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Prediction time: Patriots at Bears

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It will be close. That's my first prediction. This is a flip-a-coin game if you ask me.

It's hard to go against Tom Brady, who has the patience and accuracy to pick apart the cover-2. The guy is on a mission this year.

That said, the intangibles once again favor the Bears. The Pats are coming off an emotional win over a division rival, have had a short week to prepare and are on the road. Throw in the field conditions --- Bill Belichick's team plays on artificial turf, remember --- and I'm taking the Bears in a cliff-hanger, 24-23.


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The chances of the Pats turning the ball over just based on Lovie's defensive schemes is slim to none and slim is running for the door. If the weather proves to be a factor and there are high winds, then that could play into the Bears' favor. Jahvid Best got "lost" behind the line last week and Woodhead is smaller than him and looks shiftier.

Let's hope this is the week that Hester breaks the record, and Cutler can go on a couple of those 12+ play drives to eat up clock and end with TD's not field goals.

Bears 23-21

If Chicago can beat New England, they're gonna make a run. The Patriots are probably the hottest team in the league right now as they usually are this time of year. Tom Brady is having an MVP type season with the 27 tds, and most importantly, the 66.8% completion percentage. New England loves the short passing game and can tear a team apart with it. Both of the Pats starting wideouts, Deion Branch 8.6, and Wes Welker 9.3, don't have above a 10 yard average receiving, so they're not gonna beat you deep. Chicago needs to simply create pressure with their front four and keep everything in front of them, like they have been all season. The key to this game on defense will be the front four, and holding the Pats to field goals, bend but don't break.

On defense New England doesn't have anyone in their front 7 with more than 5.5 sacks, that might be a big reason they're ranked 31st vs the pass. Rookie cornerback Devin McCourty has 6 ints this season, 4 in the last 3 games. But, New Englands other corner Kyle Arrington has yet to pick a pass off this season. Chicago should be able to move the ball through the air on the Pats. This is gonna sound weird, but the key to Chicago's success on offense will depend on their defense. If Chicago can hold New England below 20 points, they could win. New Englands defense is at their best playing with a lead. New Englands basically been playing bend but don't break on defense this season because they've been ahead for most of their games. The key is to get an early lead and make them play from behind, something their not use to doing. Bears 14 Patriots 12 GO BEARS!!

I'm taking the Bears! I watched them beat the Bills and the Lions. They should be able to handle the Patriots, right?

Pats will run routes below the deep drops of the Bears linebackers and march down the field. However, the Bears should be able to put up points on the Pats defense. The Bears certainly should be able to run the ball on the Pats.

Game come downs to who controls the ball the longest. I'm banking on Brady and crew.

Pats 37-31.

16-10 Bears. Offense gets credit for 3 on a drive for a short field goal, Defense gets credit for 6 on field position from turnovers leading to short field goals. Hester gets the TD. Hester, the defense, and Robbie Gould get game balls. Pats kicker has a bad day.

In this case 3 points by the offense is enough. Since nobody can throw, they spend the whole game trying to run the ball with moderate success vs. no success by the Pats. In the process, we finally find out why the Bears like Webb. However Webb gets frostbite trying to emulate how Kruetz handles cold weather. Tice is proud of both the game and the frostbite.

I already made a prediction the first time one was requested, but I can repeat it. Bears 27, Patriots 24. Forte will run well, ball control will keep Brady off the field, Peppers stars harassing Brady, and blitzes in the second half are effective.

I would like to see the Bears pull this one out.27-20 Bears win and force 4 turnovers.

I'm taking the Bears for the reasons you mentioned, too. As well as, I just have a feeling about the energy of this defense. People are sleeping on the Bears win or lose. Bears 34. Patriots 24. Also loved the fact they had SB XX on NFL network this afternoon.


"Since nobody can throw, they spend the whole game trying to run the ball with moderate success vs. no success by the Pats."

This is what happened the last time Brady played in the wind and snow:

Of course, that's not the Bears defense, but still - "nobody can throw" is probably a bit of a reach, eh?

Cold Nasty Blustering... sounds like all the early season "experts" pronouncing Lovie Doom. Now Lovie is hot and the weather is going to be quite unpleasant. Should make all the naysayers make up the "true" fan section in Soldier with no shirts and "I love Lovie" written in blue and orange across their chests and bellies. I really feel this week is going to be a pleasant surprise for everybody who is a true fan of the navy and orange. Bill Brady I want to upchuck Ba Humbug Blat. Sorry to be unpatriot but New England is full of pretty boy communist wusses who win or cheat or get divorced too much for their own good. Da Bears will have less problem with the patsies than with last week's kitties. The synergy of the composite Bears 3 phase football machine is about to rocket Da Unstoppable Bears into the national spotilight. Lovie's charming interviews are goin' national baby. Dis is how we are gonna do it: the wind is gonna blow hard and Tom is gonna get hit by Henry Melton hard and the ball is gonna get tipped to one of our guys and he is gonna run it in for a TD. And then Tom is gonna start yelling at his guys to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS because that is what the patriots need to do with their little spy cameras so that they can win, but this week Tom is gonna lose composure and forget to keep it all a secret and just get fired up and start yelling at everybody FOCUS THE CAMERAS, FOCUS THE CAMERAS. People think Bill is the mastermind; he's not. Its Tom's focus conspiracy who churn out patsie victories. Bears win looking solid across the board 24-13.

A young, inexperienced defense coached by the guy who beat him in a Super Bowl?

Martz has to be drooling.

There is no doubt Mad Mike has been spending sleepless nights in his laboratory cooking up a whole batch of deviously, delectable offensive trickery. Jay is two games removed from the best passer rating of his career and one game removed from the best completion percentage of his career. The Bears' offense will be a force to be reckoned with for the Pats D. That being said, the line still has to execute on their blocking.

On defense, it's going to have to be the standard bend but don't break philosophy as Brady will get his yards and his points, but turnovers will make all the difference in the world. They need those forced fumbles.

Bears 36, Pats 33

Oh yeah, apologies Neil for totally ripping you on the Bears-Lions prediction. Sigh, you were right, I was wrong...

BEARS win 24-23 in a cold won!

Cool. I'm the only one listed on the board that had the Pats winning. I win by default.

Give me a shout out later this week Neil and Sean!!

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