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Mike Martz is under contract to Bears in 2011

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In my story today, ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Ron Jaworski stressed how important it is that Mike Martz return as offensive coordinator next season, to work with quarterback Jay Cutler.

It's important to note that Martz is under contract in 2011, as well as offensive line coach Mike Tice.

Given all that the Bears have invested in Cutler -- draft picks, money -- they need to provide the 27-year-old quarterback some continuity. He seems to like Martz and his offense, and Jaworski projected a a big step next season for Cutler.

''I think it's critical for the development of Cutler that Mike Martz returns,'' Jaworski said. ''That second year, [quarterbacks] have that quantum leap. I think that will happen with Martz and Cutler.''

Jaworski added that Martz's system "takes time to master."

''Occasionally, I see a lot of special attributes. I don't see it consistent enough. Sometimes, the undisciplined Jay Cutler comes in that huddle. That [consistency] comes with time, in the same scheme.''

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