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Urlacher: Bears aren't just defensive team

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The offense remains a work in progress. Therefore, the Bears will only go as far as the defense takes it, or at least that has been one popular theory this season.

Linebacker Brian Urlacher isn't buying it.

"I disagree with that," he said. "We're known as a defensive team, but our offense scored 40 points last week. I know special teams scored seven of them, but it still goes to the offense.

"I disagree with that. I think we're a good team, all-around. They've been there for us the last eight or nine weeks. They've been playing better. Once they figured out the offense, and how to run stuff, they've been playing well.

"They carried us in the Philly game. Detroit; we didn't play well. They carried us. There have been a few games here lately where we needed them and they came through for us."

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The Bears offense is getting better, but they're not gonna put up pretty numbers this season like a lot of the nay-sayers think they should every single game every single season, kinda like their teams do on their favorite video game. A lot of the nay-sayers say "lets be realistic" about the Bears? They sit there and waste their time breaking down everything wrong with the Bears, all the while missing out on the fact they just won the NFC north for the 3rd time in 7 seasons and are headed back to the playoffs. I have to wonder, do half you guys get any joy from watching a Bear game? Why waste your time? Their never gonna be up to such unrealistic standards of going deep in the playoffs every single season, nor is any other team. An NFL team is never gonna hit on every single draft pick and is never gonna be in the playoffs every single season like on a video game or a cartoon.

You wanna be realistic, lets be realistic. They say you can't really judge a draft class till their 3rd season, so lets judge the 2008 draft of 3 seasons ago. Lets start with the Bears, I'll name the starters each team got from that draft. And we'll see how much better the rest of the league did vs Chicago.
Bears- Chris Williams, starter at left guard, didn't make it at tackle, but should be the answer at LG. Matt Forte, starting runningback. Earl Bennett key player on offense for the Bears that basically play 3 receivers on every play. 3 starters from 2008 draft.
Cardinals- Dominique Rodger-Cromartie cb and Calais Campbell de, 2 starters
Cowboys- Mike Jenkins cb, 1 starter.
Giants- Jonathan Goff lb, Kenny Phillips s, and Terrell Thomas cb. 3 starters.
Eagles- Desean Jackson wr, 1 starter.
Redskins- Devin Thomas wr, Chris Horton s. 2 starters
Lions- Gosder Cherilus t, Cliff Avril de. 2 starters.
Packers- Jermichael Finley te, Josh Sitton g. 2 starters
Vikings- John Sullivan c, Tyrell Johnson s. 2 starters.
Falcons- Sam Baker t, Matt Ryan qb, Kroy Biermann de, Curtis Lofton lb, Thomas DeCoud s. 5 starters
Panthers- Mackenzy Bernadeau g, Jeff Otah t, Dan Connor lb, and Charles Godfrey s. 4 starters.
Saints- Carl Nicks g, Sedrick Ellis dt, and Tracy Porter cb. 3 starters.
Buccaneerrs- Jeremy Zuttah g, Geno Hayes lb, Aqib Talib cb. 3 starters.
Rams- Donnie Avery wr, Chris Long de. 2 starters
49ers- Josh Morgan wr, Chilo Rachal t. 2 starters.
Seahawks- John Carlson te, Owen Schmitt fb, Lawrence Jackson de. 3 starters.
Bills- James Hardy wr, Demetrius Bell t, Leodis McKelvin cb. 3 starters.
Dolphins- Jake Long t (best pick in draft), Chad Henne qb, Kendall Langford de. 3 starters.
Patriots- Jerod Mayo lb, Jonathan Wilhite cb. 2 starters???
Jets- Dustin Keller te, 1 starter.
Ravens- Ray Rice rb, Joe Flacco qb. 2 starters.
Bengals- Keith Rivers lb. 1 starter.
Browns- no starters from 08 draft.
Steelers- Rashard Mendenhall rb. 1 starter.
Texans- Duane Brown t. 1 starter.
Colts- Pierre Garcon wr, Mike Pollack g, Phillip Wheeler lb. 3 starters.
Jaguars- Derrick Harvey de. 1 starter.
Titans- Chris Johnson rb, William Hayes de. 2 starters.
Broncos- Eddie Royal wr, Ryan Clady t. 2 starters.
Chiefs- Branden Albert t, Jamaal Charles rb, Glenn Dorsey de, Brandon Carr cb, Brandon Flowers cb. 5 starters.
Raiders- Chaz Schilens wr, Darren McFadden rb, Trevor Scott lb, Tyvon Branch s. 4 starters.
Chargers- Antoine Cason cb. 1 starter.

What did we learn? The Falcons and Chiefs did the best in the 2008 draft looking back getting 5 starters, the Panther and Raiders got 4, but did they really help themselves? Point is, Chicago really didn't do to bad compared to the other teams around the league in that draft getting 3 starters. Traditionally good drafting teams like the Patriots, Steelers, and Colts did worse or as good as the Bears. If you really break it all down, Jerry Angelo hasn't done a bad job. The Bears are winning and could have been winning had a couple key players not been banged up. Angelo hasn't had a 1st rounder in the last couple drafts, he used them instead to go out and land a franchise QB and a stud DE that has straight up turned the Bears around as a team. and with no 1st rounder in 09-10, Angelo got Johnny Knox, Henery Melton, DJ Moore, Major Wright, Corey Wootton, and J'Marcus Webb. All these players are already contributing or will soon be. Not a bad job, give this team a chance. Call me a homer, fanboy, whatever floats your boat, all I know is this is a really good team that has potential now GO BEARS!!


Really? Your constant "suck face" with Jerry Angelo is absurd. You look at things on the surface only. As an old boss of mine used to say, "You play checkers with a problem and not chess." Meaning, you don't look at something indepth. Weren't you the same guy who back when the Bears put Webb in at RT said the Bears had 2 bookend tackles that would be around for a long time? Didn't you say that? Ooops. And what is it about Williams that makes you think he's entrenched at guard? Is it the holding penalties? Or was it 2 weeks after the Bears' strength and conditioning coach came out and listed him as one of the "strongest" Bears he got his A** handed to him by Haynesworth on a straight, no technique, bull rush? THAT, between two guys over 320# in the NFL should never happen.

You always have to leave it to someone like me to take a deeper look at things. So, you bypass the 1st or 2nd best RB in 08 to take the what, Kevin?..the 7th or 8th best tackle who was hurt and can't play tackle when he's healthy. For what the draft was designed to do, a WASTED pick. You can get a guard that sucks in the later rounds. Matt Forte, as I pointed out on one of your other kiss a** posts, was the result of another 1st round failure. And Earl Bennett. Hmmm, the Colts found Collie and Garcon in later rounds than Bennett and are far better receivers than him. Plus you forgot Jacob Tamme in your assessment of 08.

As I have said many times on here and on the radio, I like the move to bring Cutler here. My big question has always been, what would a competent GM had given up for Cutler. Forget what the Broncos wanted for him {2 firsts}, what would a Polian, or Belichick, or Pioli, had given for him? I am guessing less than Angelo since, really, the Broncos' leveraging power had been compromised by Cutler himself demanding a trade. But the stuttering, mumbling, can't put an english sentence together, Angelo was so excited he didn't negotiate. I mean he gave up a high 2nd round pick for a bust DE when other PRO BOWL players {Boldin, Cromartie, McNabb} were going for much less. BTW. Who is this stud DE that Angelo used a 1st rounder on? Peppers was a FA.

You keep talking about a video game. "Me thinks he doth protest too much." I am guessing you're the one who plays the Madden. As for me, I had this discussion just yesterday with a family friend who's son was playing Madden 10 on his DS. He was stunned to learn that I have never played one down on any madden game. Maybe you should learn the game of football from an indepth perspective and quit looking on the surface to try and make a futile point.

BTW, did this stud DE that "straight up turned this team around" do the following:

#1. Help Cutler to make better reads and mature?
#2. Sit down with Lovie and convince him to put Hester back on KO returns as well as PR's? {If he did do that, he needs to do a better job since Hester is still not back there all the time.}
#3. Lay his hands on Urlacher and "BY THE POWER IN HIM" heal him?
#4. Just by his mere presence, make 40% of the Bears games be against 2nd, and 3rd string qb's, winless teams, and a team that quit on their coach? Do you think your team statistics and individual ones are going to be a little skewed when 6 out of 15 games are against teams like that? Think about it DEEPLY, Kevin.

The answer is no. Peppers has played at a fairly high level, but this team has benefitted as much or more by the maturity of Cutler and the reasons listed above as anything else. Straight up. And wooo whoo...3 division titles in 7 years. You need to join the army as a hand grenade thrower.

Don't worry, you're going to get your wish. JA will be around another 3 years and you can keep falling in love with a whole new batch of Chris Williams', Earl Bennett's, Ja'Marcus Webb's, Mike Okwo's, Garett Wolfe's and telling everyone how great they're going to be. Meanwhile, competent GM's are making moves to continually keep the Eagles, Patriots, Colts, Packers, and Giants, in the playoffs. {You know, more than 2X in a 5 year span.}

Gearheadboy, again, love the long shows you care =-)

Dude, calm down, your the one that jumped in on my and unrooted's conversation. The Madden comment wasn't aimed at you, but for whatever reason, it hit a nerve. I have to admit, I like the Peppers comment's about how he was the one that made Cutler have better reads and how he healed Ulacher. I like the comments because by thinking your throwing insults at me, you simply proved yourself wrong. The addition of Pep, Urlachers health, and Cutler coming on are three key reasons the Bears are better this year than last. And yes, the addition of Peppers turned Chicago's defense around, thats all I meant by that comment. What does this all prove, the Bears are a better team than last thanks to Angelo. Thats the GM's job, to make the team better from year to year, which Anelo has, is case you haven't noticed, the Bears have 11 wins, won the NFC north and are headed to the playoffs.

Oh yeah, I also love the comment about how the Bears faced all these bad teams, your right, they have. Now, what does this prove, the Jerry Angelo built Chicago Bears are better than most of the teams they have faced this said so yourself =-)

Oh, almost forgot, I really love your comment the other day about when I said the Bears are better now than before Angelo. You came back with "the Bears didn't have a GM before Angelo, so how is Angelo better than the GM's before him." That wasn't what I meant, before Angelo, the Bears were awful, after Angelo, the Bears have won 3 division titles and made it to the Super Bowl. Nothing about any GM's before Angelo. Back to the video game comment, if you think theres a GM out there that is gonna hit on every singel draft pick, have his team going deep into the playoffs every single season...your wrong, that only happens on a video game. I don't think you appreciate what really goes on behind the scenes, it takes a lot to win week in and week out in the NFL, the Bears are. Again, had the Bears stayed healthy last season, namely key players like Matt Forte and Brian Urlacher, I guarantee they would have won more games. This team is good, is getting better, next year this offense is gonna explode, the defense will also get better with young players like Melton, DJ Moore, Wootton having more playing experience, give this team a chance and stop getting all bent out of shape because other fans have different points of view. I never jump in on anyones point of view that differents from mine unless they come after me first....because unlike you, I could care less what other Bear fans think, I just like the fact their winning now GO ANGELO!! and as always GO BEARS!!

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