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Urlacher likes playing meaningful games

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Not only is Brian Urlacher enjoying being back on the field after missing the final 15 games of last season with a wrist injury, but he's also having fun playing meaningful games deep into the season once again.

"It's nice to have games that mean something in December," he said. "We haven't had that in a while. Two years after the Super Bowl, we had a chance to go to the playoffs, and we lost that game at Houston. But to have a few games here at the end of the season that actually mean something, it's fun. You're practicing for a reason, for a purpose. It's easy to come to work when you know you have a goal in mind to get to, and it's still attainable."

Barring a miraculous return from a shoulder injury, Urlacher has seen his last of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

"I like playing against Favre," he said. "He's a competitor. It stinks to see him go out the way he did with an injury like that. But [it's] not hurting my feelings that we're not playing against him. I'll tell you that much."

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Auhhh....I like watching meaningful games this deep in the season.

As far as Favre, the guy had one of his best seasons last year, so I can see why he came back. Add on the fact he came close to going to the big dance, I can see why he came back. In the end, they all want to go out like Elway, but sometimes it just isn't meant to be. Favre's a first ballot Hall of Famer, but like Urlacher, as a fan, I'm glad the Bears won't have to deal with #4 anymore.

Hopefully Lach and the boys can win these last 3 and make a good play-off run. Also #54 is on his way to his 7th pro-bowl, thats cool too. As far as losing to the Pats, that sucks, but the Pats are on their way to winning their 4th title, 4th for Brady. Brady will win his 4th Super Bowl this year and go down as the best to ever play QB in the NFL....ever. No other QB has ever won 4 titles and did it on an offense with no other Hall of Famers like Brady did for his Super Bowl's. GO BEARS!!

One hopes the Bear players realize the meaningful nature of the game and do not come out playing as flat as they did against New England.They should be able to dominate the Vikings in every phase of the game and certainly have enough outside incentive to play at the top of their game.

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