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Sanchez talks about his shoulder, Bears defense

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Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez said his sore right throwing shoulder shouldn't be an issue heading into Sunday's game at Soldier Field.

"If we were playing the game today, I definitely would be in there," he said. "It felt good on the couple throws I had, I took good mental reps and I'll be ready to go Sunday."

Here's what Sanchez had to say about how he has developed since his rookie year:

"For the last two games before the Pittsburgh game, I would've said I'm making better decisions; using my legs a little more, sliding a lot better, getting rid of the ball, getting to my check-downs a lot faster," he said. "But those two weeks we didn't play very well. I reverted back to some of those poor decisions, not having two hands on the ball and just got sloppy with my fundamentals. That's what hurt us my rookie year and what I cleaned up for the playoffs. I thought I had a good grasp on it through the beginning and middle part of the year. And then for this push I felt like I got sloppy with them so it's just getting back to fundamentals."

Sanchez said he is impressed with the Bears defense, especially with what he has seen from Julius Peppers, Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs.

"Unbelievable. I mean, these guys are...You watch them on film and you're like, 'How are we even going to attack these guys?'" he said. "Their front seven is great, their back end does such a good job because of their pass rush and they're smart guys, they keep everything in front of them. They have so many tipped balls at the line of scrimmage that end up not just being incompletions, but being interceptions. Peppers is diving for interceptions, Urlacher and Briggs are everywhere on film and they cover really well on the back end so it's going to be a big-time challenge for us. We're excited about it, we're ready to compete, but we're going to have our hands full."

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One can hope that Sanchez makes a number of mistakes and that the Bears capitalize on them.New England destroyed both the Jets and the Bears, so game film of those games should be used as a major preparation device, especially what the Pats did to the Jets. What worked for the Pats on offense showed some weaknesses in that highly rated defense,and the Bears defense is certainly better than that of the Pats, at least most of the time.Sanchez has improved but still gets flustered when pressured and after he has been hit a few times.

Bears defense needs to prove once again they are superior bears wideouts need to get open so knots show ur the #1 wideout fight for the damn ball and line get ur blocks and fuck all espn analyst critizing cutler the bears are who you thought they are nfc north champs and future world champs if we protect jay,execute and play our defense we will come out on top

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