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Urlacher, Bears thinking Super Bowl

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When asked how far this Bears team could go, Brian Urlacher didn't hesitate.

"We think the Super Bowl," he said. "We'd like to think that. We've got to take care of one game at a time. First, we've got to try and beat Detroit and then whoever's after that, but you've got to take it one step in the division and then whatever playoffs you make and then you've got to try and get to the NFC championship.

"We'll take it one week at a time, but we think we're pretty good. We're getting better every week, which is what you want to do this late in the season, and we've done that. Since the bye week, we've been pretty good. We've just got to keep trying to get better."

Urlacher admitted that the lack of respect the Bears have received this season has been a source of motivation.

"We play on that pretty well," he said. "We've done a good job of it. Coach Smith hypes it up pretty good, and we kind of thrive on that. But other than that, if you can't get ready to play and get ready for a game at this point in the season or even at the beginning of the season, something's wrong. You shouldn't be playing football. Because now they mean a lot --- unless you're 2-9 or so, then they don't mean as much. But our games mean a lot right now, so we need to be ready to play."

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Of course that's what they're thinking. So are we. I just wish that Smith or one of the players would acknowledge that they've also talked big each of the last several seasons when they not only didn't make the playoffs but looked really bad trying. And we believed them, or wanted to. "We just have to win out..." somebody said one year. Well, they might have to really do it this oddball year. If they just don't get over confident and keep improving, they'll do pretty well and the fans will be mostly satisfied. Good game this past week but they could easily have lost it. Good job, stay on it, GO BEARS!

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