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Lance Briggs hypes up Chris Harris

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Chris Harris ended the drama Sunday, by intercepting Mark Sanchez in the final minute.

Bears Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs then cast a nice compliment to his veteran teammate.

"That's the reason we brought him back," Briggs said, referring to the offseason trade that brought Harris back from the Carolina Panthers. "Never should have left, to be honest with you. All he does is make plays.

"Really, he needs to be on the field, full-time."

The last comment is interesting, since the Bears have been rotating Harris, Danieal Manning and rookie Major Wright at the two safety spots. The Bears have been trying to work Wright, the team's third-round pick, onto the field.

Wright clearly is more athletic than Harris, but he hasn't been able to translate that advantage into meaningful plays. Harris, meanwhile, intercepted his team-high fifth pick.

He might miss some tackles in the open field, but Harris has done an excellent job near the line of scrimmage and making the plays he's given a chance to make.

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Near the line of scrimmage is right where Harris needs to be. Harris's more natural position is at strong safety, the guy is a hard hitter and would be a great in the box run stuffer type. Harris has enough range for the strong safety spot. As soon as Wright is ready they need to play him at free safety, that was the reason they drafted him, because of his range. I think its a matter of Wright getting the defense down better. Again, as soon as Wright's ready, they need to line him up at free safety, and Harris up at strong. Danieal Manning adds great depth but isn't the answer at either safety spot. He is important to the team although because of the depth he adds at both safeties spots, the nickle, and as a kick return man.

As far as Wright, I noticed him in on a lot of tackles today, even on one special team tackle, the guy seems to have a nose for the ball. As far as Wright not being able to translate his athleticism into plays on the field, that will come with time and being on the field on a full-time basis. Another thing I notice about Wright is, everytime a ball carrier comes his way, Wright always brings his guy down GO BEARS!!

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