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Lions fined for hits on Cutler

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Not only has Ndamukong Suh been fined $15,000 for his hit on Jay Cutler in the fourth quarter of last week's Lions game but Cliff Avril has been fined the same amount for roughing Cutler in the second quarter.

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Sorry chumps, but that's what you get. Play dirty and face the consequences. I'm glad it helped cost you guys the game. Also: Jimmy Schwartz, instead of throwing your super IMPRESSIVE little man-tantrums on the sidelines when your players get called on their bs, how about you instead teach them to play clean technique. Play legal football and tackle correctly and penalties like that won't shoot you in the foot. Grow up.

Are you joking? Suh's hit was totally legal and you guys got a bs call, same as last time. Good thing the refs saved your season TWICE!!!

Suh is simply a dirty player. See Jake Delhomme, Detroit vs Cleveland, Preseason week 3 for the best example. Suh plays like he's in a prison yard and consequences are to be expected. Mr. Suh, if you wish to play like a thug, don't get upset when you cost your team very idiotic penalties. Suh claimed, "I was trying to punch the ball out." He must be more dumb than he looks cause most qbs don't run with the ball strapped to the back of their necks. And I'll take any and all calls from the refs. Too bad a slew of your OWN calls from the refs, a herd of first round picks, and even Jesus Christ himself couldn't save the LIONS' season.

Okay, Suh made one dirty hit (and yes, it was dirty) on Delhomme earlier in the season. One play doesn't make him "one of the dirtiest players in the NFL". He's not Cortland Finnegan. And what exactly is the issue with pushing Cutler? That's all he did. Push him. Just because Cutler fell down doesn't mean it was a dirty play. He's a football player, not a 5 year old girl, let him take the hit. That call was one of the most embarrassing things I've seen all season.

And Cersei, I assume you're a bears fan, and that by your name you've read A Song of Ice and Fire. If you seriously think that it was a dirty hit, you're as deluded as your namesake when it comes to Joffrey. If you haven't read those books and that's your actual name, well then your parents made good judgement about your character when they named you.

It is sad Chicago Bears fans do not view Detroit Lions player Suh making a good defensive play. If one of the Chicago Bears defenders hit a QB in the same manner, the same jokers crying foul would have stated that was a clean hit.

It's never ceases to amaze me that the word thug & prison is always on the lips of some people in these forums.

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