel" on when a hole is going to open up and he slows at the right time and then accelerates at the right time. Unless he's hurt, he should be the ONLY return man.

And as for your smoke blowing session about Angelo, let me ask you this question. How many times has Belichick gone to the free agency pool to take a deep dip? The answer is NONE. Why, you might ask? Because he knows how to draft and pull off trades. The reason why you have a Peppers here is because the draft picks have failed and failed miserably. Chester Taylor has been an average signing and Bell probably could have done what Taylor has done. Let's run down a litany of "real" JA moves and correct some of yours. BTW, unless you watched the 85 Bears in black & white, then you forgot Mcmahon who was a much better QUARTERBACK than Cutler. Did he have Cutler's physical gifts? No, of course not, but he was an incredible leader, knew how to manage a game and knew when to put the dagger in.

#1. His drafts are horrible. This has been talked about time and time again. Drafting guys 2-3 rounds before any other competent GM would have take them. {Bradley, Okwo, Bazuin, Terry Johnson, Wolfe, just to name a few}. Drafting guys with injury issues and acting like those issues don't exist.
#2. He has no concept as to what trade "values" are. Another question for you, Kevin. Are the Tampa Bay Bucs still laughing at the G. Adams deal? That was right out of the Dave Wan. trade book. See the Mirer trade.
#3. Bennett. Nothing more than a "dime-a-dozen" possession receiver. There are roughly 150+ active receivers on 32 teams, Bennett is in the middle of that pack.
#4. Johnny Knox. a 2010 version of Willie Gault who has a QB with a much stronger arm throwing him the ball. Look at the NFC North. He wouldn't be a #2 WR on any of the other 3 teams. He doesn't finish routes, has caused several INT's by Cutler over the past 2 seasons, quits on routes {look at how many times Cutler stares at him and motions with his hand to keep going.} And he's not the brightest bulb on the boardwalk.
#5. Tillman. Are there 2 of them on the Bears? The one I see is an average CB at best who gets lit up for over 100 yards on a regular basis and falls/slips more times than a drunk at a field sobriety test. And did you see the WR track him down after the INT the other night? Looked like a vette running down a Kia.
#6. Let's hold off on Wooten just yet. Plus as I said back after the draft, what value is Wooten if your franchise QB is laying on the ground. That has already happened at the Giants.
#7. Once again, are there 2 Forte's on the team? The guy I see is an above average RB who only this year has broken the 4 yards per carry average.
#8. Taite, Garza, Brown. All average to decent players who never once made it to Honolulu.
#9. Anthony Adams and Matt Toeaina are moves that ANY GM pulls off.
#10. {And this should be much higher, but it's Christmas Eve Day and I am not going to go back and re-number the ones above}. The Cedric Benson draft pick, the fiasco with him and T. Jones, and then him re-emerging at Cincy. Once again, Forte is a result of a failure.
#11. His lack of addressing the OL and the failures there. Webb might turn out ok. His feet suck, but if Tice has any worth at all, he will fix that. Williams is bouncing around like a lotto ball.
#12. His failure at fixing the safety position.
#13. You think 3 playoff appearances in 7 years is good? I want Belichick or Cowher, or Walsh success. You must have a really low standard of what "good" is. Hey Kevin a little info for you.
A. 0-60 in 10 seconds is not good.
B. Sheets with a 180 thread count are not good.
C. Haircuts by a "flowbie" are not good.
D. A "grand slam" is a great baseball hit, not a good breakfast.
E. A 3 year absence between playoff appearances for a HC is not good.

And you can't even end a post the right way. See, Kevin, I DO remember the Bears before Angelo. You mean the 13-3 team in 2001 he dismantled to make Jauron look bad so he could fire him? Or the Bears who didn't have a GM before Angelo and were trying to still recover from the Dave Wan. years? Just because the Bears didn't have a GM before Angelo doesn't make him a good one. But don't worry, the narrow thinking Bears fans on this site and around the country will get their wish. Extensions for the Great Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith and in another 3 years when they haven't won a SB {for whatever reasons} and the franchise QB is 30 or better, then you can still write your butt kissing posts.

Do I expect the Bears GM to be perfect? For the 100th time, no. But I do expect him to be worlds better than this idiot.

Gearheadboy & up rooted 2 TX, let me get this straight, since I choose to support my teams head coach and GM, that makes me a butt kisser?? But while you two run them down during the week, then scream GO BEARS!! on sunday, what does that make you?? Fair weather fans!! Its true guys, theres no way of getting around it. Now I can see giving some constructive criticism, but not running a team down and then rooting for them on sundays....sorry, to fake for me. Love the long replys by the way, but all its doing is making you look more and more FAKE. Run em down during the week, root for them on sundays....again, theres no getting around what that is, fair weather fanship. Say it with me now, GO SMITH!! GO ANGELO!! and as always GO BEARS!!

Kevin, let me get this straight, since Gearheadboy and I don't accept ineptness and mediocrity we are fair weather fans? Let me give you a definition of mediocre,- of average or LESS than average quality. Lets start with JA, it has been stated on here that JA sucks at drafting(and i'm sure if i look hard enough in the archives you would be on this list)you threw out a bunch of names and between myself and gearheadboy we responded to your statements, with until proven wrong, the truth. Now as far as Lovie I gave you all kinds of facts to show you how bad he is. Is he the worst coach the Bears ever had, by no means, but he does rank up there. With all the facts we gave you all you can come up with as a response is we are fair weather fans because we don't accept ineptness(Lovie) and mediocrity(JA). You are very right about 1 thing Kev, I do root for the BEARS every week but I do not root for JA and Lovie. Until those 2 are gone I guess fair weather fans will have to accept 3 titles in 7 years and no SB wins. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You're a clown, plain and simple. Screw the Christmas cheer, this is beyond that. And I see that you're like everyone else on here that takes a shot at me. You can't refute anything I say, so then you resort to saying I am a fair weather fan. And for anyone who knows the Gearheadboy off of here and reads that, it makes you look like the fool. As i have mentioned on here MANY times, anytime you want to put your "fandom" up against mine, feel free, but you will lose. 2 kids named after former Bears {ex wife loved that one}, haven't missed a game since 1976. Either been to, listened to, or watched on T.V. EVERY game since then. Used to sneek out of a Baptist Church at noon to go sit in the car and listen to the game. I don't miss games. Uncle "Johnny" croakes, and is buried during a Bears game, well, he's already dead and I can visit the grave on Monday. The wife's cousin is getting married? Well, statistics say they will be divorced in 3 years anyway, I'll send them a card.

I abhor the clown in the White House, but passionately love my country. Well, what it used to be. Like I said above, supporting Lovie and JA is "playing checkers with the problem." Yeah, they have had a very fortunate year. That is looking at it 1 move at a time. But the "playing chess with the problem" {looking at the situation 3-4 moves down the line like you have to do in chess}, see the Bears with a maturing QB, an aging and well below average OL, no #1 receiver, a CB so slow he might be too slow to move to S {Tillman}, and a defense scheme that, when not playing 2nd and 3rd string QB's, is vastly over matched. In the 3rd quarter, I texted my 2 sons in Bartlett and said that Sanchez could hang up his jersey at that point without even washing it.

And you can take some saltpeter for that "straight up stud" chubby you have for Peppers. Did he even take the bus to the game? I see articles and posts about how how he is a DPY candidate and I am like...huh? That was not his first MIA game he's had with the Bears. The huge misnomer about this team is that it is a defensive minded team with great special teams and the offense is along for the ride. Great special teams, yes. But this team is CARRIED...let me repeat that for the ones in the crowd who are still drunk from the spiked kool-aid. C A R R I E D by the offense. Look at the Eagles game, the first Packers game {yeah, yeah, I know, Peppers caused 47 false starts and holding penalties}, Cowboys game, and yesterday's game. It was the offense that carried this team. Yes against the Eagles, the defense played well, but once Andy Reid figured out the scheme and ADJUSTED, they were moving the ball up and down the field. And any time yesterday the Jet's needed 3rd and 7 or more. No problem against a ZONE defense on a sticky, muddy field.

And don't give me this "look where the defense is ranked" crap. 15 games this year and almost 6 1/2 of them have been against 2nd/3rd string qb's, a team that quit on their coach, and a winless team nearly halfway through the year.

Halfway through the 2nd qtr or the first Detroit game {a 2nd stringer} and the whole 2nd Detroit game {a 3rd stringer}
First MN game. A team that had quit. Second MN game 2nd quarter, 3rd stringer.
Miami, 3rd stringer,
Carolina, 2nd stringer {rookie}
Buffalo, 0-7 going into the game.

Hey, Kevin, you think you're defensive numbers are going to get skewed a little when over 40% of your snaps are against teams like above?

Would you like for me to send you a case of Carmex? I am guessing that over the next few years your lips are going to get chafed and sore.

up rooted 2 TX, your thoughts on Johnny Knox's play yesterday? =-)

Dude, I don't have a problem with you, I do have a problem when you come on here and act like a small child by calling me a butt kisser when all I'm doing is showing support for my team and the people running it. The Bears won the north and have 11 possibly 12 wins, thats not mediocre. Yeah they've been bad the last couple years but a big part of that is due to injuries. Just because I choose to support Angelo and co and you don't, doesn't mean you have to lash out after me. I could actually care less what you think of the team, again, I'm not gonna sit there and let you run your mouth and spit out insults like I'm a butt kisser just because I choose to support my team, we all have a right to our own opinion. Trying to force your views on other isn't very mature. I simply made the "fair weather" comment to hit a nerve, c'mon, I have a right to stick up for myself. You seem like a pretty cool guy and I've noticed you haven't really been spitting out insults at me in your last couple post, thats cool, as always GO BEARS!!

Gearheadboy, I'm a clown, I'm a clown...really?

Dude, lets get one thing straight, I never came after you, you came after me because I had a different opinion on the Chicago Bears. Don't turn this around by saying I'm taking shots at you, I'm simply defending myself to a disgruntled crybaby fan. As far as everyone taking shots at poor Gearhead...thats a crock. Dude, I've noticed as long as you've been coming on this blog all you do is take shots at the other bloggers who have different points of view on the Bears than you, so calm down. Whats wrong, does Gearhead get mad when other fans have different points of view?? To bad =-)

I'm gonna keep saying it, the Bears are a good team, you keep bringing up all the bad teams the Bears have faced, and I keep trying to explain to you, no kidding, the Bears are better than a lot of teams....the Jerry Angelo built Chicago Bears, the 11-4 Chicago Bears, the NFC north champion Chicago Bears are better than a lot of teams. And why do you keep bringing up the bad teams the Bears have beat, what about the good teams like the Eagles, Packers, and Jets...they bad too? And as far as that bad streak of games the Bears had back in October, you ever think maybe that was because they were trying to run to many 5-7 steps drops and weren't running enough? Even I admit the Bears simply don't have the pass protection (good enough o-line but give Webb time, he's gonna be good and he's only a rookie) to run these types of pass plays. But after some adjustments were made by Martz's, and he started running the types of plays that fit his personnel, the Bears started ever notice that Gearhead?

Lets go back to the video game thing, I don't think you realize how hard it is to win week in and week out in the NFL. Not with comments like the Bears haven't dominated anybody every single week. You ever notice teams like the Patriots have barely come out of some of their games with wins? You think a team should be able to dominate every game? You think a GM should be able to draft Hall of Famers every time he drafts? In case you haven't noticed, Angelo hasn't had a 1st rounder the last couple seasons because he used them to land a franchise QB in Cutler, a move that has dramatically turned the team around. Angelo knew the QB position had to be fixed, he did, he knew the receiver position had to be fixed, he did, but you can't seem to see it that way, its just not good enough for you. Even without a 1st rounder the last couple seasons, Angelo has still landed some nice players like Knox, DJ Moore, Melton, Wootton, and J'Marcus Webb, all good up and coming players, all second day picks. Now Gearhead, bash me, call me a clown, but all I know is this, while you get yourself all bent out of shape over the 1st place Bears, I'm enjoying life watching em who's really the clown Gearhead...think about it? GO ANGELO!! GO BEARS!!

Knoxs play was ok, I just say he needs to fight for the ball a little more and not give up on routes. I do believe he has the potential to be a good receiver. I'm not sold on Webb but I will see how he progresses next year. I agree everyone has a right to say there opinion on here and I think its good to have some back and forth between other bloggers. It's good to get other points of view as long as we keep it clean.

The clown is still you. You don't see the big picture. The big picture is not an 11-4 or 12-4 record this year. I never said the Bears beat bad teams. I just showed how the Bears have played roughly 42% of their plays against 2nd & 3rd string QB's, quitting teams, and an 0-7 team. You seem to think that's all in the norm. A bad team is the Washington Redskins. And it's funny how you include Wooten and Webb in your list of up and coming players. Sort of like you did earlier this year with your Chris Williams love affiar. How did that work out for you. Now you have a valentine for Johnny Knox. Like I said before, He's Willie Gault with a more talented QB throwing him the ball. I saw the 4 catches for 92 yards the other day and I remember back in 83, 84, & 85. Those were typical Gault numbers.'re telling me that Angelo "solved" the WR problem with the knox selection?...LOL. I needed a laugh today. This team still needs 2 WR's, one of them being a #1.

What I want is a SB victory. And playoff runs every year. I also want a GM that doesn't Pi** away draft picks on stupid trades. I want a GM that knows the value of trades. But you are so desperate for anything that you will accept stupidity and failure time and time again and then 1 nugget comes along in a fluke year and you're all giddy with kool-aid drunkeness.

I also want a head coach that uses Devin Hester the right way. ON KICKOFF AND PUNT RETURNS #1. Then as a slot receiver getting him the ball 6-10 times a game. I want a HC who doesn't cost the team games because of poor clock management and horrible use of the replay flag. I want a HC who can make half time adjustments and not wait for the opposing HC to be more stupid than him. {See Rex Ryan on Sunday.} Is that too much to ask for? I want 8 playoff appearances in 10 years. Not 3 in 7. Thats a great batting average, but poor playoff appearance average.

These wishes don't affect how much I root for the Bears or love the Bears. You seem to think loving the Bears is accepting anything that comes from Halas Hall without criticism or question. That's not love, that's a cult. Can you say that since you were 9 years old that you have NEVER missed a Bears game? I can. I discipline my kids and tell them when they're wrong. I don't say, "now Johnny, whatever you want to do is fine by me. I will blindly support anything you do." That's not love, that's stupidity. If you choose to blindly follow Angelo and Smith and every move they make, that is fine by me. I won't. In my 34 years of watching the Bears, Cutler is the 2nd "franchise" QB they have had. McMahon was the first. He couldn't stay healthy, and after Vainisi left, the McCaskeys wanted him gone. I believe he was traded in 89 and it took 20 years for the Bears to get another one. I don't want this guy to go without a SB victory. If this makes me a hater, then so be it.

I have asked several times if people believe Angelo and Smith are the ones who can get the most out of Cuter and put the pieces in place around him to make him as successful as he can be. I have never gotten an answer on that one. Let me re-phrase it like this: What has anyone seen out of both of them to make you believe they're the right people for the job?

Gearheadboy...your still confusing me? I'll explain.

Gearhead said: "I also want a GM that doesn't Pi** away draft picks on STUPID trades."
Gearhead then said: "Cutler is the 2nd "franchise" QB they have had."

So your saying Jay Cutler is the first franchise QB the Bears have had in decades, which he is. But your also saying Angelo trading away draft picks to get him was stupid? You can't have it both ways Gearhead. And if your referring to the Gaines Adams trade, that trade was nobodies fault as far as Adams dying, who are you to say Adams wouldn't have made it now that he was giving a second chance in Chicago. Lots of defensive linemen have entered the league and started out slow their first couple seasons in the league but have eventually come on, again, who are you to say he wouldn't have? Don't blame Angelo for Adams death for petes sake. Angelo seen that he needed to upgrade at the defensive end position, so he traded for Adams, when that didn't work out, he got Peppers. Bottom line, he fixed the problem by replacing Ogunleye and Brown with Peppers and Wootton. The Bears are now better off at the position than they were a year whats the problem Gearhead?

I see you keep throwing Chris Williams in my face, yes, he didn't make it at tackle like I hoped. I still think he's gonna be a pretty good left guard for Chicago, either way Angelo fixed a position on the line that has needed fixing for awhile, LG. And what about you saying Julius Peppers wasn't worth the money Chicago gave for him, Peppers made the Pro-Bowl this year with Chicago. You seem to think just because he didn't put up fan favorite pretty stats like a lot of sacks that he wasn't worth it...really?? Well the guys that play the game, you know, the players, they seem to think he was worth the money, they voted him to the Pro-Bowl....thoughts? Theres more to playing end than getting a lot of sacks. You can't seem to see the big picture on what Peppers has done for Chicago on defense. No, he didn't put up a lot of sacks, but what he has done is played the run really well, improved Chicago's pass rush, and his meer presence on the line has opened it up for the rest of Chicago's defense, again, ask the know, the guys who's opinion REALLY counts. They'll tell you what Peppers has meant to Chicago's defense, again, so will the rest of the league that voted him to the Pro-Bowl.

Oh yeah, Johnny Knox is another Willie Gault...really? Gault ever have a 1000 yard season? Oh yeah, Gault never had a great QB like Knox, but yet in the same post you say McMahon was a franchise QB. so both Gault and Knox played with Chicago's only franchise QB's in 34 years, so why didn't Gault ever put up a 1000 yards? Yes McMahon was injury prone but he still played enough to where Gault should have put up better numbers than he did. Dude, your arguing just to argue, Knox is not another Gault, Knox is better. Your wrong about Knox, you can't seem to see that. The big picture is Chicago won the NFC north, have themselves sat up for a first round bye in the playoffs, and are winning. Thats the big picture that you can't seem to see, now GO ANGELO!! and as always GO BEARS!!

Few more things Gearhead.

Gearhead, do you have any idea what the term player development means? I don't think you do as far as your "laugh of the day" about Knox fixing the Bears receiver problems. I'll explain why I don't think you have any idea what the term player development means. Your saying Johnny Knox not being an all-pro straight out of college means he isn't a legit receiver..right? Now Gearhead, you say you've been watching football for 34 years, so I know you know it usually takes a wide receiver 3 seasons to come on, don't believe me, go look at the career stats of many former NFL wideouts, you'll notice most of them don't really come on until their 3rd season, anyone who has watched football for 34 seasons should know that fact. This is Knox's 2nd season, one more time for emphasis, 2nd season, and he's on pace for his first 1000 yard season already, even if he doesn't, he's still had a very good season for a second year wideout. Knox is going to be a very good NFL receiver, like it or not, wait and see what he does in year 3.

As far as me blindly going along with ever move made at Halas Hall, thats not true. I never like the Orlando Pace signing, I never liked the Bears sticking with Pisa Tinoisamoa at strongside linebacker, I still think they should go with Roach, I wasn't big on the Kevin Jones signing, I don't like how Angelo went with a bunch of stop-gaps on the line early on, although they did get to a Super Bowl with a stop-gap line, and heck, I wasn't big on the Mike Martz hiring. But as a fan, I will support the moves made by the team, some work, Martz has so far, some don't, see Pace and K Jones. But as a Bear fan, I really don't have a choice, thats my team and I choose to support them. My whole point is this, the Bears are winning and are a lot better than they were a year ago, you can't argue with that fact, again, GO BEARS!!

There is so much garbage in your posts, I need BFI to bring a truck. Wow. I never really thought anyone could be so football ignorant, but I was wrong. Where do I begin?

Don't put words in my mouth and stick with the actual arguments. Obviously reading comprehension is a problem for you. Cutler being a franchise QB, is a different argument than if Angelo gave up more than the "market average" for Cutler. I was one of the first on here and on the radio to give Angelo kudos for the trade. My question has always been, "what would a competent GM have given up for Cutler?" And as for Gaines Adams, whether or not he turned out to be an all-pro or a bust {my pick}, what Angelo gave up for him, versus what other more established players were going for {Boldin, Cromartie, McNabb}, was "pi**ing away" a draft pick. Would have been nice to have a 2nd last year and maybe given up a 5th or so for a "bust". That is the argument and the point I so well made.

As for your defensive line and Peppers? Do you really want to go there? OK, you do, So I will. I took the time {all of 5 minutes} and broke down the "straight up stud" season Peppers had with the Bears. Want to see it broken down? Sure you do.
Detroit: 1 sk, 1 tk
Dallas: 0's across the board.
GB: 0 sk 1 tk
NYG: 1 sk 4 tk 1 ast
Carolina: 0 sk 4 tk 2 ast
Seattle: 0 sk 2 tk 1 ast
Wash: 0 sk 3 tk 1 ast
Buff: 0 sk 4 tk 1 ast
MN: 0 sk 4 tk 1 ast
Miami: 3 sk 6 tk 1 ast
Phil: 1 sk 4 tk 0 ast
Detroit: 1 sk 4 tk 2 ast
NE: 1 sk 6 tk 0 ast
MN: 0 sk 5 tk 2 ast
NYJ: 0 sk 1 tk 0 ast
2 forced fumbles, 0 recoveries, and 2 Int's
{Wait, did I forget something? Oh..yeah, Peppers caused 600 false starts and had 200 holding penalties against him...LOL}

Want it broken down even further? 3 of his sacks came against established NFL QB's. Vick, Manning, and Brady. His other 5 came against Detroit's 3rd stringer, Miami's 3rd stringer, and Stafford. NOW THAT IS SOME STRAIGHT UP STUD DOMINANCE. Unless he has a "straight up stud" game against the Packers, he won't eve get double digit sacks. But wait, sacks are what?..what did you say, Kevin? The tears running down my face from laughing so hard and the screen is getting blury. Let's quote the great sage kevin, "because he didn't put up fan favorite pretty stats like a lot of sacks that he wasn't worth it...really??" LMAO. Are you serious? Please tell me that was a typo. What made you get a football "chubby" over Wooten {don't know who Wooton is} enough to include him in Angelo's "fixin" of the DL? Was it the ONE sack he got? Can't be, there must be something else because that's a fan favorite. Sacks, TACKLES, Fumbles, and INT's are what get defensive players big contracts and eventually, if they're good enough {based on STATS} into the HOF. And then you hit me with the "The guys that play the game thought he was worth the money, they voted him to the pro bowl." {This is almost too easy. Like Shak playing Vern Troyer (mini me} 1 on 1}. You mean the popularity contest? #1: no player is ever going to criticize aother for the contract they got. #2: All you ever need to know about the "fool proof" player voting system is the fact that Suggs left Tom Brady OFF his ballot? WTF?

Here's some more information for you Kevin. Since everyone wants to go back to 06 and compare this team to that team, I took the liberty of comparing Peppers to Alex Brown. {I wasn't a big fan of his}. Brown had 7 sks, 2 Int's, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fuble recoveries, and 71 combined tackles that year. Wait, those are fan favorite stats.

And my original point, weeks ago, about Peppers was his production VS. the money paid VS. the other guys that were free agents. You don't really have a clue as to what has turned this defense around, do you? It is a combination of a few things and, much to your chagrin, it's not Peppers.

#1: The relatively great health of #54 and #55.
#2: A more stable Safety position.
#3: The emergence of Melton and Idonije {who has been on the team for years}
#4: The fact that Cutler has turned the ball over roughly 1/2 as many times as he did last year, not putting the defense in bad situations or back on the field right after being on the field previous to the INT.
#5: As I have repeated over and over again..and YES, I understand that the Bears themselves have no control over what QB's they play or the "mental" state of the teams they play, but when 42% or better of your defensive snaps in a season come at the expense of 2nd, and 3rd string qb's, and you also play a team that hadn't won a game through the first week of November, and a team that had quit, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. If it was 1 or even 2 games, that would be one thing, but all or part of 6 of the 15 games were affected.

That is what has turned this defense around.

As for McMahon. You don't know what a franchise QB is. It has nothing to do with the amount of yards thrown, or TD's. It has to do with how the team views that QB, how they respond to him, and what the results or potential results are of that team when that QB is behind center. And if you remember the McMahon years, when he would go out, there would be a big emotional and expectational let down. His winning % as a Bear was incredible. If McMahon had been healthy 85% of his Bear career, there might have been multiple SB victories.

Player development. How do you know anything about player development when your head is so far up Angelo and Lovie's back side? I didn't say I expected Knox to be an All Pro right out of college. What i do expect is for him to not quit on routes, not be in the same area as another receiver when he's not supposed to, and run something other than a #9 route in his second year. Go look at Gaults stats. Very similar, except Gault scored more TD's with QB's that had inferior physical skills. Knox is not a #1 receiver, and the Bears would be wise to bring in a guy like Vincent Jackson if he hits the FA market. Once again, Kevin, keep your arguments straight.

Keep holding on to that Chris Williams point. He keeps holding, so you should as well. I am sure that he will turn out to be a "straight up stud" guard that will "turn the offense around."

Gearhead, thanks for your, um, life story there but I'm afraid the script for Dumb and Dumber doesn't need a revision.

Kevin, I know we've had our disagreements in the past but take it from me, you're not going to get through to this guy because he is absolutely koo-koo. Think about it: a Bears fan (allegedly) who is mad when the Bears have a division title and a 1st round bye heading into the playoffs.

Something is wrong with his medula oblongata.

Hey "momma's boy" Mikey, {because in essence, that's what you are. You put forth no valid points, yet you hide behind a computer screen and take shots.}

I never said I wasn't happy with the Division title or the bye or the trip to the playoffs. I guess I need to slow down so the short bus can catch up. I am coo-coo because I want more than 1 trip to the playoffs every 4 seasons? Then get me a straight jacket, and shock therapy. If Peppers was in any other city and he made the pro bowl with his numbers and it happen to bump a guy on the Bears, fans all over this site would be talking about how their guy got robbed. Have you ever made one valid point in ANY post on here, Mikey? Keep trying. You can make it your New Year's resolution.

"yes, mother."
"What is your New Year's resolution?"
"Well, mother, I truly am going to try and move out of the basement and get a latex free girlfriend to start. But I really do want to win just one argument with Gearheadboy. I have wished on a shooting star, asked Santa, and when you had my birthday party this past year with all the pretty candles on my G.I. Joe cake, that was my wish."
"Well, you keep trying honey and remember, momma will always love you."

Hey Gearheadboy, between the 2 of us I think we have given enough facts to show that JA and lovie suck and that 3 titles in 7 years is not good. I also think we have shown that we are Bear fans and not kool-aid drinkers. Hey mike do you still believe your comment after the cowboy game when you stated that martz was a genius? If I recall lovie told martz to stop getting his qb killed, sounds like a real genius to me.

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