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Jay Cutler confident his team can go all the way

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who was named NFC offensive player of the week, sees Super Bowl potential in his team.

"You've got to believe that or there's no use playing right now," Cutler said.

Just a moment earlier, Cutler talked about the impact of Sunday's victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I think the team's excited," he said. "I think everyone's got their feet back on the ground now but you could tell what it meant to that team in the locker room afterwards, how excited the team was. I think in the back of everyone's mind we got a little respect for beating a team like that."

Still, he pointed out that veterans like Julius Peppers, Olin Kreutz and Brian Urlacher made the same point.

"We're far from finished," Cutler said.

Here are some other highlights from Cutler's press conference today:

* On the Lions defensive line: "Really good defensive line. They've got [Ndamukong] Suh, and they've got some really good edge rushers. It's a really good defense, actually, when you look at it. Very relentless. They're going to play for four quarters. Ply hard. They're going to come get you. They're going to show you some different looks.
DBs have improved. It's going to be challenging."

* On being named NFC Player of the Week: "It's special, especially for all the guys in this offense because without them, I'm not able to do anything. So the offensive line should take a lot of pride in that."

* On the development of his offensive line: "It's a new group. We just needed time and to get some experience under their belt, of those guys playing together, those guys understanding the scheme, as well as the skill position guys. It goes back to everybody. This is kind of a scheme where if you got one guy out of 11 out of place or not doing his job, I mean the whole thing is going to fall apart."

* On if he's making better decisions: "I think everyone is doing what they're supposed to do, including myself. If one guy is out of place, this whole thing is going to crumble. So once you get 11 guys doing the same thing, we're going to be successful."

* On stretching a defense: "We've got some explosive plays. But as far as pushing the ball 40, 50 yards in the air, I don't think we've touched on what we're capable of there yet. If it happens this week, it happens this week. Those are things you can't force. He's going to dial some up in the game, and if they're there, they're there. We just haven't had an opportunity to hit them yet."

* On how balance has helped the offense: "It helps the play action. Whenever we're able to run the ball on first or second down and generate adequate yards and get it to third and reasonable, just that threat of being able to do that is going to create more opportunities outside, coverage wise. We're going to get more single safety, more match vups that are favorable for us."

* On his group of receivers and tight ends: "It's funny, everyone's kind of jumping on the bandwagon of these guys now. I've talked about it once I got here. We've got a good group of guys. It's a really good room ,with the receiver and tight ends. They're all so talented. They all bring different attributes to the table."

* On feeling vindicated by his team's success this season: "I think it's too early for that. I think it's a little premature. We've still got some football games we've got to go out and prove ourselves, get in the playoffs and make a run before we prove anybody wrong."

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I really am happy the Bears are good this year. I really am.

I was listening to the Score this morning, and callers had mixed feelings about the team and the coach and the GM.

About half said that the team is good, and Smith has done a remarkable job given the talent he has to work with. Most of the callers said the Angelo still needs to go because he is not good at spotting talent in the draft. About a quarter of the callers said they still think the team will wilt in the final month, and miss the playoffs. And some callers said they hope and wish for the team to fail so Lovie and Angelo get the axe.

I am not convinced the team can go all the way. I am convinced they will probably make the playoffs. They seem to be playing better and better every week, and they continue to have good luck. The Dolphins were without a bunch of players. The Eagles were without their best corner, and their best pass rusher. And now Detroit will probably be starting their 3rd string Qb this week against the Bears.

But, the Bears are taking care of these weakened teams like they should.

I am happy the Bears are good this year. However, I feel somewhat betrayed by Smith and Angelo. It seems they have performed much like a lot of athletes. When their job was not up for grabs the last 3 seasons, they didn't seem to give it their all. Many mistakes were made, and of course we know how those 3 seasons ended up. Thomas Jones, the heart and soul of the team, was let go in favor of Cedrick Benson. I believe so Angelo could prove he was right about his draft pick. Ron Rivera was let go, I believe because coach Smith didn't like him. And he handed the job to his buddy, Mr. Babich.

Now, their jobs are in jeopardy, and they are pulling out all the stops. Angelo signs Peppers. He also hires 2 previous head coaches to be assistants. Smith tells Martz in mid-season to start running the ball more, or else. Mark Anderson gets cut for lack of production and to send a message to the rest of the team. These are a lot of things that just didn't happen the last 3 seasons.

I have decided that I think Lovie Smith is a competent coach. And I believe he should stay for the final year of this deal. I don't think they should extend him right now.

Jerry Angelo did deliver Peppers, and Cutler. The 2 best players on the team. Good job Jerry, but your lack of good drafting has been driving me nuts for years, and I have had it. I think this makes for only have a great year once in a while because free agents plugs holes, but drafting builds teams better for the long haul.

I think if Angelo stays, they need to get a personnel guy in here to only do college drafting, and put his own scout team together. Or the president, Phillips, should be fired, and the next president should do the drafting. Much like Parcells has done with Miami.

I wish the Bears continued success, but I still think there needs to be changes further up the ladder for long term success, year after year. The most important piece of that success,a franchise QB, is already in place. Competent drafting will take care of the rest, but I do not believe Jerry Angelo is the guy to do it.

This is a pretty good team, they're winning games, and in the NFL, thats the bottom line.

No, Chicago isn't a pretty (49ers of the 80's or Cowboys of the 90's) type team like a lot of the crybaby pessimist think they should, but again, they're winning. This team does have some pretty good players, from Cutler to Urlacher to Briggs to Peppers to Knox to even my boy Matt Forte. The talent is there to win. If Chicago can stay balanced, keep playing great defense, they will be around in late january.

The key to this years success so far has been the Julius Peppers signing. Julius Peppers is a beast. He's straight up making an average defensive line look awesome. I do think there is some young talent on Chicago's front in players like Henery Melton and Matt Toeaina, and I still think rookie Corey Wootton will be a good one down the line. As far as Idonije, he's better because they finally got him back outside at end, where he's should have been all along. But without Peppers, this is an average at best group. Kudos to Jerry Angelo for bringing him in along with the Cutler trade, as always GO BEARS!!

Julius Peppers sucks!

He did NOTHING in the game against the Eagles.

I have all of the FACTS and DATA to prove it.

The Bears should have signed Kyle Vanden Bosch.

gearheadboy what facts you really need to make sure you are looking at the right game. i think he had a sack,forced fumble 4 tkls and countless other times where he hurried vick into a bad pass or into another player for a sack or tkl. just because you may not like him or you are a philly fan dont start taking away what he did. heck you watch the replay and thats all they can talk about. you just make your self sound dumb when you strat talking crap that is not true.

Amazing...I have had a "fake" name created in my honor. This must be some certain status symbol on the blog. I have an idea who it could be. I am so flattered. Honestly, what a dufus. Put down the X-box controller, ask your mother if you can sign on to the dial up internet you have down in her basement, and pay attention. You might learn something.

It does make me laugh though. You can't refute anything I say, so you are forced to pull this stunt...hahaha. Don't worry, relax, it wasn't me that bullied you for your milk money when you were just a wee youth.

The Bears may well go all the way, but they have some damned tough teams to play to get there. New England and Green Bay are the first to come to mind, but Detroit and Minnesota on their home fields are not slouches either. The best approach, and the one the Bears seem to be taking , is one game at a time.Going undefeated the rest of the regular season would be a great start.

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