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Weather could alter game plans

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Extended forecasts for Sunday's game against the Patriots at Soldier Field call for highs in the low 20s. High winds and snow could create near-blizzard conditions, which New England coach Bill Belichick said could force him to alter his game plan as the game approaches.

He said the key is staying flexible throughout the week because the weather could change.

"You have to adjust to as you get closer to game time and are more confident what the conditions are going to be," Belichick said. "We practiced in the elements. I'm sure the Bears have to. There are a lot of experienced players on both teams who have played in less-than-ideal conditions. Both teams will have to adjust to whatever those are. Meantime, if you feel strongly that certain type of weather conditions are going to prevail then you might be able to make certain kinds of adjustments coming into the game. But that's hard, to put all your eggs in one basket like that."

Bears coach Lovie Smith said he and his coaches will prepare for anything and everything.

"You prepare for all situations that come up each week but it's not like we're going to start doing things differently than we normally do this time of year," he said.

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We know one thing, its gonna be cold. If it is gonna be windy, I don't see that really having any effect on Chicago's game plan either, c'mon, the Bears are gonna run the ball and utilize the short passing game if it's windy or sunny with 80 degree weather out. The only factor the weather might play is toward New England. Tom Brady is having his usual pro-bowl type season with 27tds to only 4ints on top of the fact he's completing 66.8% of his passes. The factor is the fact Brady has a banged up shoulder on his throwing side, that won't bold well in cold weather. This could effect New Englands passing game.

The key is will Chicago be able to run on New England? The Patriots feature big Vince Wilfork in the middle, I know his job is to simply clog it up the gut so the linebackers can do their job, but he still has an impressive 44 tackles, especially for a nose guard. And linebacker Jerod Mayo is a tackling machine with 144 tackles already. The Bears will have their work cut out for them running wise. GO BEARS!!

I agree with Kevin here, but the solution seems to me to be to avoid running in the middle. I think the running game outside can work, as well as screen passes. In some ways the fact that Cutler has cut down on long pases is good in the kind of weather predicted, but Brady is also great at ball control with short passes. What develops on the field should be interesting. Hopefully the Bear special teams will sway the balance the Bears' way.

Kevin i dont know if you have noticed but the Patriots have been listing Tom Brady with a sore shoulder in their injury report for quite some time now. And the temp for monday nights game against the Jets was 27 with a 17 wind chill. So i really doubt the weather is going to have any effect on Brady's so called injured shoulder. Nice try buddy. And good luck to your Bears!!

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