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Stanton not a fan of Martz

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Mike Martz seems to have a higher opinion of Drew Stanton than the former Michigan State product has of his ex-offensive coordinator.

"That's behind me and I want to leave it back there," Stanton told when asked about Martz, who was the Lions' offensive coordinator in 2006-07. "That was something that I had to go through and I grew up in the process. I'm stronger now because of it. Obviously, with some of the stuff that he was doing with my mechanics and what-not just wasn't natural for me. That's not my focus. I'm not taking a snap against Mike Martz so I'm not really too worried about what he's got going on over there, other than just trying to get more points than they do."

When asked if he still uses any of the mechanics Martz taught him, Stanton said, "Not a single one."

Martz was more diplomatic when discussing Stanton, who will start against the Bears on Sunday at Ford Field, describing him as a "great competitor" and a "smart guy."

"I know that he's a strong guy," Martz said. "When things break down, he can make plays with his feet. He did so in college. He's competitive. The thing that impressed us in college was his ability to come back and make big plays to win big games. The job of a quarterback is to get that team in the end zone to win. He's got that about him. He's got that quality."

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Martz = Class
Stanton = Classless punk!

I don't know anything about Stanton, but he's certainly right about being more concerned regarding the Bear defense than the Martz-directed offense.Martz is more legitimately concerned about the Detroit offense because he has to figure out how to score more than they do.

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