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That time of the week: Questions, please

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Either Sean or I will answer them on Friday ...

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I think Chris Williams is really starting to look strong at the guard position. How many starting guards in the NFL are converted from other positions? And is the transition difficult? Or as some others who post on this website say its "easy because you just block the guy in front of you."

How would you rate Henry Melton's performance to date, and how do you think Williams is performing at guard since he moved there?

Given the success the bears have had this year with their free agent acquisitions, do u think that they will be major players again next year??? If so who do u think they should go after??

North Carolina.

I know that teams do not want to resign players due to the fact that there may not be a season next year. With that being said, why not resign Olsen who is on the last year of his contract now? He is our best red zone threat and does not have the catches/yards that a Gates deal would go for. They could probably resign him for a Celek type deal and make sure Cutler has at least has 1 of his favorites targets for 4-5 years.

I am season ticket holder and was curious to your thoughts and others if they felt the Eagles home game was one of the loudest Bears home games of all time? I brought my daughter for her first Bears game ever and the stadium was nearly shaking early on and maintained an electric atmosphere...the only other home game I can remember remotely close to that much noise was when the Bears played Saints in NFC Championship in 2006...your thoughts?

Neil or Sean,

How close do you think we are to being the next "Over the Hill Gang", at least on our defense? And do you see that as an issue?

Ever since Martz changed his play calling to a more balanced attack I see the Bears have been able to run the ball. Where do they rank among other NFL squads in YPG rushing since they went to a balanced attack four weeks ago?

A lady named Katrina taught that we forget about the color paint on the bathroom walls when the roof has been blown off the house. That seems to fit the Bears offensive line. Now that they have a analogous dry place to sleep, is there remodeling still to do? For example, are they buying or renting Chris Williams at guard? Are youngsters like Lance Louis and Edwin Williams still in the mix for the future? Will O-line be an off season priority for Jerry Angelo?

Why in the name of Buddah is Todd Collins the 2nd string QB?

Hi Neil or Sean,

I have 2 Questions.

1. I've seen coaches deliver team balls to players and give speeches on NFL Network, but I have never seen Coach Lovie Smith. Does he hand out game balls after games?

2. Cutler receives a lot of criticism; however, I wonder how much of it is deserved. Isn't it true that the Martz system has him throwing to areas rather than receivers and that those receivers must be where the ball should be thrown? If that is true, that is even more difficult considering that the quarterback must run for his life with this o-line. Cutler was successful on Sunday because he ran out of the pocket, and this seems the way he did it successfully in Denver. My question is Martz adjusting or Cutler or both?

Are Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo a packaged deal? The way the season is going so far, I see the Bears keeping Lovie for at least the final year of his contract but does that mean Jerry will stay too? It has been said that the players really seem to like and respect Lovie and play hard for him, so keeping him would not be a bad thing but I don't know how many people could stand another draft run by Mr. Angelo. Your thoughts..

Will the division go to the winner of game 16 vs the Packers? Right now we have a one game lead. If that holds steady to game 16 and we lose, we fall back to the 2nd tiebreaker- division record. If we beat the Vikings and Lions that will be a tie as well. Then we fall back to common games, where I think we're tied again (in the division we have 12 common games, the only non-common ones are vs NFC South and vs NFC West, so we're both 6-2 in common games). Then we go to strength of victory, where I believe the Packers lead. So it seems to me unless we can pick up 1 more win in the next 4 than the Pack, we're heading to a winner take all last game.

Do you know what the largest number of concurrent NFL head coches that played together on a single team is? Seems like thos '85 Bears might have another record brewing!


How come Julius Pepper's didn't get(credited) for a sack on the play where he tripped up Vick?

Where did all the naysayers go?
Not that I'm complaining.

Hi Guys,
Sorry its late, but hopefully you can answer it.
At the beginning of the season, the Sun Times published an analysis of the Bears offense by a football insider that said Cutler looked pretty bad, but maybe he would do alright against 3-4 teams. If you look, they had more problems with Detroit(4-3) than the Cowboys(3-4). He beat the Packers(3-4) then got slaughtered by the Giants (4-3). At the time I didn't understand why a 4-3 would give us more trouble than a 3-4. Suddenly 4-3 teams like the Vikings and Eagles aren't giving us much trouble anymore. What can that be attributed to?

What are Briggs' stats for the year? All this Urlacher and Peppers hype, I believe we beat Seattle with a healthy Briggs, no offense to his replacement. But a pro bowler is a pro bowler for a reason.

As the Bears head into the back stretch of the season, is it me or is there a different air of confidence about this team than the one in 2006? I believe the difference is Cutler and Peppers. For example, in 2006 we played the Patriots late in the season and for some reason knew that Grossman was not going to win that game. I was hoping the defense would keep it close and something would happen that would tilt the game in our favor. In the almost exact scenario, the Bears will be playing the Patriots in the back stretch. However, the way Cutler has been playing gives us a fighting chance and Peppers may tilt the game in our favor.
What say you?

Is there any chance that the Bears trade Julius Peppers for Kyle Van den Bosch?

I have all of the FACTS and DATA to prove that the Bears overpaid for Peppers.

He has done nothing for the Bears D!

I am a genius.

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