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Website calculates Bears' playoff chances

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By beating the Eagles, the Bears have increased their chance of making the NFL playoffs from 76.8% to 81.5%, according to

The website also calculates the team's chances of winning the NFC North this season have risen from 53 percent to 68.9 percent.

If the Bears win three of their last five, they have a 99.6% chance of making the playoffs. They have a 85.5% chance of making the playoffs if they win two of five and a 31.3 percent chance if they go 1-4.

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Such statistics presuppose intangibles as tangibles, which basically makes them meaningless because of independent variables. One could make up odds of making the playoffs based on the amount of snowfall in December in the Midwest with as much validity.

That makes this win over Detroit ever so much important... then we have to defeat the vikings... which i will think will .. and it would be awesome to put green bay lower by beating them and winning against the jets and the patriots the last three is what i'm worried about.. but shouldn't cause it wouldn't matter that much if we win or lose.. WE'RE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS.... but then again it does matter if you want to skip the first round of the playoffs

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