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Kicking off a rare Packers Week

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Here are some assorted quotes about Sunday's game against the Packers at Lambeau Field. Nothing like kicking off a rare Packers Week with coaches and players discussing just how big this one can be.

Lovie Smith weighed in:

"We knew what the schedule was all along. They're a good football team. Figured there would be some things on the line, when we played them, the last game of the season, and there is."

"They're dealing with their own scenarios on how they're getting in and things like that... For us, we would like to get the bye, and that's what we're playing for. To have an opportunity to sweep our division is big, for us. There's a lot of things for us to play for.

"We realize some things could happen and we could have the bye before then. We're not thinking that way."

"We feel like we have to beat the Packers, to accomplish our regular season goals, and that's what we're going to go to work to do."

Smith was asked if he gets a different feeling walking into Lambeau Field.

"Not really. I mean, I get a great feeling every time I walk out at Soldier Field. But we realize this is a division opponent, and they're our biggest rival. We realize what goes into that. I know the history behind their program. But we've had success up there.

"It's tougher for teams that don't go up there once a year. Again, we've won on that field, and we feel like we can do it again and that's what we plan on doing."

Smith was asked if the chance to knock the Packers out of the playoffs was added motivation:

"No, we don't need any more motivation. Our motivation for us, like it's always been, is to win a world championship. As far as the Packers, we realize the rivalry, but it's really just about us playing our best ball. And if something unfortunate happens to them, I mean, so be it."

Here's Chris Harris:

"If nothing was on the line, it would still be a big game. Anytime we play the Packers it's always a big game. It's a huge rivalry, one of the oldest in football, and anytime you play the Packers, you're geeked up whether it's playoff implications or not."

Even when there's nothing to play for?

"Definitely. We would still want to play, even if Philly was to lose Tuesday. I don't see that happening but we would still want to play. One of Lovie's goals when he came here, No. 1, was beat Green Bay, No. 2 was win the division, No. 3 was to win the Super Bowl. So we've got a chance to sweep the division, which is huge. We've still got that task in front of is."

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The Bears would have a successful season at 2-14 if both wins were against the Packers!! GO BEARS!!

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