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Oh my: Hester rewards his teammates with planes, trains and automobiles

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Because he couldn't do it alone, Bears receiver Devin Hester thanked all of his blockers who helped him break the kick return touchdown record by buying them remote cars and helicopters and airplanes.

"The big ones," Hester said, noting he purchased 14 or 15 in all.

It's been a nice run for Hester. In addition to breaking the record, Hester also was named to his third Pro Bowl team.

"It's an honor and pleasure to be selected to the Pro Bowl," he said. "I thank God first, all the way down to my teammates. It's a great opportunity, to put the return game back on the map. It's something y'all been looking forward to for about two or three years now.
We finally getting it going. And the credit goes out to the coaches, as well."

Hester said he hopes linebacker Brian Urlacher goes, since he's never attended an all-star game with him.

Here are some other thoughts from Hester:

* On getting the bye wrapped up: "The Packers are a great team, and I don't want to keep facing the Packers. So I'm hoping we can go out and eliminate another great team, because I do give them credit. They are a great team, and I'd hate to see them three times in one year."

* On being a few games from the Super Bowl: "It means a lot. It's a long journey for this team. This year, we've been doing pretty good. The record is looking pretty good right now. The bye, and everything is starting to show up. Our team is starting to do some great things, as far as offense, defense and special teams. We got a good shot."

* On if he wants to play Sunday against the Packers: "To be honest, I do. You don't want to sit out three weeks. That's a long time for a player to sit out and not really get in the game atmosphere and the conditioning. Three weeks is a long time. Knowing that we got a bye week the following week, I would love to go out and play the whole game and finish out and make sure I stay on my keys and points and make sure I'm in top shape when the playoffs start."

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