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Vanden Bosch out

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Detroit defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch (neck) did not practice Friday and has been listed as "doubtful."

Tackle Gosder Cherilus (knee) is "questionable." Defensive end Cliff Avril (quadriceps), running back Jahvid Best (toe), receiver Nate Burleson (hamstring), linebacker DeAndre Levy (groin), tight end Tony Scheffler (rib) and offensive tackle Corey Williams (shoulder) are "probable."

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The Bears are once again fortunate in the injury department.Tinoisimoa will be missed because he is a smart player who knows how to take advantage of the attention Peppers gets. Roach has filled in well though, and the Bears' depth is starting to show what an advantage solid depth is.

This is a travesty. This game was my one chance to prove to the world that Kyle Vanden Bosch is a big hunky stud that deserves to make more money than Julius Peppers. He even told me so last night!

I have all of the FACTS and DATA to prove it.

What a sad life someone must lead to come on to an internet blogging site and impersonate someone else. Thing about what sort of loser that person must be. I am guessing a momma's boy with his glasses taped together, pizza boxes and empty 2 liter bottles all over their "apartment" in the basement, and not yet knowing how to do his own laundry. He also believes he could be a real {You fill in the blank (soldier, NFL QB, Nascar Driver, etc.)} just because he has "mastered" it on his X-BOX. I guess the internet has allowed idiots like this to accomplish 1 thing. They are able to say things that they haven't been able to say to guys bigger than them since they hid behind their mother's skirt years ago. You remember those guys. They would be 2 blocks away screaming things and then run like a girl to their mothers who would be standing on the porch who would then say..."you bullies leave my esteven alone. He's such a nice boy. They love him down at boy scouts."

Pull your pants up, wipe the drool off your chin, and the potato chips off your fat gut. Pay attention and you might just learn something.

Gearhead and gearhead,

Don't drag me into this. Let's talk some Bears football.


if it isn't you, then I apologize. I agree, let's talk football. Very tough part of schedule and the Pats looked like...well, the Pats beating the crap out of the Jets. On the bright side, it sort of re-inforces what some have believed about the Jets and that is that they have had more "breaks" than the Bears and playing a good team exposed them. I hope they play like that in 2 1/2 weeks. On the downside, Brady looks unstoppable and you know the Bears will be outcoached on Sunday.

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