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Prediction time: Bears at Packers

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Nobody was close enough to mention last week.

I've had a bad feeling about this one since the Jets game ended. The Bears don't have as much at stake. No matter what coach Lovie Smith says, the hunch here is they will rest some guys.

Packers 31-20.

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We will destroy you

Bears 31, Packers 17........Enjoy the offseason, Green Bay Underachievers

Well I think the Bears are going to get wacked, just like the N. E game Packers roll into the playoffs as a red hot team. I say Packers 42 Bears 10. Bears lucked out the Packers have lost some key players. Wonder how the Bears would have done losing Urinelicker, Briggs, Olson, and who ever there starting running back is. One more thing Cuntler gets hurt in the first quarter

Packers 28-14

A Happy New Year to all. Hope everyone makes it home safe and sound.

Let's hope the Bears don't rest anyone on Sunday and build some momentum into the playoffs.

Bears 21-19

The Bears are the better team, but the Pack are already in the playoffs and the Bears don't start for another two weeks. I don't know how to pick a game like that. I'll say 34-10 Packers. If they manage to tick off Kreutz or somebody early in the game, it could be interesting.

It is hard to put a number on this game cause we dont know who or how much players are gonna play.

Starters start and play: Bears 24 Packers 21 overtime win.

Starters sit: Packers 31 Bears 17

Bears 27, Packers 24

Good call, Mike.

Happy New Year.


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