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Honors roll in for Cutler, Peppers

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Jay Cutler's performance in the Bears' 31-26 win over the Eagles on Sunday has earned him NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors.

In other news, Julius Peppers became the first Bears players since Trace Armstrong in 1990 to be named NFC Defensive Player of the Month.

His four sacks during the month of November were tied for second in the league. He also had 13 tackles, deflected a pass that was intercepted and had two tackles behind the line of scrimmage during the month.

Cutler posted a career-high 146.2 passer rating against the Eagles by completing 14 of 21 passes for 247 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions.

It was the third time Cutler has won the award during his career.

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Wow does everyone realize that the Eagles were mising there two starting corners? Hobbs went on IR th eweek before and Samuels who is maybe a top 5 corner in the leauge was also out. Also the agles where mssing atreting dfesneice end Jauqua Parker was also out. And dont forget all the slips by eagles receivers that would have easily been two or threee more touchdowns. This was anotyer lucky win for Chicago and not the super special statemtn game everyone is calling it. I said this wasnt a a playoff team after the dallas game and I still dont think it is. This is probabliy the worst 8-3 team i the NFL right now and all this love for Mike Tice and the O line makes me want to throw up n my mouth. They still gacve up 4 sacks and people think that is good? Hahahaha what a joke the fans and media our.

Fortre was awful. Take away those two big runs and hes around 2 yards per carry. That is really bad. I now hes over 4ypc for the saeason but take away this game and the Panthers game and he goes back to being a 3ypc bust like I aid he was when the bears drafted him.

I say that on artifical turf Vick doesnt slip and the bears dont sack him even once. Vick also had some ovrthrows where his man was wide open. It could easily have been a blowout for the Eagles.

As much as I hate to say it the Bears will mniss the plaoofs and the Paackers will win the North. You see how Rodgers and the Pack our playing with so many guys on IR and there still winning. Now thats a real team right there.

I hate being right all the time but this is wahtrs wil happen. This sis ANgelo and Lovies team and us real bears fans now how they brad gorf uungus the best thing that could happen is that the bears loose out and cleasn house.

Creighton you are such an ass. If they hadn't slipped, if Vick hadn't overthrown open receivers, Forte without the big runs....blah, blah, blah. The Bears played on the same field, maybe the pressure had something to do with Vick overthrowing open receivers! You criticize Cutler for the same thing and then defend Vick! There is no back in the NFL who averages a decent YPC without having long runs. And the great Packers team you so glowing refer to LOST Sunday. Oh, I'M sure they slipped on artificial turf and I'M sure you have a conspiracy theroy on Rodgers fumble at the goal line. Once again you have displayed your ignorance. You could take all of your supposed "intelligence" and put it in a thimble and still have room for an entire set of encyclopedias. As far as never being wrong, you have been wrong all year! The Bears are 8-3, in case you can't figure that out, it means the Bears WILL NOT lose more than they win!!!! As far as your response....blah...blah...blah!

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