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Detroit Lions help Bears

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The Lions did the Bears a huge favor, upsetting the Green Bay Packers 7-3 today at Ford Field.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was knocked out of the game, and backup Matt Flynn couldn't lead his team to a win. On 4th and 1, in the final minute, Flynn couldn't connect on a long pass to the end zone, intended for receiver Greg Jennings.

The Packers are now 8-5, and they head to New England next week then close out with the New York Giants and Bears at Lambeau Field.

Point: Decisive advantage now for the Bears.

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Now can we ALL stop the STUPID talk about how great this Bears team is ? HUMILIATED at home by the Pats. Bears Dbacks are STILL trying to find Wes Welker. How does a team not account for this guy after he consistantly burns you for first downs ? 3rd and 10 and he picks up 17.Embarrassing.Home field advantage ? For who ? Lovie Smith for coach of the year? PLEASE. He can't carry Belicheks jock strap. Yes , this team will make it to the playoffs, and exit EARLY.

33-0 at the half. WTF?!!!!!!

No shame in losing to the best team in the NFL, but that was pathetic. Who knows what to make of this team, but one thing is certain: Tom Brady is awesome. Cutler may have the arm, but he doesn't have the accuracy. I hope Cutler spends all week, month, and off season, studying Brady's accuracy and decision making.

Who here thinks that Lovie actually confronted the team in a way that they should have been? I bet that that he sat them all down had a spot of tea and had a healthy conversation of the unhealthy issues brought forth today by our team and then a cheer session while holding hands.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the Bears can clinch the division next week.

If GB loses to the Pats in New England, which probably should happen, and the Bears can knock off Minny, the Bears would hold the second tiebreaker for the division. The Bears would be 5-0 against the NFC North, the Pack already have 2 division losses. So even if the Bears lost against the Jets and Pack, the first tiebreaker would be even but the Bears would be 5-1 in the division and the Pack 4-2.

Go Pats..??

Thank GOD the Lions helped. If Rodgers is healthy don't count the Pack out just yet. Big Bear there is shame in losing to the Pats, the bears have pulled the blinders over the fans all season. Kool-aid drinking fans get excited when the bears win every 5 years and can't understand why the coach and the gm should be fired. I would rather lose this season and be a winner for the next 15-20 years, just like the Pats. But because of kool-aid drinkers the owners will not make the changes needed, fans continue to go to games and don't seek accontability. Until every so called fan asks for this the bears will be medicore.


Nobody would like to see Bill Cowher patrolling the sidelines for the next 15 years more than me. I agree that the tragedy of this season is that it will keep Lovie around for several more years. But, I think you're off base with the fans. Most fans wanted to see Lovie, or Angelo, or both go after last season, and they've been saying the same thing for most of this season, even though they're winning. I also don't fault people for wanting to go to a game after a hard week's work. It is only entertainment after all.

This is beginning to take on the Good Rex- Bad Rex scenario regarding Cutler. If he is a franchise quarterback, why did the Patriots make the Bears' offense look like a high school team from a small school? I'm willing to write this gams off as an unhappy aberration and am grateful to Detroit for allowing the Bears to not suffer untold destruction as a result of their play against New England, but there had better be a resurgence of top quality play against the Vikings, who , I am sure would love to play spoiler. From a more optimistic perspective, the Johnny Knox "fumble" thanks to his sitting on a foot and the stupid coverage breakdown of rookie Wright were obviously turning points. Without them the Bears would probably have lost anyway, but at least they would have had the heart to stay in the game.


Great post. When you are an NFL team with the same salary cap restrictions {I know there is none this year}, the same drafting parameters, and free agency guidelines, then you should be ashamed to lose any game. That shame should be 10 fold to lose as bad as you did yesterday.

Earlier in the year I said the same thing about winning for the next decade. I said that I would rather suffer through a 6-10/5-11 season, have JA/Lovie and the crew gone, hire Cowher and have a decade of constant playoff trips and the ability to go to the SB than to have a 10-6/11-5 season, make the playoffs, get bounced in the first round, and have JA & Lovie re-upped for 3-4 more years. In Management, we call this "Playing Chess with the problem instead of playing checkers" with it. Of course, as the world's biggest Bear's fan I want them to win every game. But this coaching staff has proven that they can't get it done. And Angelo has proven time and time again that he is a buffone with regartd to drafting. And late last week, I had my question to the SunTimes {"Neil, do you think Lovie and JA are still bound at the hip?....."} answered by Neil saying the Bears' upper management may be looking more favorably on Angelo because of the success of D.J. Moore and Henry Melton?? Are you kidding me?

On the CBS pre-game show, Cowher said the Bears wouldn't win another game. I think they can beat the Jets because the great Mark Sanchez {he of the Terry Bradshaw "list"} is color blind after November 1st. This team has had as many lucky breaks as the Jets. In the prior 5 weeks they have played a 3rd string QB twice. Tell me how often that happens? They have also played a team that was winless and a team that had quit on it's head coach + was down to it's 3rd and 4th WR's. The chances of encountering 1 or 2 of those scenarios in a 16 game season is probably pretty remote, but to do it in a 5 week stretch is borderline phenomenal. Yes, the Eagles game was a great game, but that might have been an anomaly and not the norm.

The Bears might just back into the playoffs when all is said and done. The packers have to play the Pats and the Giants and then, obviously, the Bears. If both the Bears and the packers lose the next two, the season will already be determined before the kickoff of that last game.

One last thing. And I have brought this up several times this year. Why is their double standards on this team for guys who are not yet super stars? Case in point, Tillman/Bowman and Knox/Aromashodu? Why isn't Tillman not held to the same standard as Zach Bowman? Last year, Bowman was the "star of training camp" and this year he is sent to football "Siberia" because of a couple mistakes? Yesterday's game was at least the 3rd time this year that the commentators made mention of Tillman slipping. I know there are no "kangaroo" courts in football, but if that bow-legged idiot showed up on the field with anything less than 3/4" cleats he should have been benched immediately. Hey, Lovie/Marinelli, here's a thought. Maybe his slips are a combination of the wrong size cleats AND bad footwork. And Johnny know, the #1 receiver {according to Martz} who has made mistake after mistake this year. He has run the wrong routes, quit on routes, and yesterday, didn't secure the ball when a drive was needed so desperately. Why isn't he held to the same standard as Aromashodu? Hey Lovie/Martz, here's another little tidbit for you. You know those little, off the line seem routes Cutler has been throwing to Bennet in the slot? Maybe, just maybe some of them go for TD's with Aromashodu and his speed, instead of Bennet. Just a thought.

The big bad Rex Ryan, Bennie and the Jets looked like a bottom of the bucket team last week. The bad news Bears looked like a team that was cold, slow and clueless. Thats just what the Pats do, make other teams look bad.
This was the only outta hand game this year. Giants, Seahawks and in the Redskins game the Bears had chances to come back and win. This game was over at half. Drinking kool-aid or not the Bears defense and special teams have proven to be a top 5 unit all year long. The offense on the other hand has been proven to be a middle of the pack unit.
The offensive line has gotten better but only from horrible to bad. Jay Cutler went from bad to sometimes good.Forte has made flashes of a pro-bowl running back but the line can make hime look like Curtis Enis.
The fact is sundays game was hard to watch and not fun at all. The Bears lost to the best coach, team and QB in the NFL. On the other hand the Greenbay Packers lost to a 2 win team and lost their star QB to yet his second concusion.Greenbay's defense I think looked just as bad or worse then the Bears sunday.
Take it as it is bad game but the Bears are still in FIRST PLACE!

@Brando, You forgot to add an owner who actually UNDERSTANDS how football operations should be run in THIS millenium ! And I'm still conflicted about Cutler, initally I liked the move, but the more I see , the more I wonder if he really cares if he wins or loses. As long as the checke keep cashing i guess

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