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Smith not worried about Tillman

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Charles Tillman was seen limping around the locker room after Sunday's night game but Smith said he should be able to practice Wednesday.

"He's good to go as far as I know," Smith said. "From the game you have some bumps and bruises, but we're expecting everyone to practice the next time we play."

Running back Chester Taylor said he has recovered from the knee injury that forced him to miss practice time last week.

"I had treatment all week last week so I'm ready to go this week," he said.

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As much time as he spent slipping and falling again this week, he's lucky he didn't tear his groin during the game.

The field was not good by any stretch, but how is it that no matter what the field conditions, Tillman slips and falls more than any other player I have seen. Is it just poor balance with him, or is it equipment (ie wrong shoes)? Either way, it is sad how often he is out of position because of slips.

Playing off coverage requires that we make good, crisp cuts and breaks on the ball. Tillman does not do this. He gets there late because of slips, and tries to knock the ball out after the completion. He also misses a lot of tackles because the receiver has enough time to catch the ball and make a move before he gets there.

If we are going to play the Tampa 2 the rest of the way, which it seems like that's the only call Marinelli makes any more, the CBs are going to have to play tighter, and get a jam at the line to give the pass rush more time. Right now, we are letting them run free, and it is killing us.

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