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I remember reading in an article a few weeks back (can't remember where), that when Tice was hired, he told Bears coaches that if they were going to run a pass-heavy scheme, he wasn't their guy. Of course, they hired Martz, who went pass-crazy for most of the first seven games. The offensive line, particularly pass protection, is obviously the team's weakest link and will almost certainly prevent a worthy defense and special teams from winning the Super Bowl. My questions is this: is there any chance the Bears bring in any additional offensive line coaching assistants next year, a la Anthony Munoz or some such expert, to assist in pass protection coaching? I don't think I've ever seen worse pass protection in 23 years of watching football.

The Bears have spent the whole season rotating players on and off the field. Obviously this is planned when it comes to the D-Line, D-Backfield, and O-Backfield, while the O-Line has only been solidified over the past 5 weeks. Do you see a connection between this regular rotation of players and the Bears' lack of injuries? I don't know any other team that does this as often as the Bears do and they seem to be the healthiest team in the league (fingers crossed).

Haven't heard much about the bears scouts this year. Who are they and what type of credentials do they have? Being without 1st. And 2nd. Round picks last year how much emphasis/pressure do you think will be on those guys to recognize some top notch talent??

Lovie talks about how they only use the "cover-2" like-
17% of the time.

My question is-

How often or what % does the opposition have successful plays when they do use it?

The play where Peanut hands the "WR" off to the safety, while he defends the flat(Which USUALLY has no one there to defend, has KILLED the Bears on several occasions-

EXAMPLE- (a few years ago) in The Atlanta game when they drove the field with 30 seconds left. A big pass to the WR(while in the cover-2)
In The Superbowl, where D. Manning got torched. (cover-2)
In the Green Bay Game-
(Where Urlach got hurt) Payne failed to cover the WR, G- BAY scored a late TD.

And last Sunday where the WR got behind Peanut(he FAILED to chuck him) and Brady dropped a perfect pass for a TD. That coverage is useless because the safety has WR's/TE's crossing him and he must choose WHO/WHOM to cover, MEANWHILE Peanut is left defending NO ONE, in the flat!!!

Team's "SALIVATE" when they see that coverage.

Playing Monday's game in the land of Harry Potter colors (maroon and gold), which team do you think would be a better cold weather team, the Slytherins or the Gryffindors?

Also, what in HECK has happened to Greg Olsen in the Bears offense? Please, don't give me any lame excuses about Martz' offensive scheme. Olsen is the receiver that gives opposing defenses the most challenging match up, but we rarely seem to take advantage of Olsen's skills, speed, size, etc., etc. Does Olsen, once Cutler's BFF, feel jilted by the Cutler-Martz marriage alluded to in today's paper?

I was glad to see that Patrick Mannelly received an award this week as the man is due some props. His receiving of the award made me think...has Mannelly ever had even a single errant snap in his career with the Bears? I honestly can't remember even one bad snap, not even a slightly low one on a field goal.

Chester Taylor seems somewhat like the forgootten man. What happened to the concept that he and Forte' would share the load? I do see that they use him for short yardage situastions at the goal line, but using him more often on screens or short yardage, third-down plays would make a bit of sense. Of course, if they only put him in on third and shorts, the opposition can key on him and stuff the run, but even then, he'd be harder to stop up the middle than Forte'.

It appears that the Bears and the Vikings will be playing their game at the University of Minnesota's football stadium. Obviously, this will present a few challenges and several issues will need to be addresses before the Vikings get the field ready for Monday. The biggest question that I have in reagrds to this is will the Vikings be able to get the speakers that they use in the Metrodome to artificially pump up the crowd noise installed and working at the game's new location?

Olin Kruetz has been a solid starter for 12 years and been a part of the team for 13. Has any Chicago Bear player ever held one possition on the offensive line for as long as Kruetz? Also who are the players that have if any?

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