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Pisa: Sweeping North would be "awesome"

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As if having a chance to prevent the arch-rival Green Bay Packers from advancing to the playoffs wasn't incentive enough, the Bears have another goal in mind heading into Sunday's regular-season finale at Lambeau Field.

With a win, the Bears would finish a perfect 6-0 against NFC North opponents, which hasn't happened in the Central/North division since the Bears last accomplished it in 1987.

"It would be awesome," linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa said. "Green Bay has always been a rival and our goal is to sweep the division so this one would be a huge one to be able to get that."

While quarterback Jay Cutler said the primary focus is continuing to improve as a team, sweeping the division is a lesser source of motivation.

"That's definitely in the back of our mind," Cutler said "We don't really want to take a step back as a team or as an offense the way we have played the last couple games. We're kind of putting things together. We want to keep that going."

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I think getting Pisa back on the field-

"HEALTHY" and in 1- piece would be awesome as well...

Dude can't seem to stay healthy, yet he's concerning himself with the Packers...

I'm pretty torn on this one. While we all know a victory alone against Green Bay is a column in itself, our health going in to these playoffs is major.
All signs look to us playing N.O. in Chicago, in January. That scenario I'm comfortable with. Then we could get either Atlanta (most likely, and we match up better with them than we do G.B. or N.Y.), G.B., T.B. or N.Y.
I like our chances, even more so healthy, to possibly meet a N.E. team in a much more level playing field than the one in Chicago for the Super Bowl.
Could you imagine Tony Eason and Steve Grogan reminiscing while watching the Bears and Patriots playing 25 years later? I sure in the hell could; and while the Bears aren't coming up through the play-off ranks as a wild-card, most experts will agree that turnovers are very much the key to their success, much as the '85 Patriots.
This time though, the Underdog sweeps up Polly Purebowl; Bears 27 - Pats 24.

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