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Cutler, Martz featured on pregame show

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Marshall Faulk interviewed Mike Martz and Jay Cutler on "NFL GameDay Morning" on the NFL Network. Here are the highlights:

"The only thing you can do is go out there and play better, and hopefully prove some people wrong." - Jay Cutler on not being considered an elite quarterback

"He can be the best. He is just now getting going and he is going to take off like a rocket." - Mike Martz on how good Jay Cutler can be in his system

"I talked about it with Lovie [Smith] and I voiced my concerns with him because as a player, I know what I can do well and that wasn't one of the things that I thought I could really do well: throw to a spot and do all of those things. ... From our first conversation I just liked what he was talking about offensively. It's worked out so far." - Jay Cutler on his initial concerns with the hiring of Mike Martz as offensive coordinator

"When you take a guy that is confident about his abilities, you don't want to back him off that thought that 'I can stick that ball right there.' There's a fine line between making a dumb throw and making a really tight, good throw, and he understands that. There's a couple of throws he'd like to take back but I think by and large he's made terrific progress." - Mike Martz on the progress of Jay Cutler this season

"Coming off the year [last season] with all of the interceptions, to go out there and say 'Alright go to this spot, that guy will be there,' it was hard. - Cutler on the difficulties learning to trust the offensive system

"The guys know me well enough on this offense. They know whenever I throw a pick, I'm going to go back and look at it; I'm going to talk to everyone that's involved with it and we're going to figure it out. The picks are going to happen. I've said it once and I'll say it again. They're going to happen out there, but you want to limited them and you don't want to do them at critical times." - Cutler on if he worries about how his body language following an interception is interpreted by his team

"Picks are going to happen out there. You want to limit them and you don't want to do them in critical times." - Cutler on interceptions

"He can be the best. He is just now getting going and he is going to take off like a rocket." - Martz on how good Cutler can be in his offensive system

"It gets to you a little bit. After last year, I wouldn't expect anything but to be left off that list. The only thing you can do is go out there and play better, and hopefully prove some people wrong." - Cutler on not being mentioned among the elite quarterbacks in the league

"What every quarterback has to do: limit turnovers, be efficient on third down and in the red zone. Just lead this team, make them believe in what we're trying to do out there." - Cutler on what he needs to do for the Bears to have success in the playoffs

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The Cutler Martz pairing can only get better with time.. Hope the Bears can keep them together the remainder of Cutler's career.. Go Bears!!!

I love that Cutler answers questions honestly. What you see is what you get. Refreshing in the sports world.

Cutler can only be a pro bowl QB if he can forget about his ego and listen to Martz at all times and work hard at improving, as well being a leader with his receivers in their development.

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