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Rookie makes Major mistake

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Major Wright was supposed to have deep responsibility on Deion Branch's 59-yard run and catch as the final seconds of the first half expired. The stunning touchdown gave the Patriots a 33-0 lead at the half.

Smith said the rookie safety must learn from it.

"Especially when you're a young football player, you're going to have some days like that," Smith said. "You're going to have some plays that you would like to have back. It just wasn't Major. We could've gotten a better pass rush. There are a few other things we could've done in there. But yes he has to be back there. That was his responsibility on that one."

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What is he supposed to learn? That Tillman didn't help him out by carrying the receiver deeper with the Cover-2 beater route on?

This is the biggest hole in the Tampa 2 defense, and regardless of how many times the other team beats us with it, we continue to fail to adjust to it. All they do is run two vertical routes, one on the sideline, and one on the hash mark on the same side. The safety can't leave the middle of the field open, and can't cover both routes.

Lovie is hanging Wright for a bad scheme, a great offensive call, and a poor effort by Tillman. Wright IS technically responsible, but just like in pass protection, you cover from the inside out.

Considering how easily we were handled by a team that picks apart zone coverage, perhaps Marinelli should go to more bump and run or man coverage from here on out. We need to mix it up more down the stretch.

Don't blame the rookie, blame the veterans who do not express what to look for when on the field while the opposing team is pressing the defense hard.

It may have truly have been a rookie mistake, but the defense as a whole stunk. Therefore do not pick out one play which would have not turn around the game at that point.

I bet people are wondering "What happened?" It's simple, The Defense got their butts whipped and the offense didn't do anything with the ball when having it.

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