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No guarantee from Briggs, Bears

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Lance Briggs learned his lesson once, so he won't be guaranteeing a Bears' victory Sunday in Detroit, even if the odds are overwhelmingly in his team's favor.

The Bears are 8-3, the Lions are 2-9, and have lost 18 straight against NFC North opponents and five straight against the Bears.

Asked if he wanted to guarantee a win, Briggs said, "Everybody is calling this a trap game. "That's a trap question right there."

Briggs said he was once "tricked" into guaranteeing a win against the Indianapolis Colts, back in 2004. The Bears (4-5 at the time) had won three consecutive games, and the Colts were 6-3.

The Colts destroyed the Bears at Soldier Field 41-10.

The Lions have lost four in a row, but their two wins have both come at Ford Field. In fact, the Lions have averaged 31.4 points per game at home, 16.8 on the road.

Lions receiver Nate Burleson sparked all this, when he guaranteed a win over the Bears on his radio show earlier in the week. He backed up his comments Wednesday and Thursday.

"It should fire them up," Briggs said. "I know it definitely fires us up. We've got it pinned up everywhere in our meeting rooms."

At one point, Burleson said he hoped the Lions would finish 7-9, which means they couldn't lose again this season.

"Like I've been saying all year," Burleson said Thursday, "we don't have a team on the schedule that we can't beat."

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said that's always dangerous.

"I think we're going to win," he said, "but I'm not going to guarantee it."

But Urlacher understood Burleson's point.

"I know what he's saying," Urlacher said. "You fully expect to win every game. If you don't believe that, why are you playing or why are you getting ready to play?"

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Thank God! Bears should handle lions, but lions have been in games all season long they shouldn't have been in. O-line will decide this game again, lions have a pretty good d-line( Suh is a beast). Bears d should handle lions O but with CJ out there you they need another performance like they had against Philly. I hope there is no looking ahead to the pats.

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