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Pat Williams likens Jay Cutler to Brett Favre... in a good way

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Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowl defensive tackle Pat Williams doesn't offer much praise.

Just ask Bears Pro Bowl center Olin Kreutz.

But Williams has a lot of respect for Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

"He's just a gunslinger, and he just wants to play. I ain't mad at him. If he throws a pick, he'll just keep coming," Williams said. "He ain't shell shocked, or gun shy. I tip my hat off to that. Some quarterbacks go in the hole. He don't go in the hole, and he's not scared to throw the ball.

"I love to play him. He's a tough boy. He can run, and he'll take the hits, and he'll get up and he'll talk to you. I love that."

Asked if he reminds him of anyone, Williams said, "He's like Brett Favre.

"He's a tough guy, too."

Williams recalled when Favre was the Green Bay Packers, and he'd bury him or knock him down.

"He'd say, 'That's all you got, Pat?' I used to love playing Brett," Williams said.

Williams said he also respects the 2010 Bears.

"I tip my hat off to them. They're playing good all around," he said. "Their offense is up and down, but they're still playing good over there."

As for the Bears offense, Williams said it's predicated on the run.

"If they run the ball, then their offense clicks. If they don't run the ball real good, that whole offense falls apart," Williams said. "They got to run the ball, in Chicago, for that offense to work."

Finally, I asked Williams about the Bears offensive line.

"They got some young guys over there," he said, "but, they still play us tough."

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Wow, a thoughtful and accurate serving of praise for a decent Bears team. Now if only Mr. Williams could get through to all of the MN junior high kids who go out of their way to troll here cause they're bitter about having a crappy team year in and year out...

Certainly one can make such a comparison on some elements, but there are lots of differences in the way they look on the field. Cutler is much more self-contained. One element I hope they never compare on is the number of interceptions throw. Let Favre have that record all by himself.

When is the last time an opposing player really went off on a team he was going to play either that week or later in the season? So, let's hold off on the 'thoughtful and accurate." In the era of free agency and pro bowl caliber players getting traded in the off season for a "song & a dance" it is hard for an opposing player to really tell how he truly feels.

The first innacuracy is that the Bears' offense is not predicated on the run. The have had hardly any success at all running the ball until just recently. And Martz's system is not predicated on the run, but getting 5 receivers in their routes with optimum pass protection. The ONLY reason the Bears have been running more recently is the mandate set down by Lovie. This team is worse at pass protection than it is run blocking.

Can I throw something out at the audience? Who consistently throws for the least yardage on a yearly basis? Manning, Brees, Brady, or Favre? The answer is Favre. In 19 years as a starter he has topped 4,000 yards 6 times. Brees is about to do it for the 5th time in a row with Sean Payton, Brady will do it for the 4th time if he averages 200 ypg for the last 3, and Manning just topped 4,000 for the 11th time in his career. Who is the only one considered a "gun slinger"? Favre. Maybe that term is not as "positive" as the media leads us to believe. Maybe, just maybe Farve's "gun slinger" mentality has prevented him and the teams he has been with to accomplish more in certain seasons {2007 with the Packers and last year with the Vikings}. And I know the term does not soley rest on the yardage you pile up. Game managers like Flacco and Eli Manning are not going to be called gun slingers. I am not so sure that as a Bears fan I want Cutler to have that term saddled with him.

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