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Tommie starting at DT

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Tommie Harris will start at defensive tackle. It's his first start since the Bears played Dallas in Week 2.

"He has been a man about everything and has earned the right to start again," coach Lovie Smith told WBBM.

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Why Lovie does he deserve a chance to start? Please tell us what he has done on the field to deserve this. Harrison has not been a super star but he has been doing a little better than TH. Is this really coming from JA because Tommie has stolen so much money from the bears. He should have been cut the same time anderson was, even if lovie stays they have to get rid of JA before the draft. They can NOT promote Russkell to the GM spot, he is another JA.

After clearing out the 14 inches of snow where I live, in below zero wind chills of about minus 20 to 30 degrees, view Tommie starting as a punishment. No way would anyone in his right mind actually prefer to play in the conditions Sunday at Soldier Field.

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