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Prediction time: Jets at Bears

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Mike was closest to picking last week's score. He had the Bears winning 30-9.

This is a tough one. It seem like a natural letdown game for the Bears. Then again, Mark Sanchez might not play and I'm not convinced the Jets are that good.

I do think Rex Ryan will be able to pressure Jay Cutler, however, which should be enough to give the Jets a close, hard-fought win, 23-20.

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Anybody who would bet serious money on this game is braver than I am. These are two teams who have been totally unpredictable this season playing each other and there is a whole laundry list of added undercurrents.

The Jets are not as good as their press clippings. I'm going with the Bears to just relax, have fun, and play a good game. If they do that on both sides of the ball they will win going away. 30-17 Bears.

i do not agree i think the bears will pull out the win 21-14 . The bears defense can do the same thing if it is prying out the ball from lt or just getting pressure on whoever is going to be playing qb for the jets. also the passing game of the bears is getting better and better as the weeks progress.If they can hit Earl Bennet since Crommarte and Revis will probably be on Knox and Hester.
If the bears have an even spread of pass and run they will for sure pull out the win on sunday.

Neil picks the Bears to lose again.... Shocker.

After long consideration and looking over complicated meta-analyses of top rated sports commentators, I have come to one conclusion--GO BEARS!

If the Bears attack the way New England did and stuuf the run, this game won't be all that close.The Jets are good against short passes, so Cutler and company should go downfield more often.Protection is certainly a key, Neil, but the Bearl offensive lineis doing a better job, and Cutler is not afraid of buying some time with his feet. Sanchez, on the other hand, is likely to have a lot more trouble against Peppers and crew.I like MSBearsfan's 30-17 prediction, but I'll go 34-13.

Given that the line is basically even, Vegas doesn't know, either. If I'm Martz, I run screens, draws and slants on every play. Take the Jets' D-line and secondary out of the equation as much as possible. Bears defense can handle the Jets' offense if they play with discipline. Sanchez shouldn't scare them. Bears in a close, low-scoring game.

The Jets are banged up, especially at the skilled positions. Mark Sanchez qb, Tony Richardson fb, LaDainion Tomlinson rb, and Santonio Holmes wr are all nicked up. Sanchez has put up modest numbers, but has 12 ints and is only completing 54% of his passes. We know he's not throwing at full throttle right now and add on the fact New York's receivers haven't been very consistent. Santonio Holmes hasn't scored in 3 games and his yardage totals have gone backwards during that span from 72 to 57 to 40. Chicago shouldn't have a problem defending New York's pass, especially with their defense that has only allowed 11 tds through the air, 2nd fewest in the league. The Jets runners are decent but not special, Chicago needs to just play the run and force a banged up Sanchez to win it for the Jets.

On defense New Yorks strength is their corners, Darrelle Revis has yet to pick off a pass this season, partly due to a hamstring problem, partly due to the fact no one throws to his side. He's still a stud corner, last week he held Hines Ward to only 2 catches. The Jets other corner Antonio Cromartie is also very good and could probably be a #1 corner on many other teams. The Jets run a 3-4 but don't get a lot of sacks from their rush linebackers. On the left side, Bryan Thomas only has 5 sacks this season, and on the right side, the Jets got 8.5 sacks, 4.5 from Calvin Pace, and 4 from vet Jason Taylor. In the middle linebacker David Harris has 93 tackles, he's the Jets top run defender. Chicago needs to simply get the run game going to neutralize the Jets blitz, thats gonna be key for Chicago, their run game. I say the Bears 17 Jets 10 now GO BEARS!!

34-Bears 13-Jets.


Da Bears...Da Bears..DaBears..Da Bears,,,,,,,,,,Daaaaaaah Beeeeeeaaarsssss!. Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears,,,, Daaaaaaahhh Beaaaaaaarssssss!!!!

Which Jets team will show up? The one that tripped over their own feet against the Pats and gotr blown out or the one that went into Pitt and beat the Steelers? My guess is that it's somewhere in between. The Jets have a great OL and the Bears might need to bring more than 4 to get pressure. Let's hope that if that is the case, the great Lovie doesn't wait until it's 20-0 to do so.

I don't think it will ever be 20-0. Bears chase Sanchez all day, Cutler shines again and the Bears prevail 24-17.

Underdogs at home plays right into our hands. Let everyone pick the Jets, it will serve as instant motivation for our division champs. Shut the Jets run gmae down and Sanchez will throw a couple of picks....Bears 24-Jets 13...

Da North Champs vs da media megahogs of the East... weez simply gotta kick their der-E-airs for entertainments' sake. Nothing would be more fitting than for New York to miss the playoffs in grandiose flopperly. Watching Rex flopping like a freshly caught tuna on the deck of the New York media ship would be quite a site. They backed into the playoffs last year. They've squeeked through more games then the DA Bears this year and deserve to sit and watch this years postseason. Bears win 31-7. Jets simply fall apart. And lets just hope they kick to Devin Hester and he returns one so we can watch replays of Rex guranteeing they won't kick to him. Goin' to enjoy this one Bear fans.

Yeah me.

Bears 17, Jets 0

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