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Forte's goal in sight

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Forget playoff seeding. There's another reason why Matt Forte wants to play against the Packers in Sunday's season finale.

"I want to play because I've got 20-something yards to get 1,000," said Forte, who actually needs 22 for his second 1,000-yard rushing season in his first three years. "I want to get that."

Having a 1,000-yard rusher would also be a source of pride to the offensive line.

"It's a benchmark," Forte said. "It's kind of every running back's benchmark to get over 1,000 yards. It's something [I'm] reaching for. It's a goal of mine."


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Minus week 14's performance vs New England, Forte has been on a roll since week 11. Since week 11, Forte has 97 carries for 508 yards for a 5.2 yard average, impressive. Forte's 4.4 yard avg on the season is also impressive. Forte's carried the ball an average of 15 times a game and is still on pace for a 1000, I think had Forte had a couple more carris a game avg, like around 20, he'd probably already have his 1000 yards. What does this tell us, Forte is a big play back, home run threat everytime he touches the ball. I think had he not had the knee problems last season, he would have put up a 1000 last year also. The key this year has been the addition of Chester Taylor and Forte being healthy. Having that 2nd legit back to take carries away from Forte has made all the difference in keeping Forte healthy and running strong, especially this late in the season GO BEARS!!

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