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Urlacher keeps it in perspective

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The Bears would like to beat the Packers in Sunday's regular-season finale at Lambeau Field for several reasons. They may still have an outside shot at the No. 1 seed and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, they could become the first team to sweep the division since they last did so in 1987 and they could knock a dangerous rival from the postseason.

If it doesn't happen, though, no worries.

"The last time we were in the playoffs, the year we went to the Super Bowl, we played them the last game of the year at Soldier Field, a game that didn't matter then either and they beat us," linebacker Brian Urlacher said. "We still ended up playing pretty well in the playoffs. Obviously, we want to play well every game but if we don't, it's not the end of the world. We still have a bye week to fix whatever problems we may have. It's not a huge issue."

With the Packers desperate for a win, the Bears may get a glimpse of the game speed they can expect in the playoffs.

"It's weird," Urlacher said. "There's preseason speed, there's regular-season speed, there's the playoffs and there's Super-Bowl speed and you can't believe how fast each of them goes. It's amazing how much the intensity goes up during those games. For some reason they're a lot faster and things happen a lot quicker. I'm not sure why but they do."

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As far as the early bowl games today, the Big-10 got demolished with the exception of Penn State who lost a close one in the Outback Bowl to Florida, thats the game I mainly watched today...I hope Bears GM Jerry Angelo watched that game also.

Why do I hope Angelo watched it? Because this game boasted two of the nations top center prospects, a position Chicago needs to be scouting right now with Olin Kreutz nearing the end of a very brilliant career. The first prospect is Florida center Mike Pouncey, who at 6-5 320lbs is a monster of a center. And I seen first hand today why this kid is the nations top ranked center heading into the draft. I just don't know if the Bears will have a high enough pick to nab Pouncey? The other top ranked center prospect is Penn State right guard Stefen Wisniewski, who many pro scouts believe will be a better fit at center in the NFL. He's my favorite prospect coming out and the one I hope Angelo drafts netx april. With a late first rounder, Angelo should be in position to nab Wisniewski

Wisniewski played center in 2009 after being shifted from his right guard spot where he started in 2008. As a center in 2009 Wisniewski emerged as one of the nations top interior offensive linemen. Wisniewski earned first team All-Big 10 honors as a center. Wisniewski was shifted back to right guard this season and didn't miss a beat. Right guard is another position Chicago needs to address with Roberto Garza getting long in the tooth. You gotta love Wisniewski's versatility to be able to play both center and right guard. Today the kid threw some great blocks and I love how he locks onto his opponent all the way through a play. Some of his blocks were called out by ESPN's play by play guy and former NFL coach Jon Guden. Angelo needs to take a long look at Wisniewski to add some young talent to Chicago's interior, especially a player like Wisniewski who has stood out at center and right guard, 2 positions the Bears need young talent at, in a player that did it at Penn State in the Big 10, where the nations best offensive linemen come from. This kid would make a great Bear now GO BEARS!!

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